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Author has written 14 stories for Final Fantasy VII, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Tales of Symphonia.
O.o; Oh, Bob. Now I'm doing a profile. Shoot me... Too late.

Real Name: Z-static
Age: Ask, and you get set on fire.
Favorite things: Shounen-ai, videogames, Duel Monsters, writing, reading, playing my violin, and learning Latin and Japanese.
Least favourite things: Shallow people, narrow minded people, my lack of skill at dueling, my slowness at writing, the fact that I'm not yet very skilled on my violin... And the fact that I can't help but see Latin words as mis-spelled English words.
Favourite pairings:
Magician of Black Chaos/Black Magician (I LOVE THIS ONE)

Gearfried the Swordmaster/Retrained Elven Swordsman (...why?)

And stuff.

I am currently on a MOBC/BM kick. More people need to write this pairing!

Also, on an ENTIRELY unrelated note, there are THREE kinds of Black Magician! (The green skinned one, who was only in the first season, which never came over here, the Mahaado-one, who Pandora used, and the pretty-boy one with purple hair, who is Yuugi's current one, and whom I use in my Black MagicianxMagician of Black Chaos fics.) So you can have your canon MahaadoxMana fics (Which I actually DO rather like...), your not-so-canon Black MagicianxMagician of Black Chaos (My personal favorite), and your "where the HELL did THAT come from" pairings... I.E. Black MagicianxBlack Flare Knight (Surprisingly enjoyable), Black MagicianxBlue-Eyes White Dragon (BEWD uke. snicker), Black MagicianxElven Swordsman (So much oddness here)... heck, the list goes on.

Okay, so I'm dreaming. But, I'm allowed to dream, no?

Story statuses:
What Might Have Been: It's going through a huge revamp, at the moment. Not going to be remotely related to what it is now when it's done.
A Comedy of Eros: Meh. I've pretty much forgotten about this one. Maybe someday.
Of Black Roses and Fallen Angels: This... ah, this. I intend to finish this; the words are flowing like water, now. Perhaps it'll be better, now.

IT: Ah, yes, the one-shot that has been taking up all the space in my brain since mid-September of 2003... I don't know quite WHEN it will be done, or even if it will, I'll make up for everything I've neglected for it's sake soon.

Really. I swear.

(A lot... cough I blame Sephiroth!)

12/15/03, 3:30 AM
Oh. My. God.

I haven't updated ANYTHING in FOUR MONTHS. O.O Aggh! Stupid one-shot is eating all my inspiration... WHY did I have to put THOSE two into THAT idea, and make it a ONE SHOT? >.>;;; Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh...

I swear, come hell or high water, I WILL have this fic finished by the end of December! And then I can get back to my babies... -pats Of Black Roses and Fallen Angels and What Might Have Been- Poor neglected chibi-sagas...

02/02/04, 1:10 AM
...or not.

Okay, so the one-shot has grown to dimensions I NEVER intended for it to reach. It's eating all my inspiration... like a parasite. (Well, not like anyone READS the garbage I write, anyway ._. but still, I feel like I owe everyone an apology. Just because.) Anyway, it's nearing completion now (thank god) and, though I can't peg down an exact release date, I can say with some small amount of confidence that it is not far off.

Thank god.

...good god. Another two months have flown by, and have I done anything? Noooooooo...

I'm really sorry about this. All I can say is, I'm trying.


I am officially dead. I've got everything still going, albeit slowly, but... still. -pokes old, old, OLD fics- I'll get around to rewriting them someday.


Well, here I am, again. I'm getting back into the writing groove, so expect some slightly more frequent updates out of me.

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