Balance of Opposites
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Author has written 7 stories for Lord of the Rings, Van Helsing, Hellboy, G. I. Joe, Stargate: SG-1, and Naruto.

Here's lookin' at you, kids! Nephthys Snape here. Not sure what to say, as per usual. Lioness 78 and I have been working together on stories for some time. We decided to set up an account for our joint stories. In the end, all of my stories are really a joint work... Well, most of them. She doesn't have much to say on Magnificent Seven, but that's alright. I'll keep those seven guys to my own sweet lonesome. XD Anyhow, read up on what we got and enjoy. Least, I hope you enjoy. I'm sure she has something to say so I'll leave over to her, for now. ;-) A last note before she starts, watch out for the pregnancies. I like the drama being pregnant can add to the stories, and mixed with Lioness that means babies, babies everywhere.

Rolls Eyes Hey I like babies...they taste just like chicken... Oh come on it was just a joke. Well this is Lioness 78 if you haven't guessed. Just so you know Nephthys is the brains behind this opperation, I'm just here to look pretty. We have fun working up the stories and we hope you have fun reading them. Just so you know If you come across some of our more interesting ideas they are probably mine and probably after a bag of skittles and a two liter of mountain dew code red. If you have any questions for us feel free to e-mail one of us will get back to you...probably me since I made the offer less I get murdered for said offer...cause this isn't my e-mail. With that I shall let you enjoy the stories. Here's my last note We have both written different chapters of the story and our writing styles are slighly different so if you notice that is why. Also we love reviews...And don't mind constructive reviews, but please there is no need to be overly mean.

Yes, being overly mean isn't a good thing. Neph, again. However, if you find the need to give out that meanness, go for it. I'll take the brunt of it, shield her from it. And by interesting, she means slightly wacked out. Her with lots of caffeine and skittles is a very, very scary thing. It's like a child on a massive sugar high. But, hey, it's fun to be taken along for the ride. Also, I'm the more pessimistic, sadistic, morbid one of the two. I'll take the credit for anything overly... nasty, though I will admit I've... tainted sweet, innocent Lioness so she comes up with some doozies now, too.

Bows I do try to please (Lioness) You know we could be at this for eternity.

Well, if it gets the job done... Course, I reckon this ain't a job, is it? Though, in a way, to me, it is a calling... urge... need... desire... Oh hell, it's something. Besides, lets people realize how weird we are so they know what they're getting into. Look before you leap, they say. Personally, I'd just leap cause I don't want to know what is going to kill me when I crash into it or how far away it is. Then again, I'd definetly look and watch if I wasn't the one leaping. So, Lioness, be my guest. Take that first step. I'll just stand here and listen to your screams. ;-P Just jokin'. She'd pull me off with her.

Damn Skippy! If I'm goin down you're going down with me. that said...well...did I meantion we like review? We do. Um well anyway off to slave on those stories...

We don't slave. Slave is a bad term. Bad Lioness. We work hard, toil. We also have fun doing it. So, though we love reviews, we will go one without them. But no reviews makes for a sad Nephthys. sniff sniff I'll love you if you do review. grins broadly and winks

Whimpers Don't wanna be a bad lioness...though it can be fun. Well off to WORK on those stories, though I don't care what you say getting her to update is like slaving away sometimes.

It's not my fault I have so much going on in my head that it is hard to narrow down to one thing at a time. I TRY! Can't ask for more than that. At this rate, they'll be so bored by our bio, they'll not get to the fan fiction... If I update, will you purr?

I would think the question should be if people reveiw will I purr... of course the answer to both is yes.

Knew you were easy... ;-P

Least I'm not cheap.

Nope, but I still love you. Don't know why, though. One of these days I'll figure it out, not that it would change things. Think we are stuck with each other, sis.

Ya Think? Oh well love ya too.

All that being said, if you haven't read our fan fiction in our seperate accounts, here are the addresses. For me, Nephthys, go to For Lioness, go to We thank you all for taking the time to stop by, and ask you excuse us for getting a bit carried away here. Thanks!

Just a small update. Finally got Hellboy under this name...hope you enjoy. (L)

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