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"Practice makes perfect...But nobody's perfect, so don't practice."


Changed my pen name: From brokenvase to panda-obsessed-angel

I am currently on hiatus...I know, I'm not supposed to be...But my computer broke down and I'm only borrowing my sister's laptop. To think, I just bought this 50 RO load and now it's all for nothing cause my computer decided to hibernate!

How am I supposed to do my research for our music class? I'm so dead! Dead! Dead!

Anyway, I'm deciding to start this major story...As in, I will finish it and I promise I'll spell check that story. It's gonna be my first try at a REAL story...Hopefully, it will turn out for the best. As soon as my computer gets fixed or as soon as I get a new computer, to celebrate and to make it up for all of you, I will start the new CHRISTMAS fic. Yep, you heard it right. A christmas fic it is!

Title: Love makes everything possible


Uchiha Sasuke's Christmas has always been lousy. But surely, this Christmas will be the worst. Why? His parents are getting a divorce, his brother doesn't care and worst of all, his fan club is out to get him, all determined to give him the perfect Christmas present. Not knowing what to do, Uchiha Sasuke is just about ready to give up, until his guardian angel shows up to help him.

At first, Uchiha Sasuke didn't believe. But after a few incidents, the boy decided that this angel could really help him. But wait a minute...angelsare not supposed to love someone who is still living. But then, why is this angel and Uchiha Sasuke growing closer to each other?

Pairings: SasuSaku, NaruHina

Hope you like it! Please wait for it!

Wanna know bout me? Here's a little sumthing!

Name: Hmm...Just call me Isabel...

Age: I'm 12 years old. I know my stories are annoying but I do it to practice my grammar. Please bear with me. I promise that sooner, I would be writing a true story! I promise!

School: I study at Makati Science High School. It's a pretty hectic school, but I'll live. I think...

Email: I would love to chat with anyone! You know, give me suggestions to improve my poor stories or just to talk about sumthin sumthin.

Likes: Haruno Sakura ( respect her! She deserves it!), chocolates, chocolates, my iPod, my computer, my stuffed panda named Sirius Black ( my bestfriend in the whole wide world! He can keep secrets, really!), dogs, my chihuahua, Harry Potter, Anime! Music, pasta, sushi, sashimi, japanese foods, ice cream, blogs, uhh-chocolate, movies, fanfics, fanfiction, stuffed toys, notebooks, chocolate, Starbucks. frapuccino, Belgian Waffle, chocolate dome cake, and uh..chocolate! Lots more stuffie!

Dislikes: SasuIno (Eww! Eww! Eww!), cats (don't know why), vanilla (gives me a headache), parlors with cheap rebonding (they use lye! It's bad, very bad!), homework, microphones, my teacher in TLE (she's evil!), math probems I can't understand, stormy weather, perverted movies, contaminated water, red tide, hurricanes, tsunami, fire, people who pretend to be someone else for others to like them., backstabbers, arrogant people...and lots more stuffie!

Pairings that I LOVE:
1. SasuSaku - all time fave! They are so meant for each other, even though Sasuke denies it, you could see love spark! Besides, they're a really cute looking couple. Also, I like Sakura's devotion to Sasuke. Even though Sasuke hurts her all the time, she still puts up with him. I think this couple is realistic. Also, even though Sasuke doesn't show it, if you read between the lines, you could see that he has a soft side for Sakura.

2. NejiSaku - Hmm, I guess they look cute together...I love them both! (huggles Neji and Sakura plushie)

3. GaaSaku - Oooh! They are so kawaii! Also, Gaara looks like a panda, I love pandas! (huggles Gaara and Sakura plushie)

4. NaruHina - I love this pairing! I love it when Hinata is always so nervous around Naruto. Besides, it's a balance of nature thingy.

Pairings that I LIKE:

1. ShikaIno - They're okay. Actually it's really cute to see them together, especially with Shikamaru being too lazy and all. Besides, Ino has to have someone, right?

2. ShikaSaku - Okay, I like this pairing. I mean, Shikamaru and Sakura are both smart and I think they would look good together.

3. NejiTen- I used to love this pairing, but I liked NejiSaku more. Don't worry, I still write fics about them coz I still think they're cute!

4. KibaSaku- another rare pairing. I just love Kiba and his dog! I think they'd look good together.

5. KibaHina- they're cute too. If Naruto doesn't have Hinata, then Hinata will be with Kiba!

6. NaruSaku- This is okay too. I mean, in the type of Sasuke leaves and Kiba gets Hinata, then Naruto will have Sakura. Besides, I like Naruto's devotion to Sakura. But I still like NaruHina more.

