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Author has written 4 stories for Pretty Little Liars, and Twisted.

I'm not delusional, this most likely is your first experience with me. Greetings, I'm UglyBigTruthers. The name is intentionally opposite the title Pretty Little Liars because I am an iconoclast of the show. Once a fan, now I only go back to gleam in the highly controversial, wildly UN-popular couple, "Spaleb." That is, Spencer and Caleb for those who are not fluent in NewSpeak. I'm a really chill gal, but I also enjoy things that are provocative. My stories are mostly centered on Spencer Hastings because she is the one character that I relate with intellectually, in terms of morbid humor, personality-wise. And, let's just face it, Troian Bellisario is a goddess who owns the entire cast in my opinion. Is it just me? Or is the entire Hastings family comprised of the best actor/actresses on ABC Family? Love them infinitely.

I have a couple of stories that I have written. Two are in the works and one is merely a one-shot. Here is my commentary on those.

1st (in progress) - Fruit of the Poisonous Tree: I started this story immediately after watching Spencer and Caleb's first kiss/full blown makeout sesh -- which was so beautiful, vulnerable, and seductive to me! I died. I died literal death. I was breathless, so I wrote this fic -- the first chapter anyway, trying to re-produce the magic they created on my television screen. My first chapter was solid. Then I kind of just kept writing without having drawn on more emotion or fully developing where I'd like this story to go. I'll probably finish it, but I'm not crazy about this story any more. Still crazy about Spaleb though, maybe not this story.

2nd (complete) - Memoirs of Madrid: Y'all don't know that I spent a whole two days of my spring break composing this piece. I've been really curious about Spaleb's time in Madrid, and keep hoping that they'll show a flashback, but nothing yet. I decided to draw my own conclusions about how they were feeling in Madrid. It was subtle, latent love. In this one-shot, I have Spencer and Caleb recalling their time at Madrid and commenting on it. It's really beautiful. I worked quite hard on that piece, and only got some .. 2 reviews -- and one of them was a negative review. I was heartbroken, but it's cool! lol.

3rd (in progress ?) vengeAnce: Love love LOVE the idea of this. I have so many plans for this story like omg. It's going to be angst. It's going to be thrill. It's going to be pain, tragedy, heartbreak, the whole 9! That's if and ONLY if it is well-received within the first like 1-2 chapters. Yall, I'm not putting my heart and soul into a piece like I did with Memoirs of Madrid, just to have you all slide on past it. Honestly, if no one is reading, I might as well keep these stories for myself and not post them online.

Here's an upcoming story idea that I have:

-To Build a Home: Based on the song, To Build a Home by Cinematic Orchestra because I'm sappy and corny, okay? Spencer returns to Rosewood after 5 years only to find that Toby is building a home for his fiancé. Tension between them is strong as their minds unintentionally linger on old feelings of what could have been. Toby freezes Spencer out because he hates himself for loving her still, and he blames her being back in Rosewood for why he's having cold-feet toward getting married. In a heated discussion about the past and the resentment that follows, Toby reveals that he started to build that home 3 years ago, for Spencer, when he thought she would be having his child. I know I just totally gave away the entire plot, but ya's one of those sort of obvious themes. Not sure if I'll go through with the idea. Inbox me if you think that I should.

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