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Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hellooooooooooo Readers!

The fifteenth of August, late to say, but I going to retry typing the story Moonsay! I know, I know, it's not the most well-written fanfic I've thrown out there, but I'm a lazy author, plus I have other things to worry about now >>, so please be patient until chapter 8, that's when I'll start improving and yadda yadda yadda. lol. =D

The first of August, anyway, just wanted to point out that I'm just going to take a break from the advanceshipping fanfic, sorry but I just have no idea what to write for it atm. o_o So please wait? On a side note, I decided to post Moonsay here, since, well, idk, just wanted to see how it would go here, tell me if you like it or not =P

Well, the day I'm updating this, it's the 20th of June =D So, before going on with my normal slightly updated profile, just wanted to say I'm sort of on a writer's block ;-; I saw that Love Goes ON was in a C2 community or something, so thanks to whoever put it there. I'm happy someone likes it =) Um, anyway, because of this writer's block, I've decided to hold out on any writing I'm currently doing (IP2/Love Goes On) Until I'm out of this writer's block I guess I'm going to slip away from Please be patient with me, I'll be back soon. =)

Okay, first thing's first, with the exception of IP2, I'm really not interested in writing for pokemon. Lie, that's what I thought, but now I think I'm going to attempt stringing together several one-shots together. Don't think I can do it? Neither do I, but I'll still attempt it. On a side note, I've started to write for Naruto. The shipping being sasuhina. Did I ever say how much I like that shipping? Well, I do, I find intensely cute. Along with Taranee and Nijel, for those who have never once watched the second season of the show W.I.T.C.H. or have never watched it at all, you don't know what I'm talking about... you know what? I'm a black and white shipper. Oh, and as for my penname, I misspelled it. It's not Uzamaki Hinata its Uzumaki Hinata. But if you pm me or anything, I really prefer to be called Uza-chan, I find the nickname given to me from a reviewer intensely cute, and if you call me that, you'll have my attention. Not that you WON'T have my attention if you don't call me that. o_O

Hm, question: has anyone had their stupid time? Or had stupid days? Yeah well, that's how I was when I first came on, being some ew-eee newbie I reviewed fanfics very poorly and constantly advertised my... crappy fanfics. -_- It would make me moisa happy if you simply ignored those half-assed reviews I once gave you. I write better now(better, but not all that great). And I hopefully review better. No one can really be the best at anything so if you ever do get the chance to review to my fanfics, tell me if I ever did anything wrong. Give me pointers, I'm still learning when it comes to writing. That's why I'm taking a writing class now. _ Anyways, ignore me from the past.

Flaming: Let me tell you about where I stand on flaming. I HATE IT! Seriously, if you flame I find that you are worse than the worst writer in the world. I mean, look, if you don't like the character, then seriously, don't write about him/her, there's no need to butcher them. And if you're going to flame, say before hand... oh? You don't know what flaming is? Okay, I'll show you a small example I'm going to make up right now.

Example: May stared over at Misty and sneered. No way was she going to let her get in her way of getting to Ash. As soon as the young trainer came in to the kitchen, both girls attacked.

"Oh, Ash, do you want breakfast?"

"Oh Ash, I don't feel so good, walk with me?"

Ash looked from May to Misty in confusion. What was up with these two?

"Ash?" May batted her eyelashes playfully.

"Sorry May," Ash said once he finally understood what was going on. "I like Misty, not you."

May growled in anger. "Fine, where's Drew?"

I know what you're thinking. "Wh-who the hell writes like that?!" But seriously, they do. And, okay, they're not all written as obviously as my example, but that's just to get you to know how it is. I find flaming something that lazy authors do, authors, who, for whatever reason want to make the shipping they support seem a million times better so they flame whoever's convenient, in this case it was May.(why did I write pokemon?) I used to flame too, so I was a lazy author too. Another thing I don't like is the favorite-ing of a character, which means making a character flawlessly perfect. hmm, I think that's when they call them a Mary-sue? It's not the same as flaming, but it's almost just as bad. I try not to do either, because if you do favorite or flame, you should say that your characters are ooc then. And I think it's a shame when good authors resort to such disgusting acts. I don't support flaming fanfics either, such as...


