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Author has written 24 stories for South Park, Xiaolin Showdown, Azumanga Daioh, Penguins of Madagascar, Banjo-Kazooie, and Gargoyles.

Okie dokie, Folks. The name's Ashley, but I normally go by Halfhuman. Don't ask. :) DA account: Halfhuman007

Location: AZ

Likes: Good Fanfics, pretty/funny/cool/creative Deviations,food, fun things, clothes, shopping, cartoons.

Dislikes: Lima beans, Naruto, things that make me sad, cramps, fan-in fanfictions (for the most part), Naruto, people who think they can write, but, for the love of all things good, can't. They just CAN'T! Okay? And I hate Naruto. I. Hate. Naruto. I've watched some episodes (like, five random ones) and I can't stand it. The characters are ALL annoying, and unlike most shows, I can't relate to any of them. Like Twilight. I hate Twilight too. It's terribly written and barely developed, and the characters have NO real personality. Like Taylor Swift. NOT saying what Kanye West did was okay, cuz I hate him too. But her songs are really whiney and stupid. I'm not even overexaggerating to prove a point. They are actually ignorant. I've listened to the more popular ones on the radio, plus one I found on the internet that was on a CD or something. Her songs are written as if she stopped going to school at the age of ten. Because after that, even I, who lives in the fantasy world of her cartoon ridden brain, could have found multiple things wrong with her songs at the age of FREAKIN' TEN. Just like (last one, I swear) Hannah Montana. I hate her too. (Note, when I say 'Hate', I mean 'Strongly Dislike'. It's too much work to actually HATE something. When you hate, you actually have to put in effort to do it. To strongly dislike is like when you like something, but the other way.) Her songs are like "My life is so great, I'm gonna sing a song about it!" ...Well, that's nice the first three times, but after a while, you gotta do something for the soldiers or the dying or dead or something. SOMETHING for someone OTHER THAN YOURSELF! That's that.

Fanfics: 24 so far, go check them out! (How did I get so many? Well, it's not a lot, cuz some people have, like, 30. But still, I don't remember writing so many. I haven't even finished some of them...)

Favorite Shows: South Park, first and foremost. Family Guy, CSI: LV, Simpsons, Xiaolin Showdown, and only a few anime now (Wolf's Rain, the early seasons of Digimon: 1, 2, 3,; Full Metal Alchemist.) Penguins of Madagascar, How I Met Your Mother, America's Got Talent

Current Addiction: Penguins of Madagascar, Fanfictions, DeviantArt, Chack, Xiaolin Showdown, That 70s Show, South Park, Family Guy, America's Next Top Model (Again, don't care), ice-skating (I've only done it three times, but I've been told I'm pretty good.), and many abridged series. (Just not Naruto. I freakin' hate Naruto.)

Even the brave may depend on someone/The moon only shines with the help of the sun/And it's not as safe when you're walking alone/I'll walk you home... Walk You Home by Karmina

I am sooo open to suggestions it's crazy, but you should go ahead and say stuff anyways! Umm... What else?

My best and favorite Fanfic that I wrote so far is Since Second Grade. If you read it, you'll know what I'm talking about. Lots of chapters, lots of Jack (especially Jack's Attack), lots of great stories inside. Still running strong, even though I created it SO VERY LONG AGO. Despite the age, it's well written (for me).

I like to write, especially on my off days, and read too. If you have a story that needs editing or something, feel free to ask. I don't take much pleasure in reading alot of slashy stuff (THAT'S A LIE!! A DIRTY ROTTEN LIE!). Ya know, guyxguy, girlxgirl. It makes for bad indigestion (Well, girlxgirl is a little wierd. Not saying absolutely no, but I'm not saying I will be awesomely thrilled about it.). However, sometimes I find a real good one. Press your luck? Cliches are waaay bad for me too, but you know, whatever.

A/N: I've come to grow quite fond of Chack. How the hell that happened, I don't even know. Ehhhh...hhhhheeehhhhh...

A/N2: I was going to edit some of my stories, but I decided... No. Never mind. I'm to lazy for this. WTF...

Random quote: "Athena: Oh, what a lovely conversation! (sarcasm) Um... hey, Roz, now that you and J.J. have... you know, let's talk about it on this ride!" -- RP between Me and Ponytail30527

Anything else? No? Okay, well, then, I'll read yah later!

Less than Three, Halfhuman!

What Am I Doing?

Right now, I'm working on a few stories. I'm sorta reading them day by day to see which ones I should put up. I'll give you a little teaser of the ones I'm thinking of putting up, and if you want to, you can email me with suggestions or whatever. That's not to say that I will/won't take them. That's saying that I like GETTING them. See? I don't know why, but I just realized two of my new stories/chapters are based on time travel. WIERD. o.O

Most of the stuff I had here was either posted long ago, or forgotten long ago. I've got a whole new agenda, a while new line of things I'm doing in a whole new state and a whole new place, so.. yeah. It's a transition period right now, so nothing's going to be really... posted so far..

UPDATE! 09/11/09: Currently, I'm working on a fanfiction that should be out sometime this month, and I should be finished with it sometime soon. It's another Penguins of Madagascar one, so if you're looking for something else... My Xiaolin Showdown one is ALMOST finished, but it's about 9 pages per chapter, so that needs more work, obviously. My Gargoyles one is on standby because I'm stuck at one part, so I don't know much about that.

UPDATE! 09/15/09: Okay, so I'm done with OSaR, and I'm working on it's sequel. It's taken over most of any free time I have, plus some of the free time I don't have. I know, how'd that work out, right? Operation: Project HumEx Ultima is of questionable completion, as in... I have NO clue how many chapters I want it to have. I know how it'll end, and I have chapters 4 and 1 complete. Chapter 2 I'm working on, and chapter 3 is being thought of as I type (I know what I want to happen, I just have to develop it.) I think after this, I'll take a break and go back to Metal Mistake, since I still haven't done much with it. I don't even want to TOUCH Almost Paradise yet, because it's not... working... right now. It's seriously not turning out like how I wanted it to. I dunno.

