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2-1-17 Ha! Seven years later and I reappear with new content! Apologies, it's very short and not YYH. More apologies, Betrayal is still on hiatus. Fret not, though, my pretties! I've not been totally slacking these past few years. The past few Novembers I have attempted NaNoWriMo and for two of the past three, I have been working on my Wolves of Legend series. One was an origin story where I explore how the Prophecy came to be and what it meant for our young wolf demon protagonist and her twin. It is still in the works. The other is the sequel to Betrayal, which I realize is silly since I never finished Betrayal here, but as it was a fresh start for NaNo it seemed a logical place to continue. I've become rather stubborn about finishing it, more or less to prove to myself that I can see a project though to the end, but I am also working on getting the ending to Betrayal typed up so I can finally get that posted. I won't post a timeline as I never stick to them (evidenced through the previous updates on this bio) and because I also want to repost the first one with better cohesion. Dangerous Secrets will be deleted if and when that comes to pass so I don't violate any ff.net terms or whatever. Really it would be a mercy to the internet if that were just burned in its entirety. But until such future date as I finally finish my magnum opus, please enjoy the little one-shot I did for Fairy Tail, my latest (longest) anime obsession.

1-17-10 And I stuck to my word! Woo! The sequel to Dangerous Secrets is now up for your reading pleasure!

1-8-10 Well hello again. It's been nearly a year since my last update. I was filing through old notebooks and folders and discovered my fanfics from high school and reread them. It was painful to read through the beginning but I have been working on typing up the chapters I've already written for the sequel. I'm hoping to have most of them ready for posting again by the end of the month. I noticed I originally posted my first one on January 17, 2005. Well seeing as how it is now January 2010 and the sequel starts five years after the end of the first, I thought it would be fitting to begin posting it on the same day as its predecessor. So that is my tentative plan. I've already typed up the first four chapters, the fifth is short, and then there are a total of 14 completed in my notebook. With any luck, I'll get most of those chapters typed up in the next 9 days and with a schedule of one chapter a week I might just get this one finished in a timely fashion! Juggling this and schoolwork will be a challenge as it has always been but I do hope I can manage. And just maybe, I'll go back and rewrite the first few chapters of Dangerous Secrets. So painful, I sincerely apologise for those. Well, until the 17th! I'm looking forward to it!

2-21-09 Hey everyone! I know I've been away for far too long, but I'm back to finish posting my original story, Dangerous Secrets. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to continue it and post the sequel that I've written, but I may post other stories if they come to mind. A list of all my stories and their status is below along with a quick bio about myself for those interested. To my readers I wish to say: thank you for your support and your reviews. It's what keeps my stories going. And I'd also like to take this moment for a personal shout out to my best friend, Kim. If it wasn't for her encouragement, my stories wouldn't be here. And with that, I leave you to go read and review!

About Me

The basics: I am known by several names. I go by Ali here since she was my first main character. However my friends also know me as The Spaz or Charlie. Don't ask. I don't remember, haha. But my parents just call me Sara. And when I'm in trouble I hear Sara Grace. But I rarely get that from them. I am 27 going on 12. Despite playing an adult at work I still enjoy anime and manga and writing about them.

Status: Engaged

Work: I am a project engineer working on cost reduction for a major engineering corporation. I work in an office running code and manipulating Excel data all day. Sometimes I get some writing done while waiting for a script to run.

My likes: Reading, writing, watching anime, playing video games, browsing the internet for all things fandom, hiking, skiing, swimming, boating, adventuring, cooking, eating, listening to music, watching football, playing fantasy football, all the usual normal human things to enjoy. I love my cats. I have two rescues, an orange tabby female and a gray tabby male who is a couple years younger than her. They get along just fine but she doesn't like other animals. He doesn't mind other animals as long as they give him some time to acclimate. My fiance is as big a nerd as I am. We've been together 7 years. The irony is not lost on me that it has been seven years since I last updated this. Not saying it was his fault, but when you've lived together as long as we have, everything is his fault.

Dislikes: Other than my ff.net pet peeve (which I wrote over a decade ago so maybe it's not even relevant anymore) I've stated below, the only things that really bug me are my little sisters (naturally), and closed-mind people.

And finally: I have my own opinions just like anyone else, so if you don't agree with me on something, don't argue with me for argument's sake. I'll respect your opinions so long as you respect mine. We can have a civil debate about things we disagree on but I will not tolerate vitriol or hate speech. Constructive arguing is fine. Attacking people is not. Thank you and have a lovely day!

My one FF.net Pet Peeve: This does not concern any of my reviewers 'cause you've all been so helpful, but I just want to point something out to those of you who feel it is necessary to flame people for adding their own characters and then making the actual characters out of character. Alright, listen up. Think about it. If the writer of the actual anime/show/whatever the fanfic is about actually added another character into the real show, the characters would change! Sure, it will be a gradual change,but by the end of the story everyone would be different than they were at the start! The reason this site exists is to allow for fans to write stories however the hell they wish. If they want to make the characters gay or add another long lost sibling, they can do it! HELLO! It's a FANfiction! As in, it's entirely up to the writer. It has no effect on what goes on in the show or book or whatever. I'm writing this because my friend got a review that really ticked me off. The reviewer criticized the fact that my friend's character was Hiei's sister. The reviewer stated that he already has a sister and it would be too weird. If you were that reviewer and are reading this, SO WHAT! It's her story, she'll write it however she feels like! Ok, I'm done. I just had to say something since my friend is too polite not to. If this offends anyone, I apologize.

