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Author has written 9 stories for Static Shock, Mummy, Hellboy, SeaQuest, Doctor Who, and Heroes.

And just big fat FYI for all of you out there: I was the Goddess of Twilight loooooooooooong before those Twilight books were ever written! So don't think that I'm a huge fan of them or the movies (they're ok, and I do own the books) or anything like that, I'm not copying anything, I came up with it years ago. Just check to see how long I've been on this site. That's almost as long as the name I've gone by.

I have all of the Olympian books, and love them. Except the way that Rick Riordan makes Hade's out to be a slimeball. The guy was seriously misunderstood. I however have a fanfic in the works that is going to show that Hades is just as loving as Hermes was in the books. That he was misunderstood, and misrepresented simply because he is the personification of something everyone fears, but something that must be maintained. At least Mr. Riordan improved the character he had come up with. And honestly, his character creation of Persephone and Demeter sucked horribly too. He made a lot of the Gods despicable. And really... Ares would go cry in a jar every time he got injured in battle.

If you hadn't noticed, I don't like my favorite Gods being dissed. I also have been studying Greek mythology for a very long time. At least 12 years. Although I was kinda angry about Hade's kidnapping Persephone, and the whole pomegranet thing, but I got over it, because you can tell she's grown to love him.


Likes: I am a super Marvel fan, I love Spider Man the most, and my favorite X-men are Rogue, Gambit, and Jubilee. I love cartoons. I'm a dog trainer that also writes. Currently in the works are books aimed towards young adults/teens

Dislikes: I hate flames. Insulting the person is rude and inconsiderate, and you'd bitch if someone did it to you. I understand that your entitled to the opinion that it sucks hardcore, but don't flame a person. Just let them know "Hey, I read your story, and personally I think it is bad/sucks/ needs work" then give them some tips, nothing like "maybe you should stab out your eyes" or something of that sort... but you know what I mean.

People here need to know they're being read, so leave a review. I need to follow my own advice, but I've actually gotten better about reviews. They need to know that they need to work on grammar or something, but most of all, they need to know that we're all human, and make mistakes, and above all

You can't please everyone.

But then again, it's good to know you made someones day.

As Dumbledor so humbly said to Hagrid "If your waiting to win any popularity contests, I'm afraid you will be sitting in here for quite some time. Now, I expect you back at work on Monday."

But I'm off track.

Completed: Trial for a Shaman(Static Shock), Nameless One(The Mummy), Don't forget: Memories of a long lost past(Static Shock), Given a Second Chance (SeaQuest), A Family to Love (Doctor Who), Cry of the Wolf (Hellboy)

In Progress: Another Theory (Heroes), Child of Fire, Soul of Time (Doctor Who)

A taste of things to come:

Labyrinth- Doesn't have a title..oops. About a girl that is the granddaughter of Sara, and has been orphaned at a young age, only to be taken care of by Toby. She is attacked in her room one day and all hell breaks loose. The king gave her a pendant to keep her safe when her parents were killed, and she has his magic in it, and a crystal. Excerpt:

“Please tell me where I am.” I gasped.
“You are in the Underground. It was a place of magic and hope for all that dreamed. Now that hope dies, and the magic with it. Soon I will no longer exist, nor will this place. My enemies will see to that, for with the dying of the labyrinth, I loose strength and power.” He said.

Along with these stories, I have a SeaQuest sequel, three CSI stories, two Van Helsing stories, a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen fic, Avatar The Last Airbender, Tinman, and a ton of Doctor Who fics in the works, along with a sequel to "The Nameless One"

I'm also working on a ton more stuff.

Recently I started a Heroes fic, and I have finished two of my CSI fics that are in serious need of editing like no other. I've got two SeaQuest stories in the making, following the first that I created. It received some less than thrilling reviews, but I've since tried to work on the things that they told me needed work. I've also begun work on a sort of prequel to the stories, showing what happened around the time the kids arrived in their current state. I've only gotten a page and a half, but it's because it's really hard to work on the character Deinera was before she opened up to Ben.

Other things I'm working on... Hmmm... I've started one for Lost Boys. At one point last summer I had a wild imagination while watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and started something. I'm not sure if I'll actually finish it, but the idea is to prove that as childish as Wonka is, he's still an adult human, possibly with some serious mental issues. It also shows that not everything in his world is candy coated :badumching:. I can't think of anything. Someone wanna co with me on that?

I've got a TWitches story going, and one for the movie Merlin... I have two Numb3rs stories I'm working on. (we've moved back into the television realm) One is basically an outline of what I want to write, while the other one has a beginning and a messed up ending, but no middle stuff, since I lost the folders I was writing the story in, before I started putting it on the computer. Ronin Warriors is also in the works. And surprisingly, I managed to do some hardcore work on it after letting it sit for two years. Now it's sitting again, waiting for some more.

AH YES!! I started a Star Trek Voyager fic! It should prove interesting, I'm doing some studying of that at memory alpha, so I can get things right, like I am for Doctor Who (since I'm such a big fan I wanted to know this stuff anyway) I've got a sequel to my Voyager fic, which isn't even finished (imagine that...) and a prequel for it as well. I've started a Torchwood fanfic. And this is all while working on my own stuff I hope to publish soon.

Side note

I do research for certain fan fictions that I write. Currently, my AmDrag story involves lots of studying. Mostly because I've got a Native American character who's a sort of magical being, and the AmDrag team meets with said character in Louisiana. Seriously... lots of homework. I've got most of it down, I just have to get back into it. She's a dragon of another nature!

I've been working on a Stargate fic for probably four years now... sooner or later I'll get that finished. I can tell it's one of my older pieces...Smut apparently isn't my forte... though I did manage to :ahem: catch the attention of a friend... who wanted to try one of my smut scenes with his fiance... and now they're married, so I suppose something went right!

I have Mash, Charmed, and even Rescue Me... some of which may not make it on here. They're really terrible, but I had to get the ideas out. I of course have started an Alice in Wonderland ficlet after the Burton movie came to theatres here.

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