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I'm watching Suriviors Series from 2002... and everything just feels so right. Pure nostalgia. Tonight I'll continue updating RR

Last Updated 5-2-2013 @ 12:15 AM:

Long story short: I'm doing an extensive rewrite of RR (extensive as in deleting chapters, keeping concepts but rewriting a lot of chapters) and I accidently replaced "The Scene" with chapter 6 and then proceeded to delete the document for ch. 5 without realizing what I had done. Now I have to rewrite ch. 5... from scratch. K? K. I'm not happy about it. UGH. But I made an error and errors must be fixed. SIGH. Chapters 1-6 (with the exception of 5) are rewritten, so feel free to read those! But do not go past 6 because I need to work on those. K? K!

Last Updated 4-29-2013 @ 8:04 PM:

So lately I've had an itch to write. I edited/rewrote Ready to Rumble last month. I don't know what N year old me was thinking publishing such chapters with so many errors. Oh well. But yeah, an inch to write. And today I finally got that extra push to write. I've been watching NCIS on USA all day. I went down the street to get a sandwich and when I came back, RAW was on. Cena was granting wishes for the Make-A-Wish. I was like, "Awww (le tear)." Then it cut to Orton walking down the hallway and HOTDAMN HE IS STILL FINE AF. Seeing him alone motivated me to get out the pen and paper. So I was like, "Okay, well, we'll see his match just for the LULZ." Son of a gun he is still beautiful. I really got into the match. And I was happy to see some classic Orton. It was a great feeling of nostalgia. So here I am. I'm going to finish the rewriting of a majority of the chapter for pretty much all of my stories. Last night I figured out what the next chapter for RR is going to be about. So, I'm pretty excited. We'll see what happens, y'all!

Last Updated 3-5-2012 @ 1:15 PM:
That feeling of satisfaction when you add a chapter almost four years later to an outdated story... #win
That newbie feeling after not writing for almost four years... #fail
[Ch. 8 up on OLCBYH]

Last Updated 12-2-2011 @ 9:07 PM:
I think I'm going to do it. I think I'm going to write. I'm thinking it'll be wrestling. Not sure if I want to add a chapter to my current stories (I still need to correct all my previous chapters, gah -_-) or start a new fic. If I start a new fic I am so tempted to use myself (Misty) as a character 'cause y'know, I like to imagine myself in these random situations.
But I'm excited C:

Last Updated 07-09-11 @ 2:38 AM:

So, this site still exists, huh? Well. Still haven't watched wrestling. Still want to write a MLB fan fic. Still thinking of writing, yet to write anything.
I'm 18, I just graduated high school in June, starting college in August. Life is beginning.
I lost my Grandma in May. I miss her so much.
Does anyone see this? I got an email saying how I was added to someone's favorite author's list. I LOL'd.
I really want to write again. I'm just too lazy to do so.
Notice how most of my "updates" are done late at night? LOL.

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Last Updated 04-14-10 @ 12:05 AM:

Wow, two updates already for Twenty-Ten. Pretty sweet. Yeah, I've been thinking about writing :/ Like, I actually miss writing. I wanna finish some of my old wrestlings fics, and I wanna start some new ones, but not wrestling. I've been watching American Idol and I'm in love with Lee Dewyze so the only way I can make myself feel better about me never getting him is writing a fic where we end up together. Stupid teens these days... lol. But yeah. And I'm really into MLB so I would like to write a baseball fic too but I think I'd have to search for another site to post it... Idk. They're all just thoughts in my head that'll never be because I'm too lazy. And yeah!, I was wondering, you know, if anyone even reads my fics these days, or if anyone ever looks at my pro 'cause I just realized if no one reads these, then I've been babbling on for years already :l. So I familiarized myself with this new technology FanFiction offers and yeah, my pro and my stories still get love these days (: Holla! So, maybe when my plate isn't full with school stuff and family stuff and I'm not lazy, I'll start or finish something (:

