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Hi everyone, I'm T8ECR34T0R, but you can call me "C" or "CR", and I'm just an ordinary teen who has a brain full of ideas. I'm interested in becoming a successful entrepreneur one day, and I thought showing everyone my FanFictions will bring in a good step into showing my work.

Even though I'm a newbie at writing stories to the endless universe that is the internet, I hope everyone will love my work, and I hope to maybe get a lot of support. Thanks, and I'd thought I'd mention what my favorite stories (aka franchises/sagas not just one specific film) are...

Rio, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Sonic the Hedgehog, Spider-Man, Living Scriptures, Aliens, Alien v Predator, All Dogs go to Heaven, Avengers (MCU), Back to the Future, Bionicle, Cars/Planes, Cartoon Network Classiscs, Daisy: A Hen in the Wild, DC Animation, DC's Flash (2014) and Legends (2016), Digimon, Disney Channel Saga, Disney Characters, The Familiar of Zero, Gilligan's Island, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Incredible Hulk (1977), Kung-Fu Panda, Last Airbender & Korra, Madagascar, MASH, Marvel Animation, Maze-Runner, Mister Ed, Monster Allergy, Nickelodeon Classics, Nut Job, Owls of Ga'Hoole, Pokemon, Secret of NIMH, Shark Tale, Shrek, Spongebob Squarepants, Star Wars, Sword-Art Online, Terminator, Tim Burton's 9, Toy Story, X-Men, Yu-Gi-Oh, and many many more! So I hope to show good ideas to this lovable site, and I hope that everyone will love 'em.

I thought I'd mention a little more about myself. First, my name...Anonymous for safety reasons, but still you can call me, C or CR.

Next My Favorites...You can see my favorite stories at the top, but that's not all of them.

FAVORITE SONGS (Top 3): "I'm on my Way" by Richard Price, "Superman" by 5 for Fighting, "Ordinary" by Train

FAVORITE COMICS: Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog, IDW's My Little Pony, Marvel Comics, and DC.

FAVORITE MOVIES OF ALL: Toy Story, Spider-Man, Rio

FAVORITE MOVIE COs: 20th Century Fox, Disney, Marvel, Universal, Warner Bros

FAVORITE THINGS and MORE: Family, Friends, Technology, Ideas, and what's coming next.

FAVORITE GENRES: Adventure, Family, SciFi, Drama, Romance (you can tell that from my favorite FanFictions, and this is another reason why I keep my name a secret), Alternative, Hip-Hop & DJ, Country, and Jazz.

FAVORITE FOODS: Uh...let's just say everything that is great and not at all dangerous.

Also, I'm an American and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

MY DISLIKES, If I might mention, are...Typos, Feuds, Grudges, Too Much Violence, Temptation, Publishing Obscene Lemons, such R-Movies, Speaking or Doing Anything Blasphemous, Being Too Easily Offended, Being Offensive Through Pride and Anger, being left hanging from a good story, and anything that makes me feel sick inside. Plus I also hate it when people think intimidation is the way to go, I hate it when people assume that I mean anything offensive when I don't, and finally…I hate it when people try to control me for the wrong reason and force me into censorship!

About Lemons, I promised as to never write one and then publish it on FFN. Like any person I actually do have the tempting desire to see that kind of stuff and even make my own stories about it, and even though I have made quite a handful of chapters that almost implied it, know that the thing about me is that I like avoiding temptation and keeping my life clean so that way I can benefit myself spiritually. So...yeah. I'm not ever going to publish my own lemon stories here or anywhere! And even if I ever read a lemon (which is unlikely) and admire it, you're never gonna see me comment or add a follow/fav to it. No, sir!

Finally, when it says that I don't like swearing, I'm serious. You're not gonna see me put in any swears or cursing in my stories (Unless maybe I decided to not put it in english).