UPDATE! 09/18/09: I hate the name of Part two of OSaR. If anyone can think of a better one on a whim, let me know. Other than that, it's mostly written. Still haven't started chapter three. Crap. Need to do homework... double crap. Well, today is a short day, and a Friday, so all the better to work on Fanfics. Yay.

UPDATE! 09/21/09: I finished chapter three. That took FOREVER! I had to watch Firefly to get some inspiration. Well, that should give you a hint as to what's going on in part 2 of OSaR. Now... to chapter 5. That might be easier than chapter 3 was. Ugh.

UPDATE! 09/30/09: So, I just posted OPHU, and so far, so good. I've only posted one chapter, but you can expect another one soon. I've also been thinking on what I should do next. It's bordering on "Take A Break" and "New Story". Though, if I do a new story, I'll need some help, and I don't know if I'll get it... It's kinda iffy. Well, whatever. I'll just... continue to wait. La-di-da. Or wait... did I post two chapters of OPHU? I can't even remember.

UPDATE! 10/22/09: Can't sleep, evil thing will eat me. Working on two new projects right now, I'm really excited to work on them. What are they? Well, you might see at the end of OPHU, but who knows. The end shall be posted probably sooner than later, as I'm finished with it right now. ALSO, it's midterm week, and the teachers (how lovely they are) have decided that now is the perfect time to give me a crap load of work, not just studying, but papers and assignments and other random stupidness. Also, since I'm easily distracted, I'm going to be very slow in posting. Or doing much of anything right now. And somehow, I've accumulated a social life, so... that's gonna take some time now too. I know, weird. Uhmm... Oh yeah. Looked through my two earliest works. Holy crap, they are SO BAD! I had NO idea how bad my writing USED to be, and now I know. I read the South Park one, that was HILARIOUS (reminds me of how funny I used to be.. where'd it go?) but the writing on it sucked! I misspelled so many things, and... it was just terrible. But I got a kick out of it, I didn't know I could be so comical. Read through some of my old favorites, and I'm proud to say that I know ALMOST each and every one of them, which is good. I have to say... I'm not the only lazy writer. People don't finish stuff all the time! Though it is sad when they don't. Ah, the old favorites. I honestly have a smile pasted on my face from reading them, they're just that awesome. Alright, I'd better go, I still have a thing to write and I have to wake up VERY soon.

UPDATE! 11/1/09: So I started work on a new story, Geeze Doumani, AKA The Family We Chose. Using characters Ponytail30527 let me borrow, Roz and Cube, we find out what family really means. I'll have a little bio of Roz and Cube up here soon (Psh, forget that mess...), so keep looking at my profile, it'll be awesome, you'll see. Other than that, I'm working on ONE other project (I promise, I really am working on my part.) and also school. I think this weekend was just what I needed to recharge my batteries. ALSO! I'll be posting up Monthly Story Winners! What this means is, I look at my traffic, and each month the top three get posted here. Mostly it's so I know which stories are great, and which ones I should work on.

UPDATE! 01/15/10: Okay, so I've been writing a bit. A lot. In my notebooks. During class and whatever. And I've gotten back to kinda where I was before in Geeze Doumani. So! I'm SO working on that, it's exciting. I'm pretty much done grieving over Stan, I think a month is the proper amount of time to grieve over a laptop. And I'm working on getting a new one, so... La-di-dah. So... Soon I shall get to typing up the chapters to Geeze Doumani, as well as a couple of new things that I was working on, including a (Penguins of Madagascar) story based on character death and family, and a story where Marlene's family comes from Japan to visit (That one will be humanized, and I'm super excited about it, not gonna lie.) If, by some small chance, you were looking for something else from me... Hmmm... I can try to update The Haunting (Xiaolin Showdown), but I got to a point where... I don't know where I was going with it, but it's not... taking off in the way that I want. I did upload a part of a chapter of a story (Nine pages people, I didn't skimp) for Xiaolin Showdown, and I could put that up here as well. As soon as I find out where I saved it. Hopefully I saved it on a stick. Thumb drive. Whatever. Gargoyles... That I know I have on a memory stick. At least I think I know I do. I'll look for it. And I'll post the first chapter. Yup, I miss my stories, what can I say? All that is going to be happening within the next month, if school and my friends don't rip me apart first! Look forward to some fun stuff, as well as a few good complaints! Until then...

Newsflash! 01/16/10: While watching Penguins of Madagascar today on TV, I saw a commercial for a new episode. That's right. Operation: BLOWHOLE is FINALLY coming to TV! It. Looks. Awesome! I honestly can't wait. Blowhole looks and acts like I thought he would, except he kidnapped Julien for some reason... that was weird. But Blowhole... Exactly like I thought he would be except for the fact that he didn't have that German accent. But whatever, I can overlook that. Can't wait to watch it, I'm SO excited! ALSO! The HumEx EXIST! Watch the commercial, the HumEx are REAL! The lobsters or crabs or whatever... HUMEX! YEAH! I AM FREAKIN' PSYCHIC! BOOYAAAAH! Anyways, HumEx. Blowhole. Penguins. Watch it.

Update! 1/20/10: Yeah, there have been a lot of these, but! Well, I need to say what's going down, yo! Okay, so here's what I've got so far. "Almost Paradise" will be up TODAY. "Metal Mistake" will be up TODAY. Geeze Doumani will be up NEXT WEEK. The reason for that IS... I just wrote the next TWO chapters, but I want it to sit so I can see if I can make it better. Also, I want to get ahead more. So there's that. I might update "Moondance" Some time in the near future, but I still haven't WRITTEN the actual parts for it, so it's still up in the air. I just know what I want to do with it. "Haunting" may be up THIS WEEK. And, if you care, I'm trying to work on my art and drawing, and get back to the level of awesomeness I used to be at. If you have any requests, I have a deviantart page, you can visit me at Halfhuman007 and drop me a line for a request there, OR do it here, I don't care. Right now, I'm not doing coloring, only because I can't find my stinky markers! But I will! ...eventually. I'm not good at animals, but I suppose I could TRY... Also, I found out who's playing the evil Doctor Blowhole in the penguins special... It's NEIL PATRICK HARRIS you guys! Have I told you I love him? Because I totally do. He's awesome.

