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Allrighty then... What to say about me... It's hard to choose just one verb, I'm cunning, courageous, intelligent, sassy, humourous, gorgeous (no seriously I am)...Talk about concieted. OUCH! Where was I... I'm B-E-A-Utiful-y fantastic. How am I feeling at the moment, I'm SUPER FANTASTIC, thanks for asking. Okay, down to business.

In truth, I am not the only author, my siblings and I join our humour and crazy creativeness (Is that a word, creativeness... it is now) into awesome, funny, kick arse stories, or fan fic's what evs. In the long run I do the all the typing and putting the whole thing together. They mostly just pitch in ideas and read over my shoulder.

So as we get down into formalities... that's the word right? Meh! My names Jack, sibling number one's name is Rini, and sibling number three... man who cares. Is that really his name... well no, no it's not but I don't like him right now. Why? You ask... sibling number one or RINI what evs. Well it's because I don't like him right now.

Rini: That doesn't answer my question.

Jack: What evs (Rini slaps head in frustration)


Rini: Anyways is not a word Jack, in no way would anyway have an s on the end of it... That's just dumb. (Jack turns head and looks at Rini, slyly)

Jack: Your dumb...anyways (Rini rolls eyes)

What else does a profile consist of. Lets see... What is my last name? Hmm? (Shrugs) Who cares! My birthday... Well I can't say it was a happy day... the day ceaser was stabbed. I gues thats pretty cool. March 15th Baby! Ah yeah! I'm 17 now cha cha's.

Jack: Rini... how old are you? Now? Your birthdays like near Christmas. You were like twelve for five years.

Rini: I'm fourteen

Jack: Your still twelve to me.

So... the other one,

Rini: The one you hate right now...

Jack: Yes, what is he... like five.

Rini: He's eleven.

Jack: Sure... sure he is. That's what he wants us to think. He better bring me back some crunch bars. (Rini rolls eyes)

Kay... what next? Oh right what country do I live in? Let's see eh? That would be CANADA EH! I never noticed that we Canadians really do say eh all the freakin time. But what ev's What state/province do I live in? Well obviously it's not a state. I remember this one time. An American was visiting and he asked me, how many states you guys have? We have 52 states in AMERICA. I was like ah yeah, well we got 57... beat that bitches. States? what ev's. No seriously... I live in ONTARIO. "Ontario a place to grow, a place you know and love. " Stupid commercials. Like people wanna come to Canada, Ontario of all places. people from Ontario wanna get the hell out. That's why they go to B.C. it's on the other side of the freakin country.

My religion... no comment.

My hero's... well, Rini likes Batman, and Spiderman, I've gotta go with Dora the Explorer. Come on, her and that back pack... teaching me spanish and what not. That's what got me through Spanash class. I was like "yah I watched Dora the other day... and I learned this new word. They were like, what was it? I'm like Ola... wanna know what that means... hello. Obviously." Yah good times, good times.

Jack: Hey Jon's back...

Rini: The one you were hating!

Jack: Yah but I don't hate him anymore... he brought back crunch bars. Yay (Jumps up and grabs chocolate out of Jon's hands) Yummy!

Mmm! CRUNCH Good chocolate.

Okay... What are my interests? Um. I like Crunch. I like chocolate milk, I like cereal and chocolate milk. I like sports. Soccer. It's World Cup season. Go Brazil, Portugal, and my home England. I like TCBY frozen yogurt. It's good. I like anime, and reading stuff. Stuff is good.

Jack: Jon, go get me a pop

Jon: No!

Rini: Go get my bag so I can see if my wallets in it.

Jon: No I'm not your slave! (Rini back hands him across the head)

Jack: Jon, go get me a pop! That would be nice.

Jon: No please just stop.

Jack: Pop, I wanna pop.

Jon: Shut up!

Jack: I'm thirsty, Jon, go get me a pop... pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!

Jon: NO... just continue.

Jack: Rini go get me a pop. (Jon falls on floor laughing, Rini laughs at how stupid Jack is while Jon pulls himself back up onto the chair.)

