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November 1, 2019

Greetings, everyone!

My name is SaiyanX or NWSaiyanX in my DeviantArt and other social media.

I am a Mexican user, and I do write a couple of fics and do some drawings. I’m not good at either, but I’m trying my best.

If you see my profile fics, you’ll know that I am an old user (both in age and time since I have opened my fanfiction account), and that I only written on something.

My main, and only, fanfic is named “The N-Warriors”, and it show the origin story of Alan, my main OC (And self-insert, yes I don’t care), into his own story in a Yu-Gi-Oh! like world, and then his quest across several worlds, kind of like Kingdom Hearts, with heroes and villains from other series appearing in the story, as galactic events force them to join forces or fight against each other.

Back in the late 90 and early 2000’s, there were many Spanish fanfics about several universes and animes joining forces against a new evil. They were quite popular in Spanish forums.

My fanfic, the N-Warriors, is one of that. A massive multicrossover, where I use themes and characters from several series. Want to see Mario and Sonic join forces in something not related to Smah Bros? Want to see Ash Ketchum and Tai Kamiya fighting side by side against the machines from the Matrix? Want to see the Battlecruisers from Starcraft battling the Reapers from Mass Effect? Yeah, something like that.

I worked on that fic from 2005 to 2011, before I stopped because of lack of motivation… and because in dA, I started the ‘Solar Girls’ Proyect. I’m still doing it, but I think I can do both, so I will continue.

However, my fic is in Spanish, and after reading it, I am no longer comfortable with some of its stuff… so, I will rewrite it… in English, because I feel my base is now bigger in English.

So, I hope you like it, or at least not hate it.

So… what do you will expect in the fanfic?

Well, my fans back then told me that the fanfic was kind like a "shounen anime", so... I hope I can do the same.

As you know, shounen anime has battles, epic stuff, music (can’t do that for obvious reasons), and some perverted situations (not too raunchy, just the typical fall face first into boobs or open a room full of women changing clothes, immediately followed by the male character being send into space by a megaton punch from the tsundere girl. Also, many of them are 16 years old, like normal anime. NOTHING TOO EXPLICIT WILL HAPPEN TO THEM UNTIL THEY ARE OVER 18!). You know, the usual shounen stuff.

Here is a ‘synopsis’ of the ‘Episodes’ of my fanfic:

The N-Warriors, Episode 1; Shadow Realm Saga:

In a galaxy far away from ours, on the other side of the universe, a great war between gods is about to start. The Galaxian Wars are a conflict that happen every 10,000 years, where several gods that rule over entire galaxies and entire civilizations. Several of these gods try to expand their territories and rule over other galaxies, and after their 10,000 years of slumber, they return to fight once more.

The Ninverse, a neutral galaxy, ruled by the Gods Chaos and Balance, will suffer several attacks from other gods and civilizations. As time gets close, they need to reincarnate, and take the body of some mortals as their vessels, to completely awake. However, there was a problem… Chaos didn’t reincarnate in the Ninverse galaxy…

Meanwhile, in the Milky Way galaxy, there was peace, as this galaxy never fought against any other one. However, in the year 2001, several strange events are happening on planet Earth. On the third week of these events, a young man named Alan, and his cousin Reed, are transported into a world where the creatures of the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game exist. This world, controlled by 6 elemental crystals, is on the edges of chaos, as the crystals are being broken and the balance of the world is at stake. Alan joins forces with a Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, and a Skilled Dark Magician, to save the world, while searching for his cousin Reed, who went missing after arriving in this world… known as Regno Tenebrae… or better known as…

The Shadow Realm…

Status: Writing (Reborn!)

I DO have to have to say, that I plan for later parts of the fic to have some ‘harem’ themes. If you follow me on my Deviant Art, you’ll see what I mean. Not too much, but eventually it will become like that. Also rated M for some themes in the future.

Follow me on my deviantArt and see what I can draw. Not much but okish work.

I also have another story, named ‘PokeCard Captor May’, a very old fanfic that my cousin and I wrote. It’s on standby, but I plan on rescue it later… I hope.

Well, that is all. I hope you like my fanfic, and take a look at my work… also no steal, please :V

See ya!


Oh vaya… mira todo ese polvo.

Ha pasado ya MUCHO tiempo (unos 8 años, al parecer)

Disculpen por haber dejado el fanfic incompleto, pero en aquel entonces perdí las ganas de escribir, y por eso ya no le podía seguir. Aparte de eso, por ese momento, empecé a dibujar en digital, así que perdí aún más mi motivación.

Sin embargo, en estos meses, gracias a varias combinaciones de eventos (nostalgia golpeando fuerte, un par de amigos pidiéndome que escriba de nuevo, las ideas y diseños de personajes de la serie de RWBY aunque no he visto esa serie), me han motivado de nuevo para escribir así que… bueno, empezaré a escribir de nuevo.

Sin embargo, viendo de nuevo el fanfic, noté que tiene muchos errores, y no le puedo continuar así.

Es por eso que… he decidido reescribirlo por completo.

Y no, no es como los “Final Mix” que estaba actualizando un poco las cosas. Esto es una rescritura POR COMPLETO. Si, los eventos en el fanfic seguirán siendo los mismos, pero habrá nuevas situaciones, poderes, y personajes nuevos… y algunos desaparecerán… como varios del Episodio 4, que no aparecerán o aparecerán antes. Será un cambio por completo de escritura. Obviamente, habrá cambios en ciertos eventos, en especial con algunos de Pokemon y eso.
Otra cosa… la reescritura la estoy haciendo en inglés.

Lo que pasa es que he decidido que mi historia sea vista por otros, y ahorita en Deviant Art tengo mucha gente que escribe en ingles a diferencia de español, así que decidí reescribir en inglés.

“Pero Saiyan! ¿Por qué no escribes en español y reescribes en inglés?”

Porque tomará MUCHO tiempo hacer eso. Es como escribir un capitulo dos veces. Si de por si el fanfic me tomó 5 años, hacer eso me costaría el doble, así que… no puedo hacer eso.

Eso sí, ando buscando alguien que me ayude a traducir cada capítulo. Y no en traductor google, por favor. Saben que eso no traduce bien, aunque te da una ayuda de qué es lo que dice en general, pero en si no traduce muy bien.

Entonces, he decidido escribir en inglés. Aparte, quizás pueda hacer algunas ilustraciones de algunos personajes que saldrán en el fic, ya que ahora puedo dibujar… más o menos.

Disculpen que haya tomado esta decisión, pero espero puedan seguir leyendo el fic.

También visiten my DeviantArt. Dibujo un par de chicas y ando con el proyecto de las Solar Girls… que son el futuro harem de Alan :D //shot

Bueno, nos vemos!

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