You see my point, right? I again, used to do that. And again, I use pokemon as my example. -_-;; But don't flame fanfics, seriously, or the writers cuz really, if you do it just shows how much of a coward you are. o_O

A little bit about me, I know, I'm late...

Name: I have one, I know I have one, but for the reason of safety and all that, I won't say. =D

Pen name: Uzamaki Hinata

Age: In the teens, try and guess

Gender: Girl... duh

Interests/Future goals: I think I want to go in to Psychology =D Wish me luck!

Something weird about me: I don't know if it's weird, but I tend to read through my fanfics if I ever forget what happened in it. o_O

Hmmm, I'm a teenage girl living in America, shopping is fun as long as you go with friends and not family. I go to a small school so I don't really know where I stand on the whole school clique thing. I like to write, but it seems like the better I get, the less I write. I once thought that it was so cool having internet friends and giving out fake names to them such as Eve Johnson. shudders One of my stupid days, no doubt. I don't like a particular anything. I mean, I love corny romances sometimes and sometimes I love drama and my tastes really differs. Lately I've gotten really in to the cartoon W.I.T.C.H. even though it's for... what? kids under 13? I can be quiet when I want to and talkative and annoying too. Let me tell you before hand that I'm really bad at replying to emails, so if you happen to email me, please be patient, I don't always check my email. Um, as for writing, I'm trying my hardest to finish IP2: Tears of Hope. If you don't know it, that's cuz I posted it on another website. I don't really have an interest in writing long chaptered stories, cuz it just takes way too long. I should know, it's been a year since I've started IP2 and I'm only on... what? Chapter 24? Sasuhina is the current shipping that interests me in naruto. Let's see, every week or so there's a new or old shipping\manga\anime I get obsessed with and do whatever I can to get close to it, but then I get bored of it and leave it alone. Up until recently, I've been obsessed with taranee and Nijel from WITCH, but now I don't care anymore. ;) Or maybe I do? Like I said, I like black and white shippings... If my friends could sum me up in a few words it would be kind... quiet... and sometimes just a little crazy. Cuz, you know I'm totally a party animal, hah hah. Also, I tend to delete fanfics I no longer like, such as Someday and Royal love and other whatnot things... but here are some fanfics I am currently working on or planning on working on:

Uza-chan's fanfics

Bad Boy (sasuhina, I doubt I'll do this, but I'd like to)

Love Goes On(pokemon-in process, another somewhat attempt at a full fledge advanceshipping story)

Moonsay (pokemon-in process, an advanceshipping story that's been restarted again and again and again)

Waiting (Yuki x Machi, I am already typing this one-shot, but I don't know about it. Machi is a hard character to write for!)

well that's pretty much it, on to some other stuff =D

Favorite animes: Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, Digimon,Bleach, Kodocha, Fruits Basket,Shaman King,Hot Gimmick, Peach Girl.

Favorite pairings:(in order by show) Naruto&Hinata and Sasuke&Hinata, non really, I mean, I like edwin but I don't really follow it with such burning interest and all that, Kouji and Rachel(an oc I created long ago), Hitsugaya and Hinamori, Sana&Akito(they're so cute together!), Tohru&KyonKichi!(I mean Kyo), none, Akane&Suburu(was the dude's name Suburu? I forget), Momo and Kiley.

Favorite Characters: Hinata, Ed, Kouichi, Hitsugaya, Mei Lin, Akito, Kisa, Akane.

Last but certainly not least, I'd like to thank my two best friends who also write with me on And all of you readers and reviewers, thank you for taking the time to read my stuff and reviewing, it makes me moi happy. Well, that's about it, I'll update this whenever I feel like it's getting too old. :-)

~~~Uzamaki Hinata

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