I'm gonna feel a little embarrassed putting this up, but since everyone else is doing it, I thought...why not? My Favorite Lovebirds (this no longer includes the best OC couple, unfortunately but at least Harry & Annabelle have taken care of that). Sorted in Alphabetical Order.

9 & 7

Age & Patema

Ajar & Eva

Alex & Ivory (or Fluttershy)

Ash & Misty (or Serena, or May)

Barry & Iris

Bia & Miguel the Scarlet (or Tomada Junior, or Nightfly)

Big Mac & Sugar Belle (or Fluttershy, Ms. Cheerlie, Marble Pie, or Rarity)

Blu & Jewel

Bright Mac & Pear Butter

Callum & Rayla

Carla & Renaldo (or Miguel the Cockatoo)

Celestia & Shine Paladin (or Good King Sombra)

Charlie & Sasha

Donald & Daisy

Flash Sentry & Sunset (or Twilight)

Garrett & Jewel Millenn (or Mikka, Angel, or Sunset)

Harry & Annabelle

Harry & Hermine

Hubbie & Marine

Jesse (Male) & Petra

Joe (009) & Francoise (003)

Kirito & Asuna

Mickey & Minnie

Pac & Cyili

Phineas & Isabella

Rainbow Dash & Soarin

Raphael & Mona Lisa

Robin & Star-Fire

Romeo & Juliet (the Seals)

Saito & Louise

Sandbar & Yona (or Ocellus)

Shadow & Rouge

Shining Armor & Cadence

Silver & Blaze

Six & Rebecca

Sombra & Radiant Hope

Sonic & Sally (or Amy)

Spike & Rarity (or Applejack, or Twilight)

Spyro & Cynder (or Stealth Elf)

Stitch & Angel

Tails & Cosmo (or Fiona, Amy, Ruby Raccoon, Mina, or Sally)

Tiago & Lisa (or Sally, or Skye)

Timothy & Jenny

Tyler & Tally

Wall-E & Eve

Yugi & Tae

Yuya & Zuzu

Zick & Elena

I guess when I mentioned the best OC couple, you actually knew who I was referring to. I was asked to remove them from the list, and even though I did, just know that they still are and always will be my favorite, and imagining them to split up after everything they've been through, it would feel sad to me, like as much as Blu and Jewel divorcing. I think that's how every fan feels about their favorite couple splitting up. But I know the two will always find a way back together.

This used to be the spot where I would list my favorite "Lines of Wisdom." But now, I have added all of them to another spot: https:///t8ecr34t0r/journal/Lines-of-Wisdom-794394777

Big thing to reveal in case it wasn't already obvious. I'M A BRONY!!! That's right! I like the series, "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." So far many of the friends I've made on FFN like it and aren't afraid to admit it. The reason why I love it is because...well heck, I've loved animals ever since I was kid, I already admitted I like romances and many stories with good morals, and this show pretty much says it all.

It's more kid friendly than some of the garbage you would find at Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, and I think it's cute, hilarious, and the characters are good and all have that modern attitude. Sure there are some episodes and things in the show I'm not proud of but the point to it here, is that I love the show, and I think I have Alexriolover95 to thank for all the encouragement he shared to everyone to give it a chance.

How did I come to liking it, you might ask? Years ago, maybe somewhere before 2013, I gave it a chance alone by watching the first two episodes. But then after that I stopped watching it due to some personal things I had to go through with. Then I think it could've been the fanfictions and Alexriolover95's words of support that encouraged me to watch it again.

So Thanks Alex, and thank you to the fellow Ponies that never insult those like me that love the show. But however...you might wanna consider this being another reason why I like to keep myself anonymous because unlike Alex or you guys, I'm NOT brave enough to admit that I admire the franchise to the people in my personal life.


Now if you guys wanna know about my family, all I can say is that my mother is an elementary teacher, my dad is a vet (which is the possible reason why I love animals so much), and I have many good relatives connected with me on Facebook. Though I can’t say if I’m an only child or not, I can say that I do have a big and great family. That also includes the many good friends I’ve made at all my schools and religion, and even the friends I’ve kept in touch with.

