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Author has written 2 stories for Resident Evil, Spider-Man, and X-Men: Evolution.

I'm on YouTube! Click these for your viewing pleasure...but please note I do not have a YouTube account so any comments you want to make to me about this, send it through this site, thank you.

See me win a dub script from Episode 1 of Transformers: Robots in Disguise. Heh, heh. Laura Bailey calls me "dude." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAaBCW0yLgU

See me ask Steve Blum about his favorite version of Wolverine and "Berzerker Barrage!" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLu5S9rwLmY
See me ask Steve Blum about "Porkchop Sandwiches" and his role in Resident Evil: Degeneration. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQQQUJYimBI
And for those of you wondering, yes, those are fox ears on my head. I've also lost about 20 lbs since those vids were taken.

Hear me ask Vic Mignogna if he's found a better way of playing Broly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxohFrHqZvk
What you don't hear on the vid is, "Wow. This, like, never happens," because I was the first guy in the line to ask a question.

Hello, fans of my work...and stuff. If you're actually reading this, you're really bored or it's late at night. Or maybe even both!

I'm pleased to know that so many people are reading my first ever Resident Evil fic, which started out as a side-project to throw off the boredom of English class. I know the chapters are kinda short, but if I made them too long, chances are, not too many people would read them all the way, kinda like what I do. If you have questions about or want to try and understand my thought process, don't hesitate to e-mail me, or these days, PM me. Just put something in the subject head like you're screen name or the title of my work.

I'm sorry to say that my Resident Evil fic has come to a close, as of Saturday, July 23, 2005. If you want to know what happens after it, I suggest you get a copy, somehow, of Resident Evil 4. There may be a sequel, or another RE fic coming your way sooner or later, so here's hoping (crosses fingers).

I'm kinda surprised people are actually reading my Spider-Man/X-Men: Evo story, but I guess like me, there's a fan base for the character that should have guest starred. To be honest, I think there needs to be a C2 community devoted to just that because by summary alone, it's kinda hard to find a good Spider-Man/X-Men story. Thank God for the new crossover filter, am I right?! I have not given up on it and I am still glad that there's an audience out there for it, which makes writing these new chapters all the more intimidating, but I guess that's just me. The pressure, man! It's the pressure!

If all that doesn't satisfy you, here's a bit more information about me. Just weird trivia and things like that.

Games for Windows Live Gamertag: RedGulch. (Maybe we'll meet on the field of combat on Street Fighter IV...that's the PC version, cuz I don't have a 360 or PS3...yet!)
Wii Friend Code: 7087 2593 6382 7220 (accepting all requests, cuz I'm lonely!)
Favorite Iron Man Armor: The Modular Armor introduced in Iron Man #300. AKA, the armor used for the '94 cartoon series.
Favorite Marvel/Lionsgate Movie: Hulk Vs. (Steve Blum signed my copy!)
Favorite DC Universe Animated Movie: Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
Favorite DC Animated Universe Movie: Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (I have four versions of this movie!)
Favorite Robot Chicken Sketch: "The Worst Halloween" from Rabbits on a Rollercoaster
Favorite RPG: Phantasty Star Online Episodes I&II for the GameCube (Please, Sega, port it to the Wii...along with a feature to transfer saved game data from the GameCube version!)

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