UPDATE! 1/29/10: Okay, so I wanted to upload some stories. Like, two. Metal Mistake's next segment as well as Geeze Doumani. BUT... Well, the wonderful FFN uploader decided that I wasn't good enough to have my stuff uploaded. So here's what I'm gonna do. I will upload those as SOON ish as possible. And when I do, the polls will be reset. VOTE for the next one to be updated, and I'll do my part and update them once every... two weeks or so, if not sooner. So! Get out there, rock the vote, yadda yadda, and I'll see if I can't get this to work.

UPDATE! 2/2/10: I can't get back to sleep, and it's 5 in the morning. So I'm sitting at my computer till I get drowsy and can sleep for three more hours till school. Ugh. Anyways, I'm slowly working on my newest chapters of things... But I've also got school stuff to do too, so be patient, I'm not giving up. Again, voting in polls decides which story goes up next. Last time, it was a tie, so two chapters went up. This time... well, who knows, you still got a week left to wait. Well, a little more than a week, but who's paying that much attention. Questions, comments, whatever, drop me a line, you always can... Please review. I don't know if I'm doing things right because I get a lot of favorite stories or whatever, but... I like seeing reviews, they make me happy and give me things to think about. Sometimes they give me ideas for stories or make me go back and correct things. So... yeah. Review. Vote. And keep reading I guess.

UPDATE! 2/11/10: Well, it's almost time for me to update, that'll be tomorrow... Two weeks. And the first to be updated will PROBABLY be... METAL MISTAKE! OMG! Nah, that wasn't very surprising. So, thanks for voting, the poll will stay up until I post the next chapter of the story, around midnight my time or so, which is, like, 11 something FFN time. After that, I will be posting the other stories in order of most votes. So the schedule looks something like this:

2/12/10: Metal Mistake, Chapter 1 Part 3: Kimiko (That's right, boys and girls, some JackKim interaction. Not really a chapter for this pairing, but...)
2/19/10: Geeze Doumani, Chapter 8: Friendship... (I haven't gotten any votes for a narrator for this chapter yet, so... yeah. Come on, please, send me a suggestion.)
2/26/10: Almost Paradise, Chapter 1: The Pearl Gargoyle (This might be updated sooner than that, but it's a rough estimate.)
3/5/10: The Haunting, Chapter 3: Terror Time Again (Another one that may be up sooner than I predicted, but who knows. )

That's what's PROOOOBABLY gonna happen for the next month, after that is spring break for me, and I'm going to DisneyLand! No, really! Other than that, keep voting, keep reviewing, and as always, keep your head up! The days may change, I may go from seven days between to 4 or 5, depending on how I feel and the computer's touchiness, but... it's all good! Alright, see you next time!

UPDATE! 3/2/10: All I have left to post is the latest chapter of The Haunting. But I'm too tired to do it now. And I promised to wake up early tomorrow, sooo... yeah, not happening. Not yet. In other news, I'm ALMOST finished with Geeze Doumani. Which means that I had to get rid of some stuff, if you haven't noticed. If a story you liked is gone, or a chapter you were on is gone, then it probably wasn't relevant. SO close to being done with Geeze Doumani, I have, like... a couple of pages left to write, and then I'll be done. After that, I'm going to work more on my Xiaolin Showdown stuff, and MAYBE a couple POM ones that I said I would do. Though, they're pretty... graphic. Not all nice and fluffy and cute like my previous ones. Anyways, but all of GD is done, except for a page or two, and then I'll post the end and the rest of the story, AND the extra preview chapter! GASP!

UPDATE! 3/5/10: My stories have ALL been updated for March, so that's pretty cool! I really want to concentrate on Geeze Doumani, so that can be FINISHED with and I can move on to my next project and finish Metal Mistake. After that, I'll work on Almost Paradise and The Haunting, then whatever just pops into my head after that. That doesn't determine the update... dates, though. I will admit, GD will be my number one updated thing, and I'll try to update it every three days. Metal Mistake waits longer, because the chapters are longer and harder to work on for me, since I have to pay special attention to character interaction and continuity, and because it's been a while since I've seen an episode of Xiaolin Showdown. :D Anyway. I'm THREE pages away from finishing GD. That's the main reason I'm posting. THREE. STINKING. PAGES. I am a bit skittish for what's gonna go on those pages, because... well, it's the resolution of the story, the near end (I wrote the end MONTHS ago, so that's already done) and I don't feel... a hundred percent about working on it? I guess? I dunno, I'm super nervous about it, okay!? Uhmmm... so this week looks like a GD sort of week, with a GD update this weekend FOR SURE, and another update sometime midweek. After that is spring break, and I won't be on. Well, not updating anyways. I'm going to try to relax and get my tan on. Stares at her dark skin Let me rephrase that... :P If you're looking for another XS update, that won't happen until the end of the month, probably, I want to get ahead more with Metal Mistake and The Haunting, since I JUST updated it. Gargoyles... Eh... I might update it again soon, but that's doubtful, best to look for that at the end of the month as well. So! That's it for this post... And, as always, keep your head up!

UPDATE! 3/12/10: The last update before spring break. I still gotta back and eat something, if I don't this headache won't go away. I'm updating just about everything, except for Metal Mistake, because I'm not far enough on that one yet, and I probably won't be till NEXT month. So you can look forward to that then. Vacation time begins now, the next story update depends on... Viewers for the week, I think. So, I won't be on doing much of anything for a whole WEEK! Enjoy life without me. LoL, nah, I'll be around. Kinda. I just won't update. Anyways, have fun, read lots, study or party, whatever... just don't hurt yourselves, and be safe, true? See you next time!

