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My name is Nicola (pronounced nick-uh-luh). I hate being called the wrong name. It always happens. One of my older sisters used to tell everyone we met when I was a baby," If you can't say Nicola say Nikki." I sometimes still tell people that if they have trouble pronouncing it. About me:

I live inthe midwest region of theUSA.
Hair colour: brown
Eye colour: brown

Canada(I was born there and most of my relatives live somewhere in Canada)

Couplings I Love to Read About:
Harry Potter: Harry/Ginny, Hermione/Ron, Lily/James, Sirius/OC, Remus/OC, Frank Longbottom/Alice, some Darco/Ginny, Katie Bell/Oliver Wood, George Weasley/Alicia Spinnet, Fred Weasley/Angelina Johnson,
Tamora Pierce: Alanna/George, Aly/Nawat, Daine/Numair, Kel/Dom, Sandry/OC, Briar/OC

Hate:dumb people
mushy vegetables
TV cartoons
drunk drivers

Couplings I Hate W/ a Passion:
Harry Potter: James/OC, Lily/OC, Harry/Hermione, Harry/Cho, Harry/(any Chasers),
Tamora Pierce: Kel/Joren, Kel/Cleon, Alanna/Jonathan, Aly/OC, Daine/OC, Sandry/Briar(it's okay, I guess, but I view them as sister and brother), Daja/Briar, Tris/Briar

I cannot stand any girl/girl, boy/boy pairings. Ughhh! It makes me want to hurl!

If you don't like my story at all, don't tell me k?You're entitledto yourown opinions,whether it be dislike or like.. but if you dislike/hate it, dislike/hate it quietly, k?However,if you don't like a certain part of it, go ahead and tell me what you don't like and I might be able to change it before it gets worse.

I have been thinking about writing a Circle of Magic story or another Tortall fiction.

I try to put an idea of what is going to happen in the next chapter of my story(ies) at the bottom of each chapter, but sometimes I forget. Sorry.

I have 4 sisters. One of them is an author on Fan Fiction, zumanity57. She has some pretty good stories. Read them. I have 2 older sisters(the oldest is zumanity), and 2 younger sisters. If you were born in the middle of your siblings, go us! Gotta go now, bye.


" I can only blame myself. I could've gone to the convent, never learned to wrestle and be dumped on my head, never broken any bones or fallen in the dirt. I'd be clean and wear pretty dresses, By now I'd be married to a buffle-brained nobleman with a small fief. I'd probably even have clean, pretty, buffle-brained children. Don't remind me that I picked this life. I'veno one to blame but myself. I always knew there was insanity in my family."
~Alanna of Trebond and Olau, Lioness Rampant

"Like it or no, you're a legend, after the Bazhir and winnin' your shield. Girls play at being Lioness. I saw one chasin' her brother down the street, wavin' a stick and callin' for the Conte Duke to submit to her sword"
~my Lord Provost, Lioness Rampant

"I can get drunk on water. It only takes 7 glasses."
~my best friend, Jennifer

Those two are my faves. Has anyone read The Goblin Wood ? Would you read a ff about it?

Favorite Books

Tamora Pirece books (all)

Harry Potter books(all)

The Goblin Woods (fantasy)

Hummer (horses, endurance riding)

Willow King (race horses)

First Horse I See (horses,-(duh))

Young Wizard (series)

Door in the Hedge (fantasy)

Tell Me How the Wind Sounds (sappy romance)

Old Magic (fantasy, minor love story)

Thanks for reading and, hopefully, reviewing, my stories.

I try to read all my reviewers stories, but sometimes it is a little hard to.

Ciao for now,

:-) Meadow Runner ( -:

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