Speaking of which, here are the main FFN Authors that have been very friendly and supportive to me since I've started. (Alphabetically Order.)




Jason Fuze

Jugal the Drgnwarrior

Lukhas TheSpixMacaw





Skyler the Elf Owl






Plus everyone who added fav/follow's to me and stories

And their stories are great to check out too! Also, I feel like these guys deserve all kinds of good media, and each of these guys have been very supporting and good to me. Plus there’s an important thing I’d like for you to note about.

Even though these guys are my friends, I don’t reveal my identity or anything else important to them, because I’m trying to be safe and respectful when it comes to my privacy. When it comes to making friends on the internet, it’s always important to know that you can’t reveal everything and you need to be careful about who you trust. That’s what I’d like to remember while I’m here and everywhere else, and that’s part of the reason why I made that “Sudden Stop” chapter in 10/2017.

So to my friends here on FFN and everywhere else, know that I thank you for always showing me support and having me earn your trust but know that I will not do anything like show my face or make donations for you if you’re in trouble. For you guys, all I can ever do is show you my concern and compassion.

What you're about to see next is a message to all the friends I've made on FFN and Google Hangouts.

My PM Rules

Or this is where they used to be. Because in April 2019, I decided to shut off my PM settings. Why? You can check Ch.51 of "C's Adventures" to find out. For the rules, I won't have to worry about them since I've turned off Private Messages. However, there is a screenshot of them still in my Twitter Page. So if there ever comes a day where I decide to turn my PM back on, then I'll be able to use that photo to re-write my rules.

Though, I'm sorry, but that's most likely not going to happen. But don't worry, you guys will have many other ways to communicate with me. If you post a comment to my stories on FFN, DeviantART, or Wattpad then I'll be able to make a response. Though that won't happen all the time, you guys can always have a chat with me through comment posts (or threads like on Twitter or Wattpad), no problem. Also remember that when we do speak, I like being part of conversations that I'm comfortable with. So thank you for understanding as always.

BTW, I'm not sure how people are able to see comment threads on Wattpad, but it probably doesn't count as Private Messages.

Either way, it'll be okay, and if anyone does send a "PM" to me then know that I won't be offended. I'll just kindly respond by saying that I don't do PMs anymore.


If anybody ever wonders what my hopes and dreams are, then here it goes. I wish...

  1. To one day meet the Jewel to my Blu.
  2. To become the most successful entrepreneur yet (but nothing like Trump).
  3. To be a good man in my life and to my family.
  4. To one day look as good as that anime character I once used as my profile picture (haha).

Forgive me if this part makes me seem shallow but I’ve seen a few people make their own so maybe this won’t be a problem.

If anybody asks me what I’d like to have in my own girlfriend / wife then here it is. She would…

  1. almost have the same personality as Sunset Shimmer.
  2. be a Pegasister.
  3. be like Jewel, but more sensitive and observant when I’m uncomfortable with something. Especially if my problems are related to in-laws or competition.
  4. have to be a part of the same religion that I’m in.
  5. look past any problems that I had in the past.
  6. love all sorts of genres like I do.
  7. love just about every story I do.
  8. love to create things like me or Rarity.
  9. make me the happiest and most trustworthy man on earth.
  10. motivate me into being a better person.
  11. never feel constantly hot tempered or wanna give up on things so easily.
  12. not feel jealous if I wanted to listen to Norah Jones.
  13. wanna listen music at night like I do (specifically Jazz).

For every FFN author in the world, please don't be offended or anything, this is just my own little FANFICTION WISHLIST. Come to think of it, maybe everyone should try this. Make a wish-list about everything that you want to see happen on FanFiction-Net. Here's how it works, if there's something you wanted your favorite author to do but he/she refused to do it, then just put on here. Making it an actual wish-list, or put in anything else you want.