UPDATE! 3/25/10: Wow, that was the funnest spring break... in a while. Actually, in a year. It was comprable to last years one. It was that fun. But you don't know about that. Anyways. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking: "Halfhuman! When is the next update of my favorite story gonna be!?" Well, here's what I'd say: "My dearest fan, I love you for asking me questions. Because without questions, we just have answers. And an answer without a question is a statement."

...Okay, I'll update. Eventually. I mean, okay... Metal Mistake will be updated in a few days, I needed to finish Geeze Doumani, which--DUN-DUH-DUNNN!--is now officially DONE! the crowd cheers Yeah, I'm awesome. So THAT'S gonna be up in a few days. The NEXT few days, actually. I'm too excited to wait. HEEHEEHEE. The Haunting is another one I need to work on, Almost Paradise is working around my brain, so I'll get to that... As well as a couple of OTHER projects I want to do, which I've mentioned in past updates if you've been paying attention. If you haven't, find them, and look at them. And see what I'm talking about. Other than that... You're in for a treat if you like my GD fic. You're in for a wait if you like my XS fics. And you're in for something if you like my AP story. Got all that? Of COURSE you do! It's past bedtime now, though, so I think I'm gonna post and go to bed. It looks so warm and inviting...

UPDATE! 3/29/10: Currently working on Metal Mistake, and I want to post something tonight, but I'm not sure whether to post Metal Mistake, Almost Paradise, or Haunting. I'll probably go with Almost Paradise, but I'm gonna have to look at it first. Anyways, I'm a little uncertain about the next few chapters of Metal Mistake, since they were written way later, and may not sound like... Jack any more. Also, I introduce a new character, one who'll be staying around in the story line for a LOOONG time. Probably permanently. So I don't know. I don't know, I can't tell yah, and I've got homework to do. I'm gonna go watch more Xiaolin Showdown, I need inspiration. ALSO! Remember that long time ago when I said I'd have biographies of some of my characters from my POM stories? Well... I DID THEM! Heeeheeehee!

UPDATE! 4/21/10: Updates are becoming less frequent as I go on further into my school career, however... I'm still trying. Stories are at a stand still, for probably the next two weeks until I can get my grades RIGHT where I want them to be. I miss my 3.14 GPA that I had in Utah. Being in AZ changes urvrathang. Either way. Other than that, I have started three new POM stories, two of which I'm sure are going to go somewhere, and one I highly doubt is going to even get off the ground more than it already is. I'd guess that it's about... what, seven pages if I spaced it out correctly? Here, let me give you a small overview of what's going on.

First up, we've got the N Diaries. Basically everyone is humanized and Navi, who just turned 19 is cataloging the event, and her and her families lives, in diary form (When I say family, I mean the Penguins and Marlene and the others). When I wrote this, I intended it to be rated M. It probably still will be. What can I say, she's a pretty active kid, and I don't mean sports. Well, young adult. She will be paired with Private, and at the beginning Marlene is with Skipper, but we'll see that change. I want this one to be a masterpiece, and it was, until Stan died. Who knows what's going to happen now.

Next, we've got 48 Hours. One character dies (I won't say which one) and the penguins (I won't say how many) have to come to terms with it. Another one that was cut short by the loss of Stan, which actually didn't cut it down too much. This one may be up soon, because it's only supposed to be three chapters. The first two days and the dead character's birthday.

Finally, my iffy work... Let me tell you this right now. If you're reading this, and you're interested in seeing THIS piece go up... LET. ME. KNOW. I will work my butt off to get it up, and to keep working on it, but right now, if it dies, I could care less. This last one is TECHNICALLY a crossover, but it won't be referenced as such because... one, cross overs get less reads and two... meh. So, crossover. Penguins of Madagascar and... are you ready for this? Final Fantasy VII. BEFORE you say anything: Yes, this is my first Final Fantasy VII story, period. Yes I have played the game AND watched the movie. NO, I'm not a stickler for details and could care less about time continuities because... REALLY? Do they even MATTER in EITHER of these universes? What I wanted to do with this one is have Marlene (because her name is Marlene and she's an Asian otter... get it? I'm racist.) take on her role (BT Dubs, this is humanized) as both Marlenes: The one from POM and Barretts daughter. (I'm not listening about her age and the time and all that, la la la!) Our favorite AVALANCHE gang from Japan goes to visit her (I'm cutting a few characters, but I'm not comfortable with them anyways), and havoc ensues. Before they go, they tell Marlene something important, and there's a big brouhaha, and then things happen. OOOOH! It got the longest description because... if I cut it... it deserves at least an honorable mention. If I don't, then it's going to be a while until anyone sees it, and it deserves to be put in the foregrounds of my memory for a while at least.

So, there you have it. My whatever's going on for the next few days... daily... thingy. I'm not gonna post anything until finals are over, so you're gonna be waiting until May, people. Get. Comfortable. I'll be around, reviewing, whatever, so... until the next time you see me. Questions, comments, lobsters... HEY!

PS: Almost Paradise will probably be the next one updated, but I'm not sure, because of a questionable character that brings up issues I don't want to deal with. It's nothing big, it's just continuity and loose ends to tie up.

Metal Mistake... I've got two chapters ahead of where you've read, and I do NOT like chapter six. I'll give you a clue and let you know it's supposed to be Chase's chapter... but it's got little to no Chase in it and it's got seven or eight pages in it. Which is why I'm slightly regretting adding a new character so late in the game: It makes for nearly rushed development and a LOT of OC insertion. Either way, I'm working on it.

The Haunting... I was going to put that up tonight, but I found some REALLY BAD continuity and plot hole problems, and... it annoys me to no end. I'm probably four chapters ahead on that one, but... man, I'm kinda annoyed. More or less. I'm running low on song ideas, I'm not sure how it was supposed to end anymore... I may have to kill this one.

