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Hmmm... not sure what to put here yet, but for now I'll just put the usual.

Name: You can call me Vana, or anything else you can think of... but you need first to ask of me whether I approve. Or Catwoman.

Favorite Movies/Shows/Books: Hmm... LotR, PotC, Phantom of the Opera, Napolion Dynamite, Stargate: SG1 (I don't like Atlantis that much), LXG, Bill and Ted, Hard Day's Night, Yellow Submarine, Master and Commander, Harry Potter (Books), the Earthsea books, the Warriors books, stuff like that.

Favorite Band: The Beatles, who else? My goal is to have every one of their albums and know every word of every song by heart, so I can listen to them in my head when I finish a mid-term or final early, as they do not permit us to read or anything. I only need one more album: With the Beatles. Update: As of 10/8 I have With the Beatles! I also got the new Macca album, Chaos and Creation in the Backyard.

Favorite Activities: Reading, Online-ing, Playing with my cat, Talking to people, Geometry-ing (omg, those parallelorgams...), Graphing functions on mah calc (rational and both transcendental fncs are my favorite right now) Eating, Drawing, Help the people in prison become better people, and trying to keep Liz from killing everyone after school.

Random Stuff about Me: I am a person, in case you were wondering.I have only one cat, Spice, but I would like to have more. I am practically the only person Spice will tolerate, and she has just about the softest fur in the world. Have you ever petted a bunny? Softer than that. Very very very very very Veeeery soft. I should enter her in a softest fur contest. Oops!Sorry about the ramblings about Spice in my about me section. I'll go onto me now. Ummmmm... I live in the Northeast of the US, and I looooove snow. I don't like cold though, but snow is about one of my favorite things. It is soooo pretty! And, if we get a lot of it, when I go to New Hampshire with my family the river which we go tubing down is a mountain river, which means that all the snow that has fallen onto the mountain, melts and goes into that river. And the more snow, the more water, and the more water, the faster the rapids. New Hampshire = just about the funnest place in the world. Every year we (my parents, sister, aunts, uncles, and cousins on my dad's side) go to New Hampshire and stay near Glen. We hike, swim, go in the river, go down to North Conway, and stuff like that. I am also Catwoman, for more info see Liizziioo's page...wait... I've said too much! ((blows up))

Stuff: I needed more stuff here so I am writing it. When I say I don't know what to write, then I don't know what to write. I may not know what to write, but I may know what not to write, and I shan't write what I will not write. Therefore, do not ask me to write anything that I know not to write as it shan't write it. Because I shan't write it, it shall never appear here in the history of forever. Behaps you will get lucky and accually meet me in real life and I may tell you what I shall not write. But I may not tell you, so don't even ask. I will decide on my own and I will not have demands on what I shall tell. I can't even remember what I shan't write, so now you can't even inquire. I don't even think there was anything to write, thus I have written this long pointless paragraph of ramblings.

Just to tell you guys, I like to ramble.

People in my Life

There are some people in my life, just as many other people have in their life. These people consist of friends, family members, people I don't exactily care for, and other various people. Here are a few of them:

Lisa: Well, I might as well get the evil of my life done with, so here is my sister. Just kidding, she's not that evil, we accually get along more than most sibblings. She's two years younger than me, and I guess she's pretty smart. Sometimes she gets annoying, the kind where she makes her bed every morning and keeps her room clean and makes me look bad. And she's younger. Younger sisters are annoying because when your parents decided to get you both something big, like ear pierced, you have to wait longer than she does because parents think it's more fair if we get them done at the same time. Anywhoo, she's a great person.

Liz: She likes cheese. And she's Batwoman. We had French together in freshman year and greatly scared our teacher. In sophomore we didn't have French together and we were sad. This year we do! And we've already started scaring people for life! go us! You can read about our adventures in freshman year here:, read her story too! It roxorZzzzz

Crystal: Another one of my friends. She's Ratwoman. She has a very cheery and optomistic outlook on life. Just kidding. In English, when we were talking about a character who killed herself because she was attached to her children and didn't want to be, Crystal decided that she should have drowned her children instead. She reminds me of this kid who once said that feeding the homeless to the hungry would solve the world's hunger and homeless people problems.

There will be more at some point in my life if I am ever unlazy enough to put them up.

Stuff that Happened: This is junk that really happened. I swear. The exact thing that happened may have been changed, though, to protect the rights and sanity of those who read this. Plus, I have just about the worst memory in the world.