My Stories and Their Status

You Don't Have To Say It: Fairy Tail. At some point after chapter 519, Natsu has finally woken up and must face his greatest adversary in Zeref. Lucy urges him not to go it alone. (Status: One-shot; Complete)

Betrayal: YYH. The sequel to my story Dangerous Secrets. Takes place 5 years later. Ali and friends have all grown up and graduated high school. She and Yuki are attending college in the human realm and living normal lives. One night, an urgent message from Koenma brings that peaceful world to an end and they must fight for their lives against an old enemy who has allied himself with their kind's worst nightmare. Can Ali and the Tantei survive this ordeal? You're just going to have to read it to find out. (Status: Hiatus; 6 chapters; story overhaul in progress)

Dangerous Secrets: YYH. My first story. Ali is a gentle girl with immense power and an unknown past. The gang is ordered to protect her at all costs. Slowly her secrets come out in the open and they learn that their fates have been intertwined. Fun, angst, love, loyalty, and maybe a little drama. (Status: Complete; 20 chapters; Story overhaul in progress, likely to be deleted at a future date for a reboot.)

Broken: X-Men The Movie. A one-shot poem of Scott's feelings after the death of Jean in the second movie. (Status: One-shot; complete)

Fallen Angel: Teen Titans. This is a one-shot of the episode Aftershock Part 2 from Terra's point of view. One of my personal favorites. (Status: One-shot; complete)

Forbidden Love: YYH. Takara had always looked up to her big brother Koenma. He had always cared for her. But everybody has to grow up sometime and King Enma has decided it's time for his little girl to be married. Unfortunately, neither Takara nor Koenma like this idea and they have ideas of their own; to be together. Lots of angst and love. (Status: In progress; no update scheduled, only when I can come up with another idea to continue it)

Silent Serendipity: Samurai 7. An idea that came to me as I was watching the anime one day. A story to follow Kyuzo and get inside his mind. (Status: Hiatus; I posted it on impulse with no actual plan of how it will go so I have no updates scheduled. It won't be long once I finally get it going though. 5 chapters max.)

Upcoming Stories and other ideas I'd like to work on but probably never will, let's be real

Trials of Love and Friendship: Code Lyoko. A new girl at the school threatens to break up the group due to her growing relationship with Odd. Just a flaky idea I had. I started writing a little bit for it, but haven't got very far with ideas.

Life and Death: Teen Titans. There is an old Tamaranian prophecy of the birth of two unique royal heirs. One would turn to follow the road of evil while the other would do all she could to stop the reign of terror being invoked by the evil one. Starfire never knew that Blackfire had a twin with light hair. She never knew of the prophecy. Blackfire knew of it, however, and she knew that if she was to succeed in her evil plot, the light-haired one must vanish. And so she did. Until one day, when Blackfire returned to Earth to get revenge on Starfire once again, the light-haired twin made her reappearance and the prophecy would be fulfilled.

Deadly Beauty: YYH. The Tantei are starting to get lazy and it is infuriating Koenma. In his desperation to get them back into top shape for an upcoming tournament, he calls on the assistance of a skilled assassin to train them. She helps only because her goal is to get closer to Koenma. She wants him dead, but due to her twisted reasoning, she will only kill him once she has a good fight to take him down. The fact that she wants to kill Koenma is twisted in itself because they are in love. But due to some strange act of fate, they can never be together. Only in death, which is why she wants to kill him.

Wolf's Quest: Wolf's Rain. A young wolf named Cari has been having some strange dreams lately. Every time she falls asleep she sees this pack of four wolves with a beautiful maiden, searching for something. Her instinct tells her they are searching for Paradise. But her attention is always drawn to the small brown pup. Who is he and why does he haunt her dreams? Cari finally can't stand it anymore and goes on a search of her own, to find the pup and along the way rediscover her lost memories.

Untitled-Saiyuki: The Sanzo-ikku are still traveling and fighting demons and such when one day they find a woman lying along the side of the road. Goujyo insists they help her and they bring her to a nearby village. She has no identification and no one knows who she is. In the end she travels with them and they each learn something about themselves in their time with her. She leaves just as quietly as she came and they wonder if it was just a dream.

Untitled-Inuyasha: The group stumbles upon an injured young wolf demoness whom they take to Kouga to see if he knows her. He's never seen her before but willingly takes her into his pack and helps her to heal. In the process he begins to forget about Kagome and thinks maybe one of his own kind is better suited for him. However, this young woman is feisty and enjoys being on her own. She gets away from time to time and somehow always ends up running into either Inuyasha's gang, or Sesshomaru's. (depends on which story. I'm thinking of writing two, one with my character and kouga, the other with my character and sesshomaru.)

Untitled-Cyborg 009: During a major battle with Black Ghost, 003 is severely wounded by a new weapon. This new weapon was able to disrupt her supersonic hearing and sight so that she would be unable to locate the enemy for her team. When it wounded her, it also "injected," i guess, microscopic nanotechnology into her bloodstream and she was suddenly under the control of Black Ghost once again. The rest of the cyborgs do not know about the control mechanisms in her body and are shocked and hurt by her betrayal.

Untitled-DBZ: All about Bulma and Vegeta and how they came to be together. Nothing major, but definitely intense.

Spin-off Crossover Fic: YYH and Wolf's Rain. I was thinking about the character in my Wolf's Quest story idea, who happens to be Tohoe's sister, and thought "what if she got hurt and was found by Kurama and Hiei?" It was a very brief flicker of an idea, but if I ever write that other story, it could be possible.

And that's it for now! As you can see I have a lot of ideas and probably won't get around to most of them. However if there's something here you'd like to see me write, feel free to let me know. If I know someone is interested in reading it, I'll try my best to write it. Well I've rambled enough. Have a wonderful day!

~Your humble authoress (do we still say that in 2017? Gosh I'm so old.)

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