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Hi everyone ;D

What is up guys, my name is Midnight's Assassin and welcome to my page. I'm only new to the site and have just released the first chapter of my new story called An Assassin's Virtue. Hopefully it won't take long before the next chapter comes out, but I'm not sure if it will be coming out, it all depends on what you bros think of it, well I guess you could call it 'the pilot' chapter for my new story.

I am a huge Assassin's Creed fan and when Syndicate came out it drove me over the line. I read the book, I played the game and then I started reading stories and fanfics on Archive of our own. Sadly, I ran into a few stories with some um, *ahem* ~interesting~ description tags which I didn't understand. After reading one horrible story in particular, I learnt what smut was the hard way.


...Yeah...not my brightest moment...

So if you're here expecting a long and detailed smut or something like, I dunno, 50 shades of Jacob Frye...

...Then in the words of many other FanFiction.net page bios..

Archive of our own is right over the next tab.

Yea, just sayin'

There will be mainly action, humour, and maybe some fluff

Lookin' at you Henry

*Henry* Huh?

*Me* hehehehe...he...

Anyway, back to me

Being new, I've only really based my stories around AC Syndicate, but as time moves forth and my brain decays from hours of reading, maybe it can bring with it a whole new bunch of obsessions and topics to question, write about and generally discuss with all of you.

And if you don't feeling like reading my stories, I'm always here to talk, so anytime you need a friend from behind a screen, my message board is there to be destroyed. Seriously though, anytime you need a friend, I'll be there...


clears throat*

All stupidity aside, I'd really appreciate it if you guys read my stories and left a review about what you think my story was like. The ups, the downs, I love it all, and for all of those buzz-kills out there who only want to bring me down with mean comments, bring it. Yeah, talking to you guys.

And to all those trolls who shoot down any young author's self esteem...

...Go back to hiding under a bridge. Mmm-Hmm

So welcome my loyal fandoms, to my humble abode soon to be filled with as many stories as my tiny brain can pop out. Remember I'm always here to talk and I appreciate all of your feedback, all of it.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy my teachings as I hope we can forge some beautiful conversations through messaging (especially if you're fan of the Henry Green/Evie Frye ship, if yes, then we're gonna get along juuuust fine!!)

See You When The Moon Rises,

~Midnight's Assassin

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