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My favorite Quotes!

From the "Thumbtanic"

Rose: So is the boat safe?

Some Guy and Captain: Hehehehehehehehhehehe

Some Guy: Just in case anything happens we got 2 lifeboats, one for the captain crew and i and the other for the rest of the passengers.

Rose: you do know there are over 2 thousand people on board?

Some Guy: (short pause) Woah

HoBo: Sex Change GET Your Sex Change Cant go on a lifeboat if your a MALE!

Rose: Im Flying, Im really Flying

Jack: (mutters to himself) So what Im King of the Globe...Fattie

From ThumbWars

DarthVadar: Luke,...I am your MOTHER


(pushes her off the freaky cliff thing)

DarthVadar: Wait till your father gets home!

Danny Phantom

Life Lessons

Valerie: (To Danny This is all your fault.
Danny: Right. I'm sure the maniac who cuffed us and dragged us in here had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Tucker: (To Sam) Oh my gosh, the other babies! Gotta go! (Kisses flour sack) Bye! (Kisses Sam)
(Pause, Tucker realizes what he did)
Tucker: Uh...
Sam: That never happened.
Tucker: Ya got that right.

Skulker: (About Danny & Valerie) Ah, I shall force a contest between the hunter girl and the ghost boy. And to the winner - the honor of me using their skull as a tether ball.

Me and Austin Powers!

sweethng5921 (8:27:32 PM): are you a boy?
Austin Powers (8:27:32 PM): No.
sweethng5921 (8:27:36 PM): are you a girl?
Austin Powers (8:27:37 PM): No.
sweethng5921 (8:27:44 PM): Ew! are you Bi-Sexual
Austin Powers (8:27:44 PM): Does it really matter?
sweethng5921 (8:27:48 PM): . . .

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“Daddy your crazy, there’s no such thing as ghosts’ mommy said so” She smirked at her father. Even though the plan was that if she didn’t believe him he would just go w the flow, but this however seemed to offend him. Danny smiled “Mommy said so?
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