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Hello, I see you found my profile. Which is more than I can say for myself. -sweatdrop-


This was told to me by a very dear friend. It is a Japanese quote that helped me through a lot.

This is my email, since my profile is being STUBBORN and won't let you see it:


Stuff about me, since I can't think of anything else to post:

Gender: Girl. Most definately a girl.

Height: no idea.

Random: 1)Redhead with no freckles. Haha. I escaped the freckly doom of my fellow carrot-tops! Woot! Yay for weirdness.

2)I have a cat named Shiroari (which means "termite," since she ate through my carpet). I rarely laugh, but I love to read and write humor. And I crack jokes constantly. (go figure. -shrugs-).

Oh yeah, and I don't do drugs...someone asked me that the other day, believeing that being "gothic" automatically equaled stoner...yeah. Apparantly alternating between extreme parody/humor and angst is not normal (despite the fact that half the authors do it here) and therefore, I am high during half my writings. For crying out loud, I'm not even actually gothic...I just really really like black! And hate sunlight...but yeah.

I like sushi, but I think cooked fish and any other kind of seafood (except crab) is disgusting. Ew. And crab is hard to eat, especially blue crab that's just boiled. It's complicated and messy...

I love music. Any music at all. And JOKES. If you have anything funny, weird, whatever, send it to me. I'm really REALLY hard to offend, so chances are no matter whatcha got, I've seen/heard worse. -grins- I recently got an email that...oh wait I can't say that, little kids could read this. Nevermind, just send me anything funny you have, my email's up there somewhere.

I am a minor. I do not drive, vote, live alone (unfortunately), drink...you get the idea. Woot.

Like rain. Love thunderstorms. Dislike heat waves. Extreme cold snaps aren't too fun either (although watching waist-length hair freeze in under a minute to be as hard as an ACTUAL penny instead of just copper-colored is amusing) and once it was -40 F for like a week or more here. Brrr...

Sing to myself. Constantly. Can't help it. Frequently get weird looks. Whatever.

I'll take requests if you have any.


This was originally much, much darker than the version I posted, which I believe isT+ or whatever right now. It's starting to irritate me that I have to leave a lot out, so I think I'll post the dark version as well and just update both. Which would be really weird to anyone trying to read both of them.
Status: in progress. I am writing Ch.11 right now.

~This has been a waste of your time, courtesy of Kage~

And her cat.

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