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(This is between Noodle's science teacher and the girl that sat behind her) Ms.C: "So why would the ice cube melt?" F.L: "Because the coldness is leaving the ice cube and going into the water." Ms.C: "No there's no such thing as coldness. So why would the ice cube melt?" F.L: "Because as the ice cube cools off the coldness leave the ice cube-" Ms.C: "No. There's no such thing as coldness. The answer is that the warmth from the water is entering the ice cube..." (a few minutes later) Ms.C: "So why would the ice cube melt?" F.L: "Because the heat from the water is entering the ice cube!" Ms.C: "YES!"

(Noodle's S.S. teacher was explaining an event during Prohibition) Mr.Campbell: "So I was looking through police recods from the 1920s and I found one that stood out to me. One guy came out of a speekezy and walked over to a horse that a policeman was on and punched it in the face and got arrested for that."

(I explained the last quote to Shnoodle) Shnoodle: "And Byakuya Kuchki arrested him for it."

Dee: "Look at the picture I drew. (drew a picture of a duck) It's my soon to be duck." Julie: "Yes, it's her duck that she's naming fish." Dee: "Yup, my duck named fish!"

Colleen: (we are sitting under a table in Macy's waiting for her mom to get us and I made a sheep noise) "There's a sheep in Macy's!"
(We were sitting by the doors at projekt revolution (which rocked!) so we could get to our seats and I made the same sheep noise) "There's a sheep in Projekt Revolution!"

Dee: "Lindy! Look!" (shows me her wrist in a soft cast) Noodle: "Dee, what did you do now?" Dee: "Really, I don't know. I think I've just started to hurt myself involenteraly." Julie: "She hit her wrist on the railing going up the stairs yesterday." Dee: "Oh yeah! That's what I did this time!" Noodle: "Wow, you've hurt youself so many time's you can't remember how you do it anymore. So let's count, this is the second time you've hurt a wrist?" Dee: "Third." Noodle: "Right you broke both of them that time." Dee: =D

Well just so you know:

Stories in progress:

Noodle is really trying with Hostess guys!! Sorry! Writer's block! =[
Noodle and Shnoodle are working on a Soul Eater fic!

Well now I'm bored...
Noodle and Shnoodle

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