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Hi, my name is, well, not important because all I hope to do on fanfiction.net is publish stories. Seeing the reaction from someone reading my work is a great feeling to me. Being only a mere boy of only fifteen I haven't quite learned everything and am hoping to get some pointers.

If you read my stories I will be posting in the future you will notice one thing. Xion Glydus, which is also my pen name, will be a constant character in whatever I write. He is a traveler who will have some connection to one of the other "base" characters in that story. He will start out in a few Teen Titans stories and move on from there to other places. Aslo I would like to ask that no one uses the name Xion Glydus use in any of there writings without my permission being granted. I looked long and hard to find a name that hasn't been overused so...please.

Here is my summary for my first fic (horay!) Titled...

"Imortal Demons": (Ohh scary...)

Xion Glydus is a sucesfull business man under the employment of Bruce Wayne. He finds that a demon from his past, known as the Crimson Death, has resurfaced after ten years ofsupposedly beingdestroyed. Xionsets out to hunt down the evil and destroy it for good. His sister that he only knows by the name "T"(not the letter "T" the nickname "T")due to memory loss as a child, believes that Xion is dead and that it was caused by the Crimson Death itself.

I know this sounds kinda thrown together but I will look more like a story when it's actually done.

Some important things

This story should be in a crossoverssection (due to multiple anime and video game crossovers) but...well...it isn't because it highly revolves around the Titans, Xion's sister (whos name isn't dissclosed because it's a secret), and the reason Slade is now after Raven.
-Xion willl meet the Teen Titans due to a lead given to him by Bruce
-This fic will take place after the T.T. episode "Birthmark" and disregard any thing after the time
-Note that the Crimson Death is, literaly, a demon
-Pairings...well...i'll tell you that Star and Robin are together and the others well...you will see
-Slade and a new villan are the main bad guys
-One of the Titans has more in common with Xion than thought possible
-This is rated R so it will have language, sexual scenes, and heavy (very heavy) violence (Example: The new badguy will do more damage to people (including Titans) than Brother Blood did to Cyborg in the second Titans East episode)

I will think of some more stuff later...but please (please, please, please) email me and tell me if you like the idea and anything I can do to improve it.

My email is now changed to xionglydus@lycos.com (most likely don't try clicking this link. Just copy and paste into whatever email program or web site you use)

Some places you can find me are:
-Here, at FanFiction
-GameFaqs Message Boards as XCubeGameBoxStation2
-Ezboard's web site as oOXion GlydusOo (I may soon be making a Teen Titans comunity, so check it out sometime)
-Or at my email

And if you ever just want to talk about writing, art, anime, video games, DDR, or anything else I (mainly because I have nothing better to do) will be more than happy to reply if you email me.

Interests are as follows:
-Anime (YuYu Hakusho, Inuyasha, DB:GT, Ghost in the Shell, Full Metal, Yu-Gi-Oh, .Hack/Sign, and kinda Ruroni Kenshin.)
-Video Games (Halo2gamertag: dustinpup, Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X, Kingdom Hearts, Tekken, Bloody Roar, Metal Gear)
-DDR (I love it so much it's kinda sick...I admit)
-Cartoons (Teen Titans, Justice Leauge: Unlimited, Fairly Odd Parents)
-Yu-Gi-Oh Cards (If you don't like em', to damn bad)

Things I wish I could do or wish were real:
-Get a job (to much school)
-Get a drivers permit/licence (costs to much)
-Get a girl freind (I have no luck with the ladies...Sighs)
-Raven and/or Terra...(nuf said)
-Have every super power at once and make everbody bow down to me as their master (Mwahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa)
-Pass Paranoia Survivor Max 290 on Oni Mode (It's a song on DDR that is extremely hard)
-Get bitten by a radioactive spider (so I get super powers :D)
-Write a fic as good as and as fast as Gohan Strife (yes, a tribute to you, Gohan)


(Oh and by the way...I'm evil, so beware)

(I use these inserts way to often)

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