UPDATE! 5/4/2010: I really should have studied or something. Oh well. Just a tiny little update this time, about my POM fic, Dolly's Dream, AKA Night of the Living Doll... This story isn't going to be influenced by the polls or anything, it's just something that I am playing with, that I need to get out because... let's face it, there aren't enough Doll/Rico stories. I have no idea how long it's going to be (I'm pretty sure I'm going to continue it) or how it's going to end (Though I'm pretty positive that it will be sad.) I hope you enjoy it, and if you want to get in touch with me about it or any stories, feel free.

UPDATE! 5/24/2010: So it's been 20 days since my last update, and I didn't even time this. For real. According to the polls, in the lead for a change is Final Fantasy Penguin: Sneak Peak. The thing is... since I wrote that, my computer got wiped (Again) and now I'll have to type it over again. It's not a big deal because I wasn't really working on it to begin with, so not much has been added, and I won't feel too terrible just typing it out, as typing is more like a relaxing exercise for me. Which brings me to my other stories. Navi's Diaries probably won't be seen because of the deletion. 48 Hours might, just because I think it's amazing and I have bits and pieces saved 'round the interwebs. Metal Mistake, The Haunting, and Almost Paradise haven't been worked on, so you may be seeing those as well. Though, again, those same things I said above are STILL hanging over my head. Doll's Dream is set to update on Wednesday, because I have it saved on a stick. So yay for me. I do want to write my very first M story for POM, and I'm pretty positive I want it to be a Marski... I just need inspiration. I'm not very confident with writing a yaoi, so to all my friends hoping for a SPECIFIC guyxguy POM story (you know who you are)... you may be waiting a while, but if you really want to see it, push me. I'll get there. There's one other story I have done that I want to post, which I didn't even remember I did until a couple of days ago, so that may be up soon too. Other than that, I have to get to class (summer school ftw...blah.) so I'll see you next update. Laters!

UPDATE! 6/3/2010: Hello minions! Tis I, the light of your life, here with another update. So, who wants the good news first? ...Okay. The bad news (laughs) is that I won't be here this weekend (mostly) to update any of my stories. (NOOOO!) The good news? I haven't really written anything to HAVE it be updated. Isn't that great!? ...Wait... those were both bad. Welp, my writing has been off recently, so... I apologize. I have about FIVE stories to do things with; four that need to be updated and one that needs to just be posted. And so, my friends, I'm going to just... post them all today. I expect LOTS of reviews, okay? Because... yeah. I enjoy them. After that, I'm going to try to do some music vids and stuff, mostly because I got new programs and am DYING to try them out on something. If anyone has any ideas for videos (I wanna do a POM randomness one), let me know. FFP will be shown this month, or at least I'll have the sneak peek trailer thing out this month, probably after I get back or something. So, have fun reading the four stories I've updated and the one new one that I've posted. That means: Two POM chapters, Two XS chapters, and one Gargoyles one. Holy hot damn. I just got an idea for a story... weird. In another note, I'm working on my M rated story, and with it, some art. I wanted to get it done last night, but I kinda... fell asleep. Heh. Anyway, without further ado, I'm posting my stories. Leave reviews, and I'll catch up with you more next week. Toodles!

UPDATE! 6/12/10: Hey y'all! Hope you're having a great summer reading fanfics galore and writing and all that. Just wanted to fill you in on where I'm at. Right now, I've got only one story I'm working on, mostly because, well, it's pretty dang awesome. It is rated M, though, so you younger kids will have to wait a bit to read it. My apologies, but I don't need anyone complaining to me about being traumatized for life. I'm hoping to get a chapter out in August, if I can make a chapter by then. Little by little, HH, day by day. So keep on the lookout for that, I don't have a name for it yet, but if you want, PM me a title suggestion, summary can be seen below. Other than that, Doll's dream is going to be updated on the following days:

Chapter 8: Doll's Advisor -- 6/15; Chapter 9: Doll's Last Chance -- 6/21; Chapter 10: Doll's Goodbye -- 6/26

I'm not saying anything more about it other than the chapter names and dates they'll be released. Not even if you ask me pretty please. Just watch and be amazed by the adventures, and review. Don't forget that. I neeeeed that. Anyway, other than that, by that time, I'll be moving/getting ready to move, so I'll have my hands FUUUUULL. If you're interested in that new story, my DA page and my LJ page, halfhuman0007, will have TONS more information. Until next time! LOVE!

UPDATE! 7/27/10: Alright, then. So, it's been a while. Fought some depression and didn't feel like writing anymore. Still don't. Too much homework and stuff. So, until the day I can pick up the... erm, keyboard... Everything's on hold.

UPDATE! 8/7/10: Okay... okay... GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! Okay, so remember when Stan died? And I had nothing, and was all depressed and sad and "boo-hoo, this sucks!"? Well... I got the info off of Stan! I got... I got the info OFF of Stan. I GOT MY STORIES EVERYONE! So! Here's what's going to happen. Here's what's up. "Navi's Journal" needs some tweaking and reworking, but I'm working it like I own it, and it looks pretty decent, and I may have a chapter up this month, MAYBE. Recall, it's going to be rated R, and PoM, so if you don't like it, don't read it. However, I'm proud of my little baby story, so it's going up. "48 Hours" is going up sometime in the NEAR FUTURE. It's still as sad as I remember, so... PoM again, and it's going to be rated T, I believe, but that's a strong rating. Some minor cursing, nothing too bad. "Avescentrum"... Well, that's still sitting pretty. Another PoM one. Rated R. I think I have more stuff for "Moondance" for PoM, but... Not sure yet. I found new stuff for "Geeze Doumani" too. I KNOW, That's pretty damn... just... woah. So I'll try to add in the forgotten stuff. And don't worry, all you fans of my other works... I didn't forget about you too. "Metal Mistake" for XS... Is BACK! *gets cheers from the crowd* I have eight pages for the NEXT chapter all up in this new computer, and it is DA BOMB! It's got lots more Chase, it's got more Jack and Toni interaction... it's got everything. So... yeah. There's a lot of stuff going on, I'm excited to show it all off... ESPECIALLY my PoM stuff because... I am SOOO done with the stuff that's being published now. I'ts not even funny. SO! Prepare for an onslaught of Halfhuman awesome!

