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I deleted Watchful Eyes. my stupid computer ate the next two chapters for it, and i don't like it enough to re-write them. i'm also going to delete the last chapter or two of There's Beauty in Death, because i want to continue it after all. it's still going to start the summer before Harry's sixth year, but it'll follow the overall plot of HBP. I'm only going to include the highlights of 6th year (and i'm going to alter a little tiny bit of it) and then move on to where HBP left off.
if anyone actually liked Watchful Eyes, i'll put the first chapter back up and try to re-write it, but i'm going to focus most of my attention on Beauty. thanks to everyone who reviewed; you guys rock!
my e-mail is raindrop_321@hotmail.com if anyone wants to know
Another update: i tweaked some of the chapters, so you might wanna go back and read them (nothing big changed)

i'm an ass for not updating sooner. i swear i'm working on it, but i keep re writing the whole three sentences i keep coming up with. i do know one thing for sure: the next chapter starts off after harry's sixth year. we find out what jen's been doing to busy herself over the course of later chapters. thanks again to everyone who reviewed! if it wasn't for you guys i'd have not bothered at all to keep writing this. (now that i've obsessively read the sixth book 4 times and each chapter of my fanfic at least 12 times, i'm convinced Beauty sucks)

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