Last Updated 01-22-10 @ 10:22 PM:

So... does anyone even see this? Like, I honestly thought no one would ever reach my stories because they're soo outdated... nonetheless this page... woww. Things have changed I suppose. Well I update this because the other night I had an itch. And I read my crappy stories. And I mean really crappy, complete and total shit. Yet people still read them to this day :\ So I was deciding whether or not to continue, to delete them, or just leave them be and start anew... and I think I'm gonna continue with them and just finish them as soon as I can. They're soo shittyy! but I don't feel like going back and correcting all of the chapters :/ I left on chapter 9 of Ready to Rumble in the WWE which to this day I still don't know why I picked a shitty title so I mean IDK... just too many things to correct... Like I said, they're all outdated, so I'll try to remember the old WWE. I haven't seen wrestling in like forever, no joke. and get through with what I can. I started on the next chapter for Only Love Can Break Your Heart... we'll see what happens from there... I'm sortta kindda excited ... I miss writing. Happy 2010 (:

Last Updated 02-06-09 @ 3:09 PM:

Ahaha. Gayyness. I forgot I had this for a while. Blehhh. Wonderful world of writing. Hmmm. I've been in the mood for writing. And reading. But IDK what to read. Writing? Ehhh. I get thoughts in my head here and there. It's just the matter of me putting them together. Still haven't seen wrestling. Oh well. It's rated PG now, isn't it? Ahaha. Gayyness. We shall see. I may write a chapter here pretty soon for Summer Love if I don't decide to work on my chemistry homework. uF. Good luck. Happy '09.

Last Updated 11-11-08 @ 4:56 PM:

Wow. Ahahaha, the other day, I was all, "What happened to my mail from fanfiction?". I realized that was on another email account. Ahahaha. So when I checked my email for here, it was all full, and I was all, "Yeahh. That's more like it." lol. (: I've been soo busy with school. No joke, no joke. Everything is drowning me and I have no room to breathe. Maybe the only time I have time for myself is when I'm in the shower or on the bus for band. But even then my mind is still running. I wish things will slow down so I have time to catch up with everything ): I haven't seen wrestling in ages now. I'm not fully aware of what's been going on. I know Jericho isn't champ anymore and Orton is back.. and on Smackdown, I'm just as clueless. I no longer have band practice on Monday nights, so I have the chance to watch it, but I'm stacked with homework so I forget about it. Like yesterday. Well.. I actually fell asleep :/ .. point is: I turned on the tv to watch The Simpsons and it was still recording RAW. I was all "Ohh look, RAW was on." It's quite sad. But I'll get back into it soon. Hopefully. I've realized how gay it's become :/ ... It's annoying somewhat because everybody likes everybody now so I can't have one guy to myself. Like Ken. -sigh- Oh well... So I got into Twilight. Edward is so dreamy (: I read Twilight too fast and I wanna read it again. I read New Moon too fast too. I read New Moon in a week. But the one thing that gets me annoyed is that Bella brings the same thing up over and over again. I'm like, "Okayy, I get the point!". Idk. That's just me. But Edward is so dreamy (: I would do a fic on Twilight. But I'm sure that's the big thing now. And I'm not a big fan of that kind of stuff. Idk. I thought of writing the other day. I was looking for my Degrassi stuff that I wrote wayy back when. I liked them. But idk. Idk if I'll get back into writing. We'll have to see. Ahahaha, I got reviews and fic adds. I was like, "Why are people still reading my fics??" Ahahahahaha fahreeeks.

Last Updated 09-02-08 @ 12:17 AM:

uF. I've been busy. had a friends quince like a couple days after my last update on here. then started summer band a week later .. school started last week and i'm already somewhat behind on my homework lol. ohh well. haven't been up-to-date with the wrestling world .. finally saw a full RAW today or yesterday if you wanna be technical about it because we didn't have school. kindda gave up on smackdown. i have foootball games and i'm too tired to watch it when i get home. idk. welll. idk when the next update willl come. just be on the look out. latez.

