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i luv trunks and 18 they are my favorit couple. They are so perfect. You cant get better than those two.I've been a big fan of fanfiction.net for like 2 years now and thats a bout it.
Democrats are taking over ff.net, they took away our NC-17 fics whats next? Run for youe lives B4 hillary gets you next!

Im a big fan of trunks and 18. Integra and Alucard. KYO and yuya and byw KYO WON BECUASE THE GUY THAT FELL HAD SHORT HAIR AND THAT WAS KyOSHIRO David "PPV" Hawthorne (psaiyan prince vegeta) thanx for everything u inspired me to write, u should seriuosly make a sequel to Earthquake.