Pairings I DISLIKE:

1. SasuIno - Okay, this needs major explanation. The only reason that I wrote a fic about this was because the main pairing of that story was a 'NejiSaku'. It was only a plan to make Sakura extremely jealous and actually feel that who she really loves is Neji. Plus, my cousin also requested for it. Just because I wrote a SasuIno, doesn't mean I like it. I actually hate it. Why? Becuse first of all, Sasuke is for Sakura, and Ino is for Shikamaru. Plus, they don't look good together. Sasuke never even talks to Ino, at least Sakura is his teammate and Sasuke does show that he cares for Sakura. Besides, if Sasuke chooses Ino (which I highly doubt because Sasuke belong to Sakura), what will happen to Shikamaru? He'll be too sad... (huggles Shikamaru plushie)

2. KakaSaku- I have to admit, I like some stories...but the pairing alone gives me the creeps. I don't hate this pairing, per say, I just simply don't like to read too much of it.

3. YAOI - Oh come on, boy to boy? It just doesn't float my boat okay? For those who likes YAOI, don't take this personally. But come on, for example , SasuNaru - who's gay? I'm sure that Naruto is not! Same goes for Sasuke! Guys, justt because they kissed ACCIDENTALLY, doesn't mean they're meant for each other. For me, the anime only shows that Naruto and Sasuke are like BEST FRIENDS, not lovers, okay?

4. Yuri - Okay, I don't like it...Girl to girl? (shudders)

5. NejiHina- Oh my gosh guys, cousin to cousin? shudders I think this is weirder than yuri. Sorry for fans of this pairing. I don't like it.

6. GaaHina- Hmm, not exactly what I want. Besides, Gaara belong to Sakura and Sakura only, and Hinata belongs to Naruto or Kiba. Besides, I don't think they'd look good with each other.

5. Basically Sasuke X anyone who's not Sakura - Sasuke is for Sakura and Sakura alone. No one else, got it?

Favorite Characters:
1. Haruno Sakura- She rocks! She is so pretty and she's so devoted to Sasuke, not like the other girls who only likes Sasuke because of his looks. I don't think she's weak. I mean, at her age she almost has perfect chakra control? Come on, who could beat that? Plus, she's also an apprentice of Tsunade! All I know is that she's really strong and I don't care what you say. Haruno Sakura rocks my socks!

2. Gaara - Okay, he's so cute! He also looks like a panda, and I love pandas. Besides, he's so strong and he and Sakura fits perfectly. Ok, I like him better than Uchiha Sasuke because even though he likes to kill people and all those sort of stuff, when you actually see it, he can be a nice guy.

3. Hyuuga Hinata - Aww, she's so cute and shy. I just love her!

4. Uzumaki Naruto - He's so lively and energetic! Plus, I love his whiskers! Yeah, go Naruto!

5. Hyuuga Neji - (huggles Neji plushie) He's so cute and strong! Even though he may seem really annoying at first ( he tried to kill Hinata!), if you look more closely, yeah that's it...a little more...a little more...WAIT STOP! he's nicer and much less colder (a little) than Sasuke.

6. Uchiha Sasuke - I know, you're wondering why he's not on top of my list? Because he's so mean to Sakura. I find Gaara cuter than him (laughs). Besides, I really hate the parts wherein he makes Sakura feel so small. He's so cold too. But I like him because he's so strong and I could see the love between him and Sakura. Aww...

Message to Sakura Bashers:
I perfectly don't understand why you hate her?

Because she's weak? I don't think so. Do you think she would survive Tsunade's training if she's weak? Plus, she also has amazing chakra control her age. Now you say she's weak. I don't know about you, but she's really strong for me.

Because she's so attached to Sasuke? At least that's what I call 'true love'. Not like some who just likes Sasuke for his looks. Sakura actually cares for him and you hate her because of that? Psht.

Because she's so mean to Naruto? If she's actually 'that' mean to Naruto, how could she put up with him? She shows care for Naruto too, and I think she's a really sweet person.

Because she holds her team back? Ahem, let us see. Imagine Sakura without them in all those missions. Like for example, when Sasuke and Naruto fought Haku, while Zabuza fought Kakashi, who would be there to protect their charge? If Sakura was not there, their charge would have been too easy to attack.

She's one of the main characters and she does have a big role. I hate bashers. They have nothing good to do with their life, so they just bash a character that wasn't even made by them. See? I don't like Ino and I don't bash her! Why? Because I did not make her andit would be disrespectful to bash characters that we don't even own. Open your eyes if you must. You bashers just have nothing better to do in life.

There, I don't see why you bash her. It's extremely annoying if you ask me. IF you have a good reason on why you hate her, tell me would you? I'd be happy to see it and see if it is actually reasonable. I would love to point out the stupidness of your reason :p

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