Here are my wishes.


(my wishes will for this site and the people in it will be kept in private from now on)

Seriously, every FFN author can try making this on their profile.

I thought I'd make a list of the upcoming movies that I plan to see in theaters. However, anything that is stroke through, is a movie that I wanna see in theaters but can't/won't/didn't get the chance to. All from 2018-2025.

Avatar 2

The Batman

Black Widow



Digimon Adventure (2020)

Digimon Tri Episode 4: Loss

Digimon Tri Episode 6: Future

Doctor Sleep

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Five Nights at Freddy's

The Flash

Godzilla v King Kong

Green Lantern Corps

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3

Halloween (2018)

Hellboy (2019)

Joker (2019)


Masters of the Universe (2020)

Minecraft: The Movie

My Hero Academia (Live Action)

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

My Little Pony 2

The New Mutants


The Predator

Raya and the Last Dragon

Rio 3

Sonic the Hedgehog (2020)

Spider-Man 3

Spies in Disguise

Star Wars: Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker

Terminator: Dark Fate

Transformers 6

For any title of a theatrical film that isn't on this list, is just a movie that I've either already seen or one that I'm not interested in seeing.

One other thing to note about: On the list you'll notice a title that say "My Little Pony 2." As far as I know, those aren't going to be real movies but I have them on there because (during Aug 2018) I found a picture of a "proposed entertainment calendar" for MLP that looked interesting to me since it showed what ideas there were for the fourth generation, between FIM Season 7 and Season 1 of Generation 5. So I'm hoping and wishing that those plans will be real. After Season 8, hopefully what comes next will be...

1. Holiday Special (Check to: "My Little Pony: Best Gift Ever")

2. FIM Season 9 (2019) (Check to: That of course)

3. Event Special (Sequel Movie Concept)

I thought that was the special ”Rainbow Roadtrip.” But that thought changed when I saw the ”Decade of a Pony” feature. Which probably means they’re won’t be a Prequel story.

4. G5 Season 1 (Spring or Fall 2020)

It's best for me and you guys to not get our hopes up. But my "hooves" are crossed.


New idea (in case no one's already thought of it) for all the new FFN authors out there, in case you're feeling too uncomfortable about how your first published FanFiction might go, then just write a short version of it or something in your profile and see where it goes from there.

For any super small story I want to make in my life (whether it's a fanfiction or original), I'm gonna make them on DeviantART, Wattpad, and possibly other stuff. I'm also going to release copies of my stories (on FFN, FictionPress, and Wattpad) to DeviantART.


If you guys wanna know where else to find me, then you can find me this exact name on...



Glyph's Trove

Lego Ideas



My Youtube Library






That is not even the half of it. And if you think that I have any open accounts like Facebook, then I'm afraid to say that they might reveal my identity. So I'm sorry but I can't say that I do have 'em. Also, wherever you all go on the internet, they'll be people who might have the same profile picture and other pictures I've made like I had. But that does not mean the person you find with those pictures will always be me. It could be or it could just be some other stranger in the world. Just wanted to point that out. It's important to me that I don't reveal too much.

On DeviantART, every once in awhile, you can check out some of my drawings. Now, I'm nowhere near professional when it comes to drawing, but I hope you guys like them. Also, since Google Plus is gone, I'm using DeviantART to make journal posts from now on.

On FictionPress, I write stories and do just some of the same work I already do on FFN. However, my level of viewers isn’t turning out big. But hey, I can still have fun with it. Especially with the stories I’ve already published there.

Copied Creations


Happy Fantasy

• (COMING SOON) Hero and Ai: Pure of Heart

• (COMING SOON) Universal: Story Mode

• (COMING SOON) The Walking Gang

Note: Many of these stories, while some of them are non-fanfiction, will also be available to read from DeviantART and Wattpad.

