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So, what am I supposed to add here? Oh, something about me... You call me Shadow or Amy, alright? If you WANT to get smart, 'Amy' is actually a nickname for my real name. If you do somehow discover it, keep it to yourself, please. But contact me first; if you nail it, then you have permission to use it in private conversations. If you get it wrong, well, I'll narrow the list for ya and you get to keep trying! :D

I'm not a bad person and I do love seeing people review on my stories (and comment on my art and stories over at DeviantART). I will ALWAYS read reviews/comments, even if I don't end up replying. I am busy. So don't be afraid to talk to me, OK?

A little bit of background information: this fall will be my third year at college and I have switched my major from music to art. I still LOVE music as much as I did when I started, but I have to get readjusted to some things after having a really bad fall-out in the spring. I'm a lucky girl to have bad memories now associated with her primary instrument. This should make lessons a heckova good time...

I'm also an animal/nature person; I LOVE to read; and I'm naturally a troublemaker ;) But nothing too serious. Just harmless fun that ends up crossing the line into the Trouble Zone.

Danny Phantom Fan-Fiction

... Rule of King Trilogy ...
It all began with an amulet and a man's thirst to become the ruler of the world; it will end when an ancient tyrant returns to claim his kingdom.

>> The Emperor's Amulet
A powerful amulet; a wicked man determined to use it for his own personal gain; a boy claimed dead. The forces of good and evil are pitted against each other in a struggle to save the world. (Currently being revised based off the original.) (Occurs two weeks after the C.A.T. exam and the events of "The Ultimate Enemy".)

>> The Terrible Sixteen
Between Danny's disappearance and return to Amity Park, there's sixteen years worth of a story. How DID Danny manage to survive? And how did his rebel army begin?

>> The Emperor's Rise
It's spring 2021 and the amulet is under government protection; only Danny has access to the artifact and permission to remove it. But something is stirring in the Ghost Zone and a centuries-old Chinese emperor returns to claim the amulet that aided him in his rule over China.

... The Aftermath Series ...
Follow up on Danny's adventures after the asteroid incident. Post "Phantom Planet". Kinda not a season 4.

>> Ghost Crisis
A other-wordly creature has singled Danny out. It's up to the seventeen-year-old halfa to stop him and save the world, his family, and the Ghost Zone before it's too late. (Currently being revised based off the original.) (In 4 parts: Facing Judgment, Heart of Black, Time Wave, and Showdown.)

... One-Shots and Others ...
If it doesn't fit into the series' above.

>> One Star
A war between humans and ghosts occurs and Danny serves in battle. At seventeen, he dies and ends up in the Ghost Zone. There, a ghost finds him and convinces him that it's not his time to die. (Status--Completed!)

>> The Erlking
Based on the poem by Goethe and the Lieder by Schubert. Jack and Danny portray the father and son in the song, with the Erlking portrayed by a ghost. (Status--Completed!!)

Characters From RoK (ages based on 2004 to 2020; unless already a ghost)

Vlad Masters/Plasmius, n/a -- It didn't take much effort to acquire global domination and win over his dream girl, Maddie. Once Jack died and Jazz disappeared, the woman felt she had no choice but to join him seeing as everyone she loved was gone. Vlad still lives in Amity Park and has adopted a family of young psychics in order to maintain security.

Valerie Gray, 14-24 -- Once Vlad overtook Amity Park, Valerie joined his forces to save her father. Now a trained Hunter, it's her job to deal with rebellions and violators. She is still the first human on call if an unknown ghost is roaming the area, but instead of handling the specter gently, she is required to destroy it from existence. Unfortunately, the Hunter is killed in action.

Rebecca Fuller, 11-13 -- A young psychic, Rebecca never knew about her powers until her death at thirteen. Since her thirteenth birthday, her powers had been slowly developing due to the lack of training she would have had if her parents were still alive. It was strange for her to be able to read people like a book and see their true intentions. Upon death, she entered the Ghost Zone and met Clockwork who trained her.

Lucas Fuller, 7-23 -- He and his twin are both psychics with the same exact power. Neither twin knows of their significant talent until their thirteenth birthday when their adopted father reveals the secret. Along with his brother, Lucas begins training and tries his hardest to become Vlad's favorite.

Kevin Fuller, 7-23 -- He and his twin are both psychics with the same exact power. Neither twin knows of their significant talent until their thirteenth birthday when their adopted father reveals the secret. Unlike Lucas, the youngest twin Kevin doesn't want to win Vlad's affections and is closer to his adopted mother, who confides in the young psychic of her past life.

Nathaniel Stone, 19 -- Former name Aland, Nathaniel is a young man from the medieval era wandering the Ghost Zone. Choosing a life of solitude instead of moving on, he gets an opportunity to turn things around by aiding in Danny's success from the very beginning.

Roland McCoy, 12-28 -- As the oldest McCoy, Roy is accidentally roped into the rebellion after meeting a mysterious woman on his return home one evening. His involvement sparked interest with Vlad, who later seeks to destroy the boy's younger brother.

Cole McCoy, 3-13 -- Unlike his older brother, Cole has a special ability: he's a psychic. Unknowing to him or Roy, their father's aren't the same. Roy's father is a normal, everyday human; Cole's father is fugitive psychic eventually killed by Vlad's Hunters. After his brother started getting involved in the resistance, Vlad discovered that the youngest McCoy is a young psychic and set out to kill the kid on his thirteenth birthday.

Some Artistic and Writing Facts

-- I prefer to write darker stories rather than happy. Where's the fun in that? I like a happy ending, don't get me wrong, but to get there, I want the character to struggle.

-- Violence and death. While I don't whole-heartedly approve of this in real life, this is fiction. Adding violence and a little bit of death to the story makes it more interesting to well as gives the character a struggle to make it to the end ;)

-- I listen to music when I write. Helps me concentrate...until a song I absolutely ADORE pops up and I start singing along and/or dancing.

-- I love history and you'll often see something historical in my stories, whether it's completely made up, true, or a mix of both! For example, Ghost Crisis: Part Three is entirely historically based; The Emperor's Rise's main villain is a historical figure from the Qin Dynasty. I do research on these things, which helps me keep things historical and aids me on my world history.

-- My favorite thing to draw is a horse :P

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Return of the Hero by KicsterAsh reviews
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Variations on a Theme by TwilighterRenthead reviews
A reflection of ten band kids, one alum, and one colorguard kid. The family they've created, and the goodbyes they'll have to say.
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The Emperor's Amulet reviews
Revised. A powerful amulet; a wicked man determined to use it for his own personal gain; a boy claimed dead. The forces of good and evil are pitted against each other in a struggle to save the world.
Danny Phantom - Rated: T - English - Horror/Tragedy - Chapters: 5 - Words: 13,709 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 7/20/2011 - Published: 7/14/2011 - Danny F.
Aftermath: Ghost Crisis reviews
Post-PP. It's been two years since the Disasteroid incident and Danny's life has taken a turn for the worse. A ghost is after him and his entire family for revenge, but nobody other than a few privileged ghosts know of the threat's identity.
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The Erlking reviews
Based on the poem by Goethe and the Lieder by Schubert. Jack and Danny portray the father and son in the song, with the Erlking portrayed by a ghost.
Danny Phantom - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Tragedy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 537 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 2 - Published: 9/6/2010 - Danny F., Jack F. - Complete
One Star reviews
Completed. A DP One Shot. Danny's seventeen, goes to war, dies and ends up in the Ghost Zone. It takes a chat with one ghost to convince him that he shouldn't be there now.
Danny Phantom - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,584 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 11 - Published: 12/29/2006 - Danny F. - Complete