PS: Operation: Search and Rescue... HAS A PART THREE! In the making, anyway. Navi (The polar bear version) has returned, and so has Hawkins, General Pole, Ultima, the Penguins, the Lemurs, Marlene's car, Dr. BLOWHOLE (Yes, he's BACK!)... AS WELL AS... ROZ, PEANUT, MARSHAL, ELLI--That's right, the mini's are in this new story... and it's going to ROCK. YOUR. WORLD! So! Keep watching, and cheer me on, I want some support, yo!

UPDATE! 9/11/10: A memorable September 11 to you all, and I hope you're having a very reflective day. I'd proudly like to say that today marks my one year anniversary of actually writing thoughts on my profile, at least once a month. Looking back, I can't believe all the stuff I started doing and never finished, or never stopped doing. It's been a long road for sure, but WE made it, folks. I have to include my fans and helpers and friends and supporters... everyone who's made a difference in my story writing and life. So, on this day of remembrance, here's who I'd like to give honorable shout outs to.

Evvie: Girl friend, you know you rock hardcore, and since the day I read your stories, I knew I'd end up loving anything you posted. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for posting that first story on FFN, because if you hadn't... well, I don't know WHAT I'd do!

Ponytail: Ah, where to begin with you... LoL, you know I kid. You know, at first I considered you a challenger to my Roz and Cube stories with your minis? Well, I mean, that was a completely different idea, but still. Anyways, considering how far we've come, I couldn't be HAPPIER that we're internet friends. Like I always say... KUDOS!

Dragongirlj: You know, that one story we have has yet to have an ending. Which I can live with. LOL. It was worth it just getting to know you, girl, and I'm glad I got another friend out of that. I hope you start writing more POM stuff again, that'd be great. Because, honestly... I NEED SOMETHING TO READ! XP

To the streamers, Axelfar, Quarksbar, Slothmonster, Ikslawok: Y'all know you're my peeps, and if I had a million dollars, we'd all be headed to Comic-Con together with Tsu and Kira of course (though I don't know if they have FFN accounts or not... meh.) So, to all of you... here's some love, because you mean OODLES to me and you know it!

To the POM people I idolize; There are too many of you to name! Just know that if I've ever commented on your story (stories) or favorited a story of yours or am watching you... this is for you: You guys ROCK my SOCKS! And are quite possibly the main reason I started doing this. So to you good folks... keep writing, and I'll keep reading! I love your stories, your work is always awesome... thanks.

To the XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN people I... now hardly talk to; Again, too many to name. Just know you're out there: Wow... this has been going on for YEARS, hasn't it? My love for this fandom has wavered a bit, and I'm now more or less not... as into it as I used to be, but I'm glad that, at one point in time, I was one of the few, the proud, the XS junkies. Thanks to you folks for not making me go it all my myself, and making me feel like less of a freak. :D

To my watchers/stalkers; Yes, YOU! You who made it all worth while, you who did everything you could to make writing the best thing I've ever done in my entire life: THANK YOU! This is for you. My entire archive of stories, both written and unwritten, everything I've ever doodled and sketched and scritched into little corners of pieces of paper... all of it. I'm so glad to have had fans in the first place, much less fans I could actually talk to and counter and write back to and challenge and depend on! That's the best part, I think. With everything that's happened along the way, all the stories and fandoms I've switched between... it's good to know that my fans/friends support is still there. So, to you weird, wild, crazy-ass people... Much love. For serious. Thanks for everything, you guys make this so worth it I can't even say. No words for it, trust me.

I'm glad to have had this opportunity and experience, through all the good writing and the not so good writing. And even through all this, it's never been... more fun... to have people to talk to, people who support my writing... people to count on. Everything comes down to what you all have done for me... and I hope I never see the end of what has been the most memorable years of my life. For at the moment I'm writing this, I have been writing for... years. My first story that I worked on to post, the South Park one that I think is utter CRAP, BTW, was written in mid-2006, making my first story on FF.Net just a little over four years old. However, FF.Net marks my joining the site on January 17, 2005, making my STAY here over FIVE years old. ANOTHER consideration is that when I was... twelve or thirteen or so? I don't remember, my early teen years... my best friend and I were writing stories and making up stuff for Harry Potter, when we found we both had an affinity for both that and DragonBall Z. Both of which I could easily get back into... or am STILL into. Point being, all of my failures and successes have steamed from YEARS of doing this... so to all you new people who think that you're going to make it awesome in this world of writing... just know that practice does indeed make perfect. It took me about 8 years to get to this point... but it was all worth it.

And so, to end this marvelous rant... at the bottom of the page you'll find my story awards along with the normal monthly winner. Please feel free to enjoy this, read the stories, re-read your favorites... send me messages about your favorites or your... nonfavorites? Hated stories. Whatever. I know some of you MUST hate on SOME of these stories, some of them ARE atrocious :D Have an awesome day, and remember: Keep Writing, Keep Reading.

PS: MY favorite stories are going up here too, sometime in the near future, with awards on them as well, such as best written and most re-reads (by me, of course), so keep an eye out for that as well, your story might make it up here.

