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I'm recently new to the CSI fandom. I fell in love with the show almost immediately, especially with Grissom and Nick. As such most of my fics will focus on the Grissom Nick relationship.I think that as the series goes on Nick and Grissom have developed a twisted close but distant friendship and I will be attempting to look closer at that friendship in my writing.

Apparently the muses seem to enjoy Gil/Nick slash so a lot of my stories are either Pre-slash or mild Slash. I didn't think I had to say this but I guess I have to...If you don't like slash-and I clearly label ALL my fics-DON'T READ IT!

I really don't need reviews telling me that Nick or Gil aren't's fanfiction. I'm not a writer for the show, I'm writing something I enjoy. You don't like slash? That's fine-don't try to make me stop writing it just because you don't see it.

Reviews about my actual fic and not the pairing itself are always welcome.

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