In New Hampshire w/ Family:

Uncle Tom: ((passing out cake)) Do you want a slice, Catie?

Caitlin: Who's Catie?

Uncle Tom: You are.

Caitlin: ((silence)) oh.

Me, Trying to find Lizz's House:

Me: ((knocks))

Random Lady: ((opens door)) Hello?

Me: Uhhh... does Lizz live here?

Random Lady: Ummmm... No...

Me in Music Class: Everyone hates me

Music Teacher: Next!

Me: ((Starts to walk up))

Music Teacher: Ms. Lauren, You have a string of beads hanging from your forehead.

Me: ((With a phlegmerized throat)) cough--I'm--cough--sorry--cough ((struggling to breathe and talk at the same time with mounds of phlegm in the throat))

Music Teacher: Just cough all over me.

Music Teacher: ((After writes failing grade on quiz and is now grading paper)) You spelled my name wrong. I think I should give you a negative grade on this paper.

Me: Oh! I'm sooooo sorry! ((starts to get terrified))

Class: ((Laughs))

((Note to reader, I got one of my friends to origami-ize my failed quiz))

New Hampshire: Giraffic Park

Me: ((Is wearing Giraffe Hat)) ((Looks like giraffe is sitting on head))

Uncle Jeff: Look! ((indicates w/ index finger)) It's Giraffic Park!

Random Guy: Don't quit your day job.

New Hampshire: The Hidiousness

Caitlin: ((Walks in))

Michael: It's hideous!

New Hampshire: The Dancer's Cafe

Cousins: ((Just ordered Frozen Smoothie-thingies))

Guy at Counter: Anyone else want a frozen drink?

Me: I'd like one of those Raspberry Truffle Iced Lattes

Guy at Counter: -.- That's not a frozen drink -.-

New Hampshire: First Experiences are Tough Ones

Michael: ((Has never had any type of espresso in his life))((Tries latte)) That's disgusting! What flavor is it?

Me: Uhhh... Raspberry?

New Hampshire: North Conway

Caitlin: Ok, now let's find Lisa a New Hampshire boyfriend.

Lisa: o.0

New Hampshire: Some Hiked up to Cave Place

Lisa: ((After climbing up this steep gravel hill thing)) ((Sees cave)) That wasn't worth it.

The Myspace Age Dilemma

Lisa: ((Looks at my myspace)) Uhhh... you're not 84 years old...

Me: How do you know, you weren't there when I was born!

Krad at Lunchtime

Liz: I've just realized that Krad is too sexy for Milan.


Me: ((bothering Lisa, poking her, helping her with Alegebra, and hitting her with my magazine))

Lisa: ((can't stand it anymore)) STOP POOPING ON ME!

I'll probably put more stuff here soon, and behaps even write a story, I have one in the making, but it prolly wont ever get here seeing as it is terrible.


Well, I have something here now, actually two somethings (the one I was talking about above may never be finished... it was getting random and stupid and I haven't written anything to it since... last year or something, maybe before that). I just thought I should let people know how they work. They're the same story line, just told from two different points of view, so chapter one of The Little Love that Couldn't happens at the same time as chapter one of Eyes that Watch and so on. The best way to read them would probably be to read chapter one of The Little Love that Couldn't, then chapter one of Eyes that Watch, chapter two of Little Love, etc, but if that gets annoying, it'll probably be fine to read all of one and then the other. That's just the way they were written.

Plus I have to put this here because I forgot to on the others and was too lazy to write individual ones... so here's my all-encompasing

Disclaimer: I own none of these things I wrote about.

January 28, 2007: And for anyone who cares, I know I haven't updated in a while... since November or something. I don't really have an excuse, although I can try to make one... it would be a few things. Like the week of death in December where I had two big tests and two papers due. And then there was writers block. And then I wrote a little bit during study one day, and then a little bit more the next one. And then i promised myself that I would finish it over Christmas vacation, but then I spent most of that sleeping. And then there were midterms... which I didn't fail, which is good. The other thing is is that the series has gotten to a point where I kind of have to write both chapters at the same time, which is being difficult. Anyway, just letting you know that I'm working on it, I actually have the documents up right now, and I'm about to work on them. Let's hope I can actually write it... dun dun dunn

"Baramore, May the Force be with You"

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