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This is Pumpkin and Squash, otherwise known as BeaumontRulz and hids. We are long time friends, fanfiction and Orlando Bloom lovers and some how manage to get into insane fights with no meaning but makeup in like five minutes (an example of this this is the "Four Eyed Freak Incident of '98). To explain who she is Squash is up first.


Hiya guys! I'm Squash (the hyperactive one). I'm in my late teens and I'm currently a Australian High School Student (though people have A) mistaken thatI'm in Uni or B) Presume I'm American)This is actually my first ever Harry Potter story (bounces in excitement) so yeah it's good to have a friend to help! (hugs Pumpkin) hehe I love to give hugs, I'm a huggable kinda person. Anyways yeah I ususally write/read X-Men Evolution stories so this is going to be a bit different for me.

To either learn more about me or to read any of my stories click below to:


And just to amuse you here is a list of boys in no particular order who I think are the best thing since chocolate moose:

1. Orlando Bloom
2. Ioan Gruffudd
3. Julian McMahon
4. Shane West
5. Jude Law
6. Oliver James
7. Matt Damon
8. Brad Pitt
9. Benjamin Mackenzie (a.k.a Ryan from the O.C)
10. Adam Brody (a.k.a Seth from the O.C)
12.Chad Michael Murray
13. David Boreanaz

If Gambit *a.k.a Remy LeBeau* and Avalanche *a.k.a Lance Alvers* were real people then yes, they would be on the list to. Alas as fate would have it, they're not. So that sucks.

Ok I read Pumpkin's bio and saw her little commentary bout me and I realized I didn't write that much bout her which makes me look bad! LoL nah it's only fair! We've been buds for about nine years *she was the first person I met when I moved from the US to Aussieland* and we've managed to be friends for like ages and ages. We fight constantly but it's always lathered in sarcasam and we both know we're joking (well I do, not sure bout Pumpkin *winks* see I kid I kid)

Here is a list of reasons why Pumpkin is awesome:

1. She likes cream cheese and bagals. Only cool people like cream cheese and bagals
2. She's been my friend for so long she knows all of my weird, stupid psycho moments and loves me for it *awww*
3. We can be both funny AND serious when time needed. We have our little D&M moments.
4. Only Pumpkin would like music ranging from Hilary Duff *die evil one die* to Story of the Year *weird rock band who are cool*
5. We've been friends for so long it's like we don't even have to try anymore! LoL

Now it's on to Pumpkin to tell a bit bout herself cause I'm too lazy to write more!


Hey dudes! I'm Pumpkin (the crazy and rather odd one). Like Squash i am in my late teens too...and waiting 4 the time i turn 18 so i can drink legally! lol notice the 'legally' part. In case u didn't read the first couple of lines (and i seriously doubt you didn't if you're reading this) i am Beaumont Rulz otherwise know as Alex who loves all of her reviewers! lol guys plz read the story that will be posted below. its pretty good, if i do say so myself lol.

well, u should know my pg thingy on ff- http://www.fanfiction.net/~beaumontrulz- tis on this site that u will learn more about me (careful...my bio is really, really long, althou not as long as some of the other ones i've seen...and mine isn't just random quotes...its useful stuff, like how scary the Grudge was lol) and u can read my stories.

ummm...i like bagals with cream cheese...mmm...cheesy cheesy creamy cheese. the way to my heart is thru the bagal or maybe cookie dough. yeah...mmm cookie dough. neways, enough about me rambling on about food.

I agree with Squash about the hot guys...see the best thing about us is that we think the same guys r hot so we'll agree on that at least lol. But we havent had a big fight since '98...and that's already been mentioned. I luv my Squash! she's a huge champ mate! hugz and bagals with cream cheese 4 her!

Oh, me and Squash are diet coke addicts...well, i can live with drinking the other stuff but we both absolutely love diet coke. hehe...GIVE ME COKE! lol...my dad wont let me have it at his house anymore cuz he says i have an addiction...which i do but i'm not about to tell him that.

Haha ok i just read Squash's bio thingy and realised she wrote more...haha...neways i shall now tell u more about her. She, like me, is a four-eyed-freak and we're both proud of it! lol. ummm...she's special and i luv her. lol. we're both takin ancient history...haha random fact there...well i should list reasons why she's awesome too!

1. Well, again, she loves bagals with cream cheese. and yes, only cool ppl like that so if u like them then ur cool! lol
2. She has weird psycho moments but they're amusing so i love her 4 it! lol
3. She understands me. Not many ppl do. its good to talk to her. *wipes away tear* I LOVE YOU SQUASH! HUGZ! lol
4. she knows i like odd music and accepts it...haha i find music amusing.
5. She's one of my bestest friends eva and i wouldnt eva trade her in!

Neways, now that you know more about us we hope u love our first story together! We love reviews! and we want them! will bribes with cookie dough work? hehe.

Love from Pumpkin (the crazy one) and Squash (the hyperactive one)

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