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n o i r n e s s

I love Silent Hill. I love everything about it: the horrific imagery, the dark psychological undertones, the characters, the monsters... I love to play Silent Hill, I love to talk about Silent Hill and I love to write about Silent Hill.

And, no, I am not a social cripple.

I prefer to write fanfiction featuring original characters. I love to create my own characters, breathe into them life and personality. But Silent Hill provides the journey and the adventure. The iconic town has many tales to tell, and I thoroughly enjoy not only writing some of them but reading them as well.

If you have a Silent Hill fic you would like me to read, by all means send me a message. I would love to check it out!


Author's Notes:

In Monochrome Dream: Alas, this be the definitive re-write to Restless Dreams. It's bigger. It's better. It's gorier. It's sexier. If this story were a t.v. show, it would include my favorite disclaimer: "Warning. This show contains scenes of violence, sexuality and coarse language. Viewer discretion is advised." I've completely replaced Restless Dreams with this story so it can be freshly read and reviewed. Also check out the blog version at:

Restless Dreams: Sadly, this story is complete. Thanks to all who read and reviewed! I love you, and should this someday become a polygamous world I shall marry you all.Since seeing themovie (awesome awesome awesome!) I've decided to tweak this story a bit. I plan on making it longer, more in depth and gorier. So keep an eye open.o.O

Maria Void of Grace: Yeah, this story is done. Sorry. :( Thanks for the reviews though!

The Creepy Curse: Don't ask. I was hooked on the Lemony Snicket series and was anxious to emulate the writing style and I thought, "What better medium to do so than Silent Hill?" I was also trying to find an excuse to write an SH parody that was not dumb and doltish, a word here that means, "full of sex and fart jokes worthy of brain degredation." This story is on brief hiatus due to crap technology and brain dehydration. Please stand by. If you really need this story to be finished, send me me love.

Angela's Ashes: This is another shortie with the same feel as the Maria story. This story documents Angela's appearances throughout the game and her inner thoughts and feelings. Since it does this, I'm not planning on adding anymore.

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