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Hello. If you've just read my stuff, you'd think that in person I am a very odd little man, and say "that Mr./Ms. Kakashi is wierd". And you're right, I am. But I want you to know that I am busy trying to change that. After all, who's stupid enough to say "Kaizer Kakashi is wierd."

Those who know me call me Donnie/Dawnie-Xelloss, but you can't. You aren't worthy. They earned it. Anyway, why do they call me this? Is this because I look like him? No, that just makes me a bishi. Is it 'cause I talk like him? Oh my, no! Is it 'cause I can see when my eyes are closed, freaking them out? Um,... let's just cut to the chase. The answer is... a secret!

Were all kin, so feel free to use these new characters in you're own work (not that anyone does), just and give me a little credit, and maybe email me. :Glares at Yami no Miko for using Pogudo with out giving any credit to me:

I'll tell you these tid-bits about me, as it may come crucial for you to know in an odd post-apacolyptic situation in which Kennymon rules with a brown fist. Or not. I am male... kinda. I don't limit myself in that respect. I am openly bi'. I am of an independent religion that holds strong Hindu, Buddhist, String Theory, and Wiccan influences with an underlying TRUE Satanic morale. Not that of those crappy repressed christians that just want an excuse to do something bad, or to stand out. I am German. I am perverted, but at the same time I'm a cuddler. I am truly a catgirl. I've spent the vast majority of my life meditating (started when I was 8. I generally get a good 4 hours a day in.) I am now on every discriminating organization's hit list. Crud.

I watch anything once, but mostly stick to animated stuff, especially anime. My fav's: Digimon, Akira, Miyazaki movies, anything with Megumi Hayashibara, and something few have heard of called Windaria. I also enjoy Daria, Invader Zim, and obviously South Park. Oh, and watch Iron Chef or die. Iron Chef is the best show in the history of the world.

I enjoy just about every kind of music in general, except for religious stuff.

I am very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very egotystical, and I demand your worship, mortals. Thank you, for the image, even if it...is no longer is showing.

Oh yes, on an odd note, Yami no Miko (Yami-chan) is my little sister and Q.T. is my cousin. Eeveelover, Shadowkeepre, and Drizzt are *talented* friends of mine. Boss Reo is kami-sama. The only reason why I don't review for these people is 'cause I suck.

I am currently on Hiatus. if anyone wishes to continue any of my stories/ take the basic idea of them, just do it. you dont even have to ask. just, i don't know, give me a little credit. heck you can do in code to hide it. anything. man, im egotystical if i believe anyones gonna do that. (UPDATE: Do to having free comic hosting, I'm going to be spending all my free inspiration on that. Sorry. Will update again when I have a site.)

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