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H’okay, I finally decided to update this profile of mine – though, I don’t think many people read it, but you know. It gives you a taste of the mind behind the author of the fics many of you enjoy.

So, without further ado, I give you the life and times of xknotxtiedx.

Her birth certificate says Ashlee xxx xxxxxx she however, prefers Ashmay or Ash. She is now, sixteen years old and still as lame as ever, but does she care? She sure as hell doesn’t, so you shouldn’t either. She currently lives in Australia, but when she saves enough money and is eighteen she’s off to America to stay as long as it takes for her to get her head back on straight and to finally decide what she wants in life.

She is currently undergoing year 10 in high school, she hates it, no, despises is the correct word. She is not completing high school and graduating, she’d rather go to TAFE, which is similar to school, and only let’s you do the course that you want to do. She’d like to be nurse and hopefully gets into the course that allows her to become one. But for now, she’s in high school, working at a pet store- which she loves, sitting back and relaxing.

Her life is revolved around music and friends. Her love of music is astounding and many people don’t like her taste, but that’s what makes her more unique. Her taste in music ranges from Pink Floyd to Insane Clown Posse to Cannibal Corpse.

Her friends, well she only has four best friends. They’ve seen her at her worst and at her best. The rest, are all online and she likes it that way, but with an exception of two people she’s going to visit and she will, don’t tell her likewise. She’d die for her friends and for her music. No touchies on either or your hand will be broken.

At the moment, she has writtenfour stories on this site, all wrestling related, those are:

Fire In Her Head: Her best story she has ever written, a sequel will follow it soon. It’s a romantic fic, starring Kane and her own character Maegan. She loves this story to bits and pieces.

Wishful, Sinful: Another drama/romance, starring Mark Callaway and her own character Jocelyn, a bit more on the darker side. ON HIATUS!

Somewhat Damaged: A one shot fic based around the Eddie and Rey storyline a while back, implied slashy themes. R.I.P Eddie.

Everybody Needs Somebody Sometime: A two-shot romance fic starring Trish Stratus and Kane. A small story to pass the time whileshe gets heract together about Fire In Her Head.

And, that my dear friends is your missing piece to this puzzle named xknotxtiedx. More will soon follow, or not. Eh.


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