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Name- Hester Jester of Mt. Gray located in the lands of Jelly Beam, Kjjewi. (Or, just K will do)

Age- Between 1 and 100. Imagine.

SN- Krzy4books


Since there is no doubt I shall run into trouble while I exist...

Please note that I attempt to write formally, as much so as possible, while replying to reviews. As a result, I have a tendency to be a very sarcastic person in front of the computer, so if I happen to say something that might offend you, please take no offense. Instead, if you could point out my idiocy to me, I swear I'll apologize and make it up to you.

Please note that if I sound like I'm reprimanding you (in a review reply), it's not like I'm mad that you've insulted (if you have) my fanfics - it's because I'd rather you didn't sound as blunt as you might to other, more sensitive people.

Our AP English teacher was kind enough to bring up this one fact: You cannot victimize yourself. o.O That would be odd, it would be.

I also think the best thing you can do after finals is fly paper planes around a physics room.

As for what I like...

It is impossible, but I like normal things. Actually, that's a lie. I like the most ridiculous things. Specifically ridiculous, off-tune singing. That is, professional off-tune singing, in which the singer is singing off-tune on purpose (there is an art to singing off-tune). HEHEHE. I also like amusing songs.

I'm obsessed with Digimon even though I don't exactly watch it on a daily basis anymore (I believe most of my friends are most happy because of that). I'm falling behind on my anime-watching, though, so I'm rushing to catch up and falling behind in my writing (in case you can't tell). I have yet to watch Digimon Savers (still) because I'm sad and pathetic like that, but I've picked up Digimon Xros Wars.

I'm still mad at Pokemon because they have some pokemon named 'Burmy,' and 'Burmy' is the name of the lizard in 'Father's Day for Kouichi,' which was SO written before 'Burmy' came out (I think). I hope. And I bet 'Burmy' isn't even the Japanese name! Tcheh!

I'm already tired of school (I think it just gets boring after elementary school. You don't go on field trips as often). I can break computers quite easily. Which is why I'm behind in everything, because I back things up and delete them off my computer (fanfics included). Proved myself to be an idiot more than once in all my years of living.

I'd love an interesting life. If you know if anyone's offering one, please contact me.


Cursed Gifts
Series: Digimon
Notes: A very angsty story involving Kouichi examining his life and getting caught up in something much larger. A branch off of 'Of Broken Hearts and Jealousy.'
Side notes: Apparently this story is still very angsty and I simply don't know how dark it is.
Status: HIATUS

Series: Digimon
Notes: I started this for the sake of writing another Takumi fic. It was more like my own little exploration to find my writing style, which has been out of whack. Given the time that has passed between creating and updating the story, there will be stylistic differences from Chapter 7 onward. Apologies if they make a big difference.
Status: In Progress

Thank You's-

I have no less than a billion 'thank you's to dish out. Too difficult.

To the READERS: THANK YOU, always-

Although in the past there have been times I have forgotten, I write for people to read. Without a reader base there is no point in writing on ffnet. So long as there are people to enjoy them, I shall continue to write fanfics.

To Sora Keyblade [or the one who was formerly known as, seeing as I don't know if you've changed your username] for introducing me to ffnet.

To The Light's Refrain who so kindly chatted with me on things Digimon, Jing, and plain fun, even when I had so long ago disappeared from the realm of fanfiction.

But a serious thanks to everyone who has supported me, reviewed, PMed me, and read my stories. I've grown thanks to all of you. And I really enjoy talking to all of you.

Thank you for everything.


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