UPDATE! 9/24/10: Hello, fellow writers, I hope all is going well with you. And if not, well, why not read a story, I've been told it makes people feel better. Just... not 48 Hours if you want to get happy, that ones pretty sad, I've been told. Go for TV Tropes 100 or... A Very Special Day or something. Or Metal Mistake! Ooh! Speaking of which... ATTENTION ALL READERS! This month has been my month of remembrance (which I haven't been doing much of thanks to those dastardly professors who insist on giving me tests and homeworky type things), and I've been remembering a lot. It's been FUN to just... look back and remember. And remember when I said that I could update a bunch of my stories and still be ahead? Well, I think I'm going to do that! So here's the deal, folks. Once again, there is going to be a poll, telling me which story to update, yadda, yadda. You can see it up there. But you won't be able to see the results. Why? Who knows! Seriously, though... just vote. It's gonna be pretty exciting and I'm going to try to update one story every week in October. Just because... erm... of... Oktoberfest. Yeah. That's it. So! See the results on October 4th, and DON'T forget to vote! Voting begins TODAY and ends October 3nd. 4 stories will be up for voting, and the one with the most goes first, then second most goes second... you get it, you're pretty fart smellers... I mean... smart fellers. ...Just click the button. And may the best story win! In conclusion... Keep reading, keep writing!

UPDATE! 10/17/10: DER DE DEERRRR! My readers! My friends! My fellow authors alike... welcome back. I'm glad you decided to stop by today, because I have something special to share with you. Do you want to know what it is? It's a little bit of a secret. Are you ready?

...Most stories nowadays suck. And that makes me sad.

Not to say that there aren't some talented authors out there, because I believe there are some really GREAT authors out there who I love! It's just... your stories really suck! Either their grammar is bad, spelling is off, the plot is tired, uninteresting, nonexistent or boring, your OC's are Mary-Sue/Despie characters and they're ALL the same and EVERYONE likes them and that's NOT interesting to read about, your summaries aren't that great to read or you just SAY you're bad at summaries which means that you're probably not all that good at WRITING either, and on top of all that, you're not getting any BETTER!

Now, this all makes me very sad. And I want to help. Take it from me, someone who's been writing for about nine years now. I've been on this site for shorter, but I've been writing since I was thirteen, and haven't stopped since. Not to mention, heh, oh yeah... I'm actually doing this for a living.

And. I'm. Good at it.

So here's the deal. I'm willing to take people on to help them get better. Because I miss reading GOOD stories! I love reading and I love reading your stories... but I can't stand reading BAD stories. Using text speak qualifies as BAD. Writing a Truth or Dare fic qualifies as BAD. Unless you're AMAZINGLY talented, writing in script form qualifies as both LAZY and BAD. Don't get me wrong, I've got my share of bad stories. My first South Park story was atrocious. I've only just now gotten into writing thicker plots and plot twists. And I still do have my share of hits and misses. But I try to get better. And I usually do. I wanna be able to help people get better so that way I have something good to read and you're like... an instant hero to... some people! Come on, this can only benefit you, true? As per usual, keep reading, keep writing.

UPDATE! 10/24/10: I have to make this quick, because I have to pee and sleep and write an essay. All within 24-ish hours. So here goes. *ahem* I'm done writing.

That's it. I'm done. I'm done with writing.

Not permanently, of course, because that would be silly.

No, dear readers, writers, and random refillers of the ocean, I'm merely taking a break from everything I've ever written, ever will write and ever should post/said I'd post... and I'm doing something else. I'm moving on to drawing. Why? There are certain times when I'm able to write like a master. And it pleases me. Other times, I can't write to save my life. During these times, I can draw with some of the... intermediate of them. Not best, but pretty good. I can't... I really... REALLY can't write anything that would sound even SEMI acceptable to my ears. So, for right now, I'm on hiatus. I'm going to focus on my art and pictures, and trying to get a tablet... school, homework... all that fun stuff. I'm sorry, guys, I can't keep writing if there's no feeling to it. My offer to help writers still stands, but I can't WRITE my own stories. The ideas don't come, and when they do, they sound like I was high or... other when I wrote them. Let it go, HH, let it go.


Rozalin: A young otter pup with the attention span of a goldfish, Roz is lively and energetic. She loves to fight and dance, once she learns how. Her fur is dark blonde, and her eyes are brown, like her mom, Marlene. There aren’t many things she doesn’t like, except for Marshal, who annoys her to no end. She DOES like to pick on him, though. Even more, she likes Prince J.J., but she would never admit it. She appears first in A Very Special Day, though she is younger and more surly.



Playdough? Really!? Okay, I'd support you having a Marshal-baby if you named it Playdough!

You're such a loser, Marsh-mellow!

Good-night, sweet prince.

Nevisaundra: Navi is your typical, navigational genius polar bear. Okay, maybe she’s not so typical. Very well adjusted to the military life style, she loves going on missions, especially when her best friend, Private, is involved. Navi is considered as dutiful, and always focused on the mission due to her military lineage. Her father is the penguin’s General Pole. If you’ve read The Rock Game, then you know about this blue eyed army brat.


If I ever find out you pranked me... I will chomp your bones like potato chips.

Marley, is this a sleep-over slumber party? Should I make poppity corn?

... Oh... poopy.

That's for being older than me, you jerk!

Cubert: This otter boy has the mind of a genius! In fact, he could be considered one of the greatest minds of the zoo. Too bad his social skills could use improvement to the highest degree. Sandy brown fur and lime green eyes make Cube who he is, along with a crush on a certain smart penguin’s daughter. He wears grey gloves due to a lab accident when he was younger. In A Very Special Day, he helped make his sister Roz’s birthday great.


Thanks mom. Why don't I just go as Elmo? NO!

Too... much... nitro-glycerin.

Why would you even say that?


HumEx Ultima: Dark, deadly and dangerous are three perfect words to describe Ultima, the greatest Human Extermination Unit ever created. Hawkins has complete control over her, at least for a little while, as he is the one who made her what she is. She inhabits Marlene’s body, and due to countless tests has telepathic and telekinetic powers. She can’t help being evil, she was made that way. The penguins fought her in Operation: Project HumEx Ultima.


Hawkins is back? No... He must be DESTROYED!

Don't I please you?

A woman's wrath is mightier.

I am Ultima. A HumEx.


