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Dark Interval


Writer, doer, dreamer

I'm a loyal Star Ocean fan, particularly the third installment, and as such that's what I mainly write. If it's not obvious already, I'm absolutely in love with Roger S. Huxley. I have way too much love for him and the kids of Surfeiro, and because I don't have the patience to wait around for more stories about the adorable Menodix, I've taken it upon myself to write him into justice.

Generally, I have a list of Star Ocean fanfic ideas in the works, but I'll be focusing my energy on "Beauty of the Beast" and "The Stars Told Me So". I might post other stories in-between, but don't bank on it. I'm not exactly a brilliant multi-tasker and I'm not one to compromise on my standards of writing. As a woman of many kinks, I've a penchant for rare pairings and I mainly write for male pairings. My current OTP is Albel/Roger.

My updates are generally... sporadic. If I don't update, I'm either uninspired or dead. I would never abandon a story without indicating near the last update date, so not to worry. I will do my best to update once a month, but in the event of school, I will update when my schedule frees up.

Feel free to give the following a listen if you're curious about the overall mood of my stories:

Playlist for The Stars Told Me So

Playlist for Beauty of the Beast

Playlist for OTP Albel & Roger

You can also find me on:

AO3 @darkinterval

Instagram @cosmic_decadence

8tracks @darkinterval

On collaboration:

If you wish to collab with me, feel free to drop me a PM. I'm friendly and I don't bite. I'm always game for something different and I enjoy working with other writers to both improve and for the sheer fun of bouncing ideas off each other. Also, writing is my life, so I never see it as a burden. Do indicate in your message what series you wish to work on and a general premise of the project for me to get a sense of where you're coming from. I've my fair share of experience with most genres, though if it's a series I'm unfamiliar with my consent might be circumstantial as it depends on how much time I have on my hands to get acquainted with it. Of course, if the series is something I know and even better, that I'm very familiar with, then the process will be a lot smoother. Series' are not restricted to games. I'm familiar with my fair share of cartoons, anime/manga, movies, and books.

Please do not be discouraged if I decline your request. I have reasons and they would normally revolve around time constraints, or in the rare case, something I personally don't feel confident about portraying. Also, if we are to collab, I expect equal contribution as I do not believe in one person shouldering the writing load while the other party simply throws ideas. Trust me, I have enough ideas exploding all over my notebooks already. We brainstorm, plan, write, and edit together - that's my condition.


Someday My Prince Will Come

Status: Discontinued

This was my very first fanfiction and I regret to inform you that it has been permanently discontinued. I have no plans to revive this because I personally cringe every time I even attempt to edit it. It was an old piece of writing I was initially very proud of, but now not so much. However, I really appreciate all the support this story has received during its run. I have grown as a writer though, so if you miss my old work, do check out my current on-going story.

Meet the Huxleys

Status: Complete

Written on a whim during my travels. I wanted to churn out something light-hearted in comparison to my on-going story. Something exotic, especially if 'opposites attract' tickles your fancy. After all, who are more different and mismatched than Albel the Wicked and an innocent, hyperactive Menodix?

The Stars Told Me So

Status: On-going

Book One in "The Stars Told Me So" series. A retelling of the game focusing on the events in Elicoor II, the three main Elicoorians, as well as Fayt and Roger's relationship. I will be delving deeper into the politics of Elicoor II with added original elements on my part, especially regarding the inclusion of the humanoids from the Sanmite Republic. I'll be taking a drastic spin on the war situation, as well as twisting familiar scenes in the existing game. There is also an alternate take on the weapon debacle and the political positions of the different nations. The Fayt/Roger/Albel love triangle will be explored heavily in this story, mainly because I enjoy niche pairings and I've always wanted to delve deeper into the Fayt/Roger pairing. Certain characters will be given the limelight in terms of background story, Albel being one such example. What really fascinates me about this game is that they leave background stories and personalities very open to interpretation and I do enjoy adding a personal flavor to such things. Many things will look familiar to you, but even more things will look very unfamiliar to you. This is an ambitious project on my part and I hope to be able to see this through until the end.

Reviews are always appreciated.

Beauty of the Beast

Status: On-going

A dark fairytale loosely based off Disney's "Beauty & the Beast". This is something I came up with on a whim and have posted a prologue as a means of testing waters. It's a pretty mature piece, so if you're looking for a light-hearted parody, then this probably isn't the story for you. This story is slash and its main pairing is Albel/Roger (perhaps my new OTP).

Reviews are always appreciated.

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A mistake forged in blood. A dark curse of nine torturous years. Doomed to walk the land as the very creature he wronged, a fallen prince pays the price for his vanity. But having never known love for all his life, will a chance meeting with a young orphan boy be enough to save Albel's heart?
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