On Lego Ideas, I had thoughts on showing off my own ideas for new sets to my favorite toy line. But with how I had to do it, it didn’t seem like the best kind of activity. So now, I only visit the site occasionally and add follows to the works of other Lego fans. And if I decide to show what work I do with Legos, I can just use Digital Designer, screenshot my work, and post them on Twitter or anything else.

On Wikia, I had my profile out there already. But given how easily some people can edit stuff on Wikia Pages, I've decided to move some of what I made there to here. Like this...

From Original Wikia, I said…

"My name is C, and I'm just an ordinary man who's planning on making a big future, but is now enjoying the present by having fun on the biggest universe that is the internet.

You can see some of my own work on https://www.fanfiction.net/u/7451839/T8E-CR34TOR, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc4HI7aL3FsS_uFR9O2uGig, and maybe see a little more about what I do with the Wikia on http:///wiki/User:T8ECR34TOR.

So you might be seeing a lot more of me pretty soon."

Then from Rio Wikia, I said…

"My real name? I'd rather keep it to myself and the people I talk to in person. The special thing about me is that I'm just an ordinary man who likes drawing, writing, and coming up with good ideas.

You can see my own fanfictions and youtube playlists, and possible me on other fun online stuff if you see my name. And for anyone who wants to ask any questions about me, just check out...https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12213899/1/Ask-C-almost-Anything and you can see a little more of me on…https://www.fanfiction.net/u/7451839/T8E-CR34TOR

And to prove you all how much of a Rio Fan I really am, here's something I made for the story's best pair...https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_f-4NORdToPmM6_RMHSS_GEKbFBUyafI

But here, all I'm doing is showing my comments and ideas on my favorite wikis.

One more thing: with some (or all) of the things I like, you might find them strange or laughable, just know that I like 'em and you all have your favorite things and secrets, so don't judge me! \:)"

Plus, on my Rio Wikia Page, I also made a list of my favorite Wikias around. However, I'm not going to display it here. I'm gonna think about displaying it elsewhere.

On Youtube, while I have not (yet) made any videos, I have made a handful of good entertainment playlists, and you can watch or listen to them whenever you'd like. You can watch not just my Youtube Favorites but...CR34T0R's Choice: Best TRAILERS Ever, Digimon, Minecraft Music, MLP Music, Spider-Man: The Game, TGS, and...My F1RST, The Gang Secrets: Heroes Unlimited, and Blu and Jewel's Romantic Soundtrack as well as many more in the future.

You can check all of those out today.


If some ask what I do while I write a story, then here's the answer.

Drafting - Every time when I write a new story/chapter, I always use Google Docs or Apple Notes to write them down and save them until I'm ready to publish them.

Timing - It's hard to work on a story before publishing the next thing. So I think the best that I'd like to do is work on one thing, publish it, then publish another thing the next week.

This area in my profile used to be where I would list all of my OCs. But now, I have placed them all on another good list: https:///t8ecr34t0r/journal/CR34T0R-s-Work-2-OCs-791713812

Here's some tips about what you can expect when I write a new story from now on.

Every time I put up author notes in the middle of the story, it'll be Words in bold and italic or it can usually be between (the parentheses) if I give a comment on what's going on.

If the chapters in the story say something like "CHAPTER ONE:" instead of "Ch.1" that means that the story itself is gonna be long and good (good, depending on what the readers think). I'll place a horizontal line between my first author notes and story just like most authors do, and do it again between the story and my last notes.

There are also many story-telling traits that I don’t want to add to my stories. Or anymore that this.

Since 2016, I’ve worked on not adding negative traits to my stories like cursing, profanity, bloody violence, or lemons. However, even though I tried being careful, I wasn’t careful enough. That is why, later on, I have decided to work on appropriating some of my T rated stories (like ”A Rio Restart”, ”Life of Love and Pure of Heart”, and ”Harry and Annabelle”) so that way they will look more K rated, and so that way I won’t feel so guilty about writing story content that I regret writing.