Penguins of Madagascar:

Class Above The Rest -- ?? (Just got started on this one)

48 Hours -- 40 percent complete (I think I know where I'm going with this one.)

Navi's Journal -- ?? (Not sure where I'm going with this one.)

Moondance; Extra chapters -- ?? (Not sure where I'm going with this one too.)

Operation: Return -- 10 percent (Maybe, but...)

Xiaolin Showdown:

Metal Mistake -- 75 percent complete (I just got more new stuff... so yay!)
The Haunting -- 60 percent complete (Rough estimate...)


Almost Paradise-- 80 percent complete (I think I've got this one figured out)

Monthly Winners for October 2010

3rd Place: Since Second Grade (XS)

2nd place: The Haunting (XS)

1st place: Metal Mistake (XS)

Seems like a very Xiaolin Showdown kind of month! Not that that's bad, but still... More views equals your favorite story being a winner. Stay tuned!

The Halfhuman123 Story Awards!

Award for Most Read Story: Since Second Grade Xiaolin Showdown posted October 17, 2007. Written in my freshman year of college, this story has gotten almost 9500 hits on FF.Net.
Award for Most Commented-On Story: Since Second Grade Xiaolin Showdown, again! With 91 comments, I feel that some of them might've been hindered by my comment replies chapter :P
Award for Biggest Fail Story: Just the Two Of Us Xiaolin Showdown Posted January 2, 2007, this story has, like, two reviews. No faves, no alerts... this story kinda tanked hard.
Award for Biggest Success Story: Doll's Dream Penguins of Madagascar posted April 29, 2010. I love this one, for multiple reasons. There's nothing bad about it, and it's a cute story.
Award for Longest Story: Xiaolin Showdown: Dragon Djinn Saga Xiaolin Showdown is one of my babies. With 15 chapters and over 60,000 words, it's worth a read on a stormy weekend.
Award for Shortest Story: Fuhgeddaboutit! Azu Manga Daioh that story's just... woah. Ah... It's great, lemme tell yah, but... go give it a read!
Award for Most Fan Favorites: Metal Mistake Xiaolin Showdown with 20 faves... that's big shit for me. Considering I almost gave up on this story, it's still pretty great stuff.
Award for Fastest Finished Story: Operation: Search and Rescue Penguins of Madagascar Not counting one-shots of course... This one took me a little over a week to publish from start to finish. That's a little more than one chapter a day for you math freaks out there. But for that short amount of time... I'm very proud of it. Not to mention it has Navi in it!
Award for Longest Put Off Story: ITS A TIE! The Haunting AND Metal Mistake Xiaolin Showdown Both of these stories have been put off for EVER! It took me years to write Mistake and even longer to post it, and the same with Haunting. Even though I'm a chapter ahead with Mistake *That may be posted soon* and MANY chapters ahead with Haunting *I just didn't like where it was going, but I could post it, I didn't feel like it was ready yet. So there's that. Honorable Mention: Almost Paradise (Gargoyles) is WAY predated and is actually almost finished. I just have to work up the cajones to finish it for real. But I have so many chapters done on this story, I could have posted a chapter a month and still not be caught up to where I am.
Award for Story with the Best Original Characters: Geeze Doumani AKA The Family We Chose Penguins of Madagascar Not ONLY does it have MY favorite OC's, Rozalin and Cubert the otters, Marlene's children, but it also has THE best minis imaginable! Elli, Athena, Prince J.J., Marshal, Buttons, Maurisa... These guys have some great adventures, lemme tell yah, you don't even KNOW. You think you do, but when I say that Buttons is a prince and J.J. is telepathic... yeah. You don't know! One day, maybe, I'll share that side with you, with permission from Ponytail of course.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Behind Palace Walls by NeenaD91 reviews
Prince Vegeta has two goals that must go undeterred: Beat Freeza, and clean up his shitty ass Kingdom. He think he's making headway until someone he least expects comes along and reminds him to breathe: a concubine.
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 31 - Words: 246,331 - Reviews: 567 - Favs: 321 - Follows: 384 - Updated: 12/3/2017 - Published: 2/26/2010 - Bulma, Vegeta
Lessons From My Father by Xiomari reviews
(AU) Bra is a typical teenager, despite her unusual parentage. She has interests in fashion and social trends, leaving little time for Vegeta's "uncool" training sessions. But her peaceful lifestyle comes to a halt when her home is attacked. Sent back in time to the days of Vegeta's enslavement to Frieza, Bra must find her way back home and defeat those who had attacked her family.
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Family - Chapters: 23 - Words: 302,772 - Reviews: 467 - Favs: 324 - Follows: 361 - Updated: 2/8/2017 - Published: 5/10/2014 - Vegeta, Raditz, Nappa, Bra
Dagur Hicca M Stories by Kathryn Mills reviews
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How to Train Your Dragon - Rated: M - English - Fantasy/Romance - Chapters: 10 - Words: 33,229 - Reviews: 44 - Favs: 110 - Follows: 88 - Updated: 4/19/2016 - Published: 8/23/2015 - Hiccup, Dagur - Complete
The Canary's Secret by Marvelle Petit reviews
Fifteen years ago, Vegeta took Bulma in as a slave. Every day she plans on killing him. And yet, when it comes to make the final move, she finds herself unable to follow through. Does she have feelings for Vegeta after all? Or is she just confused by years of enslavement? (Read warning in prologue. A dark romance that turns to sweet by the end. Lemon in every chapter.)
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 22,111 - Reviews: 92 - Favs: 105 - Follows: 146 - Updated: 2/22/2016 - Published: 2/23/2015 - Bulma, Vegeta
Trunks' Mother by RedSmileyFace reviews
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Frights, Fights, and Freaky Nights by TakumaAngel reviews
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Kim Possible - Rated: M - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,533 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 27 - Follows: 2 - Published: 9/20/2015 - Drakken, Shego - Complete
Bulma's Gauntlet by Ultimate Lucy Fan reviews
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Reinventing Junzi by Rhyainn reviews
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