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Hello there awesome people!

My name is Nahilla, and if you happen to have found my profile, I thank you for even considering looking here. I'm currently learning how to write by reading other talent-filled writers' fanfictions, and by drawing inspiration from my own experiences.

I will mostly be writing/dreaming up fanfictions about Harvest Moon as I am a HUGE fan of the games (although I'm too shy to admit it to my friends). But that doesn't mean that I won't write about other stuff! But while the longer stories may take MUCH longer to write and upload, I will also be writing one-shots that will plunge into the minds of characters from movies and shows and maybe books. I hope for this website to be my outlet for opening up my imagination.

Some random stuff about me:

•I am very introverted. Don't think that I hate you if I'm sitting by myself in the sun. Please.

•I absolutely LOVE to draw. Mostly it's fanart for movies or games or crossovers, but if your fanfiction finds its way into my thoughts, you can catch me drawing your characters! You can find me on DeviantArt as OceanEyes831.

•I like to sing, but it's not a major profession of mine. I just do it alone in my room and in the shower. Guilty.

•My Shows Watched list includes Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls, Over the Garden Wall, Avatar the Last Airbender, and The Legend of Korra. But Avatar will always be my favorite. I'm current awaiting the fourth season of Star vs the Forces of Evil.

•I think my spirit animal is a dog. I really like certain sports, I'm pretty supportive and protective of my friends, some people consider me a "good girl" (I'm not sure how to take that), and yes, I love sitting in the sun (if it's cold out).

•My favorite ice cream is Cookies and Cream. Seriously, I could eat at least a whole pint of that grey goodness.

•I get deja vu very often. Sometimes in dreams as well as real life.

•I don't know how to ride a bike. Yeeeeahhhhh ... it's kinda sad.

•I think I'm slowly becoming ambidextrous. I don't know why, but I'm using my left hand more and more often.

•I love love love to sleep. Not because I like the feeling, but because I love to dream. I want to remember every single one. Sometimes I wish I could stay inside my dreams as long as I wanted without time passing in the real world.

•I love inspirational quotes and songs; honestly, they're the very things that are getting me through high school and keeping me happy.

Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy your time here!

Carpei Diem

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