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Huzzah! The second chapter has been freshly revamped and completed!

After experiencing this re-write and the fresh potential that I have found for world-building, one of my new goals now is to drill deeper and emphasise alot more world-building in my revamped story. I want to try best to achieve a fully fleshed out re-interpretation of Unova's world - particularly its lore and cultures - and create a grand-scale epic for everyone here.

The thing is... after having written half a million words in my old story... I feel confident and ready to achieve that goal.

Even so, I am far from a perfect human being. That is why I hope to hear from all of you out there. Feedback is always warmly appreciated, and I am more than happy to answer any questions/queries you might have, or even just to have a normal conversation about writing and/or pokemon. I enjoy a good back n' forth discussion.

Name: The name is Seanic Blue-Blur, but you can just call me Seanic. The pun here is on the word "Scenic", as I love distinctively visual elements in writing. Also, yes, blue is my favourite colour of all.

Age: 24.

Gender: Male.

Location: Rural mountains of NSW, Australia.

Birthday: January 5th.

Current Occupation: Graduate as a professional Exercise and Sport Scientist.

Likes: Playing my favourite video games. Physical training for greater strength and health. Researching the human body and exercise. Various approaches to Nutrition and, most importantly, brainstorming and writing my stories. In addition, Constructive Criticism and feedback, theorizing and speculation.

Dislikes: Mindless criticism and bashing of other opinions. People who jump to conclusions, particularly inaccurate and misleading conclusions. Trolling and arguing for the sake of hurting other people. Spam. Anything else that does not inspire thoughtfulness.

Favorite Games: Pokémon, Mario, Sonic, The Legend of Zelda, Ace Attorney. Fire Emblem.

Favorite Song: Lost in thoughts All Alone (by Rena Strober).

If you guys have any questions, feel free to leave me a PM and we can have fun with discussions and exchange of ideas! I do try to respond to reviews and answer various questions and inquiries, so I also like to do a mailbag when I release a new chapter of my fanfic, but I also respond via PM.

Favourite Pokemon (in no particular order):









My story:

Death and Rebirth of the Inspirer.

Book 1 - New Memories of the Best Wishes (Currently re-writing old content).

Book 2 - Ancient Origins of Unova (first chapter in progress).

This story was previously titled "Inspirer", but a glitch and subsequent corruption in the site caused my old story to be deleted off the site. However, rather than giving up on writing altogether, I decided to salvage the content of my old story and try again.

This is the inspiration behind the title "Death and Rebirth". My old story died as a result of uncontrollable circumstances, but I have decided to resurrect it underneath a new title. Just like Hoh-oh the legendary Phoenix that died and was reborn, so too I want to try again as a writer.

This grand-scale saga directly follows the anime continuity by picking up from the end of the Sinnoh Saga. After this loss in the anime, Ash and Pikachu take a different route as an alternate follow up. Having originally reunited with all of their pokemon and human friends friends up to now, Ash and Pikachu were initially taking time off at home to catch up and research ancient mythologies, while Ash specifically is re-thinking on the meaning of his dream and what exactly it means to be a Pokemon Master.

However, a calamity drags them into the Unova Region, and it through their trials and tribulations of its many mysteries that I am going to define them as a leading example of what it means to be a pokemon master. My alternate take on the Best Wishes anime saga is for every fan of the pokemon anime who has wanted to see Ash grow up and advance. Not just as a pokemon trainer, but as a human being.

This story is my personal magnum opus of my creative ability, and I view it more so as my own personal journey. I never see myself as a master who has finished his training, but rather as a student who always seeks to learn more important themes and lesson for the future, and that is especially the case with my writing here.

Each "Book" is essentially a saga within the story. The idea for the title "Inspirer" is meant to encompass all of these sagas underneath one overarching theme, that of Ash's life growing up into an adult and how exactly he will re-define the meaning of a Pokemon Master for his new generation. In that sense, each saga is a piece of that growing up period.

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