Jon: Just go

Jack: But I wanna pop.

Rini: Shut up about the pop allready, no ones going to go get it for you. (Jack gets up in defeat and gets a pop)

Jack: Fine! You both can go to hell.

Jon:See you there!(jack goes down stairs and rini and jon wait...and wait...and jon says)

Jon:Shut up! Jack's back!

Okay where was I... What are my expertise? Hmm... there are so many...

Rini: Your an expert at being dumb. (Jack pushes Rini off chair, and Jon laughs at her. Rini than punches him in the face and Jon flips her the finger. In the mean time Jack watches and drinks pop.)

What are my favourite shows... Rini has too many... she's stupid.

Jon: and a loser. (Rini doesn't no what to say)

Rini: Oh yah, well I don't care. Being a nerd is cool (Jack raises eyebrows and nods head trying not to laugh)

Jack: Right... well...

Rini: What are your favourite shows Jack?

Jon:What about me, don't I get to say what my favourite shows are?

Rini: No, nobody cares about you! (Jon punches Rini in arm) Ow... that's gunna bruse.

Okay my favourite shows... Lost with Jack because he's cool, 24 with Jack, because he's cool.

Rini: Your only saying those shows because the main characters name is Jack.

Jack: Oh Come on... Jack's pretty cool.

Rini: Yah, but not the one I see before me.

Jack: Ouch! (Jon grabs the keyboard)

Jon's, that's me... favourite shows... I like Lost, Dragon Ball Z, good times, good times, Family Guy, Family Guy. (Jack tries to get keyboard back, Jon flicks Jack, Jack falls to floor.) I learned super flickin powers from Vageta from Dragon Ball Z, good times, good times. I like Fire, explosions, I like guns. Jonny like boom. (Jack tackles Jon to the ground, Rini laughs and takes the keyboard)

Now that the more sensible one has control (Rini looks to her left and sees Jack and Jon rolling around in pain) I would like to talk about the shows I like... Naruto, bleach, fullmetal alchemist, azumanga daioh, school rumble, yakitate japan, cowboy bebop, samurai champloo, paradise kiss, chobits, ranma 1/2, kenshin, DNAngel, FLCL, wolfs rain, card captors, sailor moon, dragonball, dragonball z, Digicharot, digimon, pokemon, Escaflowne, gundam wing, eureka seven, fruits baskets, gravitation, one piece, prince of tennis, saiyuki, tsubasa, whistle, trigun, hellsing, and full metal panic oh and viewtiful joe... House and 24. (Jon wins, and pushes Rini out of the way)

Wow that's a lot... I like those too. It says Dragon Ball Z... good times, good times. (Jack eventually gets up and shoves Jon off the chair, taking over the keyboard)

Sorry about that folks, where was I... places to see before I die...

Jon: Before we die. (Jack looks behind back at Jon, and shakes head)

Like I was saying before I die... The Carribean, Australia, Africa, The Pryramids, Jon would like to go to Narnia, and maybe see the North Pole, He'd like to hunt those goat bastards like Mr. Tumnus. What ev's man. Right...My favourite music, Rock, all rock, all the time, Rini likes light metal, or metal (Jack looks over at her and shakes head) Sorry soul. Aerosmith rocks. Rock on. Jon likes... ACDC got to love THE AC DC. Thunderstruck. Rini's an ass.

Jon: I know.

Rini: My god!

Jack: I know... such a big one.

You got to love Disney man... Who could hate disney. I watched a movie in Media, It was all about hating Disney who could Hate Disney man? Come on. You gotta love that mouse man. So down to business, our Fan Fic's...

The World of Naruto - the one you have all come to read and love. We sure love writing it. Events to come... Kankuro's pool party, Kankuro's messed up dream. Shikamaru gets jelous. Orochi and Zabuza... what the hell? Lee gets closer to Sasuke... Oh my gosh Spoilers.

Oh and the other ones... what ev's who cares.

Read and Review mates. Thanks,

Peace Out!

Jon: Good times.

Jack and Rini: SHUT UP!

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