TERMS. you know how a lot of people in stories or even in the real world make their words or phrases that mean something important? Well here are my terms.

NM – It is a term for movies that you would mostly find enjoyable to watch at night. Stories and music that would make you feel good during the evening and even make you feel good about having a social life. My favorite NMs are...Shark Tale, Shrek 2, Spider-Man, etc.

NS – A short abbreviation for "nothing special."

I thought maybe I'd mention what my future stories will/might be. I'll only show the titles. I won't be adding summaries just for safety reasons.



The Tale of Me and My Wishing Ring


A Creator's War

A Piece of History

Apollo 20

CR34T0R and Sunset Feather: A G7000 Story

CR34T0R's Choice: Lovebirds

Family is Magic

Jonathan and Mrs. Brisby



Mercy: A Star Wars Story

My Little Love Stories

Oasis FOG: A G7000 Story

Our Last Tour

Our New Family, Blu

Rainbow Time

Shimmer Code VR

Sonic the Hedgehogs

Spike's Big Yellow Heart

Team Blu

The Cerebro Herb

The Digi-Gang

The Toys' Home

Who is Lux?


((Already Established below "My Accounts"))


The 20th for Life: A G7000 Story

The Gang Secrets: 500YUT

The Gang Secrets: Timeless War

The Gang Stories: Timeless and Endless Saga

Mighty Origins: A G7000 Story

The Walking Gang

Now here is my CURRENT WORK. This lists everything from the newest to oldest story I've published. I have this so I can keep track of what I'm still working on, and can still work on continuing. Starting with...

A Grand Day Out...with the Young Six

C's Adventures: The Arsenal Saga

Copied Creations

Happy Fantasy

Freedom Fighters (Scenes)

Restart Forever

Shiny, Cady, and Little Twily

The Stories of Harry and Annabelle

FLY Stories

My Little Disney Pony

Life of Love and Pure of Heart

C's Adventures

Rio: A New Kind of Story

Plus there are also many more, but they can be established under "My Accounts."


Something both fun and serious to pull up. I feel like I'll be creating my own constitution so here it goes. If you look back at Ch.21 of "Ask C" you'll notice that I said "maybe I can turn my name into a legacy." So why not try it out here?

FFN here is the first public spot in the world (not including my schools, homes, and church where I showed more of my friends and family my work) where I began to show my work, so I think it would only be right if I put what I want for my legacy here.

I'm hoping for my work to carry on forever, and even my name. In other words, I wanna see if I can make someone after me become the next CR34T0R, and if I can make it so, then here are the rules (or amendments) on how to become the Miles Morales to my Spider-Man. Note that many of the things I put here are be optional. About as optional as the US constitution itself. No one ever determines who you are and who you wanna be.

Now here it is, for the next CR34T0R. From now on and forever, you can/will…

  1. Be as honest as you can be.
  2. Be a part of the same religion as the first CR34T0R.
  3. Not stoop to trolling. And will not troll a friend, even if said friend may not be respectful to you.
  4. Be a boy or girl, or even a pair or team.
  5. Admit when you are the next CR34T0R, not the previous one.
  6. Use the name CR34T0R even if you decide to use a different email address when you carry on the legacy.
  7. Understand that you will not reveal your real name until you want to stop or if you decide to write it in your own will.
  8. Maybe admire the same things that the last CR34T0R did if you choose to.
  9. Understand that just because your name is "CR34T0R" that doesn't mean you should do anything blasphemous. Seriously, don't.
  10. Always be smart and not arrogant when it comes to proving or creating something.
  11. Always be proud of who you choose to be rather than what you are titled to be.
  12. Never post/publish anything related to lemons or anything physically inappropriate like that.
  13. Give this same message to the next CR34T0R that may someday come after you.

For all the next CR34T0Rs that come after me, please promise me that you follow and interpret these words correctly in order to carry on the legacy. Thank you.

I hope this looks good, and S-or-L, I might update my profile more.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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