Last Updated 06-24-08 @ 1:29 PM:

ahaha i am the shizz!! i updated A Walk In My Shoes like at 4 in the morning!! yay yeah!!

i am pissed at the draft. i now have to start watching smackdown because: kennedy. JR. and triple h. bull. and cm punk on RAW?? omfg how retarded!! ahhhhhhh no me gusta >:/

Last Updated 06-23-08 @ 4:05 AM:

ahaha omfg i finally finished the new chapter for only love will break your heart!! ahaha :D.

Last Updated 06-11-08 @ 9:55 AM:

rewriting chapter 9 of ready to rumble... still trying to update only love will break your heart... writing next chapter for ready to rumble... idk how much longer. it takes me a while to write a chapter. so latez.

Last updated 06-08-08 @ 1:01 AM:

trying to update Only Love Will Break your Heart... tootlez.

Last Updated 06-02-08 @ (:51 PM:

wow. i come back and more than half of my profile is gone :/. just screw what i had written on here. it's not like i worked hard on it. what the hell has happened to this place?? ugghhh. whatever... yeah i got internet back at my house. yipee. for. me.

Last Updated 01-16-08

so yeah... still no internet... byee.

Last Updated 7-20-07 @ 3:54 PM:

wow its a shame of what has come of wrestling fanfiction. its... its sad. really.

Last Updated 7-19-07 @ 11:00 AM:

ok i got the internet bak at my house. still don't know if i'm gonna write... i'll update once in a while. ok. nice talking to yall. oh i updated my profile

Last Updated 6-25-07 @ 7:30 PM:

ermm... besides the fact that i lost internet service at my house, i am taking a break from writing fics. i've temporary lost interest in writing. i get depressed for some reason... idk. but when i get the feeling back i promise i'll come back. thanks. oh, -;@ RIP CHRIS BENOIT and his family @;-. on the positive side, at least he's with eddie. -said that with tears-. love you both.


About Me...

Okay, totally new about me! Updated for 2011 (:

I'm Mystiana; Mysti, or Misty is just as fine; I'm nineteenn; and I'm from Texas (:

I've been writing on this site since I was 12 lied to make an account, who cares, IDK the age limit on here anymore. My stories are all outdated because of my laziness, an on-going issue of keeping the internet on at my house, and my lack of interest to write.

As of December 2, 2011, I am a freshman in college c:

My fics are mainly wrestling. I have had thoughts about a CSI fic and a Degrassi fic. Don't know if either of them will ever happen.

Stay sweet,



John Cena
Oh my god.. me and Cena go wayyyy back :D. back to 2004 yo!. he is such a cutie with unbelievable wrestling skills. i really miss his "Word Life" days though :') ... \mm/\mm/.

Ken Kennedy
:D!! . i am honestly in love with kennedy!! no joke no joke. i was scared to go to his autograph signing monday (06-24-080 cause i was afraid i'd break down and cry lol. but i saw him at the rumble signings so i'm okay) :). ahh he's the first heel (well at the time he was) that i absolutely adore :). i'm happy the writers changed his character :D .. as of 09-02-08, i want kennedy to be a heeel again D'X. can't stand the fact that tooo many people like him. sorrry. i'm sort of stingy :

Eddie Guerrero
Eddie Guerrero. Latino Heat. i love eddie. he was (and still is) my first favorite wrestler since i first started watching wrestling. i honestly miss him, and i'm not gonna lie: i still cry over him. viva la raza -;@

Hardkore Divas
OMFG. i cannot express how much i hate some of the divas these days. i don't want the ones who are here for the money.. for the boobs and looks and their dancing and showing off their body capablities. i want the divas that wrestle!! i want the ones who are in it for the gold and care about wrestling!! lita. trish. even mickie james! and i'm gonna have to say this, but even beth phoenix. she is pretty and powerful at the same time. ROCK ON HOE.

LOL, all outdated. (7/09/11)

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