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Author has written 13 stories for Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, and X-Men: The Movie.

Um, what am I supposed to put on this? What I like, or something? No matter. I'll find something to tell you. I'm fifteen, (16 now) (oop, 17) and have many different people living inside my head. Not really, or am I lying? Maybe, I'm not quite sure. If I have confused and/or scared you, then you are odder than I am. Anyway, I'm not horribly into Anime/Manga. I just like to write. I like to read too, and some of you other writers here have very interesting material.

But I have one question.

Why does all of these writing things here have to be so complicated? I don't work well with computers. The Internet is just trying to kill me again, I suppose. I told you once, I've told you twice: It ain't gonna work.

Did I scare you yet?

No really, did I? I don't have much to say about myself. Writing is a passion of mine, but unless I get terribly lucky, I won't have it for my career. Did you wonder about the name? It has nothing to do with my real name, yet it is a name used frequently by my friends, though not in voice or word. Ha! I made a riddle. The answer is: I made my own sign language (oh, yes, very original, right?) and that is my name in my sign language. My friends that helped me develop it and I couldn't think of signals to use for our real names, so we each made up our own silent one out of words we had.

I am not one of those really happy people, but I'm not a monster in the closet, either. Well, I hope I'm not. I have maybe (oh wait, I have to count, and I suck at math) eight stories that I'm writing now, the greater majority of which will not appear on this site. I love all music (especially the types with lots of drums) Except for rap. Rap, I cannot stand. And that type of music (if you can call it that) where all the people do is scream at you. I'm sorry, if I wanted to be screamed at, I'd go do something really stupid. More correctly, I'd do it on purpose. I like a lot of cartoons, especially the older ones where Tweety was just starting out, and most importantly, the one where Abbot and Costello were the cats trying to eat him.

I wouldn't think of myself as an arrogant person, not even self centered. I'm not all about everyone else, but I have yet to meet anyone that is. I believe in ghosts, I have one living in my closet, one upstairs and others. Call me creepy, call me whatever, I really couldn't care less. That's the type of person I am, if you get to the bottom. A Cynic. I really prefer the term 'Nohbdy', (A title of one of my books) a name I gave myself.

Also, I like to say 'Chicken' at the oddest times.

And, for the millionth time to my friends that might read this:


Ok, I have more to say now. For my first story that I just put up, I have it finished by hand, I just have to get it on here. I apologize for any and all spelling errors, spelling errors that my friend and co-writer (on other stories you may or not read) took much enjoyment in pointing them all out. she is the 'ww's friend' that reviewed 'A Very Strange World, Indeed'. Her writer name is B.B., or Blond Bitch, also from my sign language. You'll be seeing the stories later, if she can ever find the first one. She wrote it all by herself (oh My turtle snaps! she can write!) and now she can't find it, big surprise. I don't even remember its title, it's been so long since I've seen it. The second one is called 'The Newcomers', the third one, 'Total Control', and the fourth in the series that we are working on right now is 'And So It Continues...Still'. They are a series, so if you read them out of order, you will become terribly confused, and your head might explode. Thank you.

Characters you will meet in my stories: (ones that I or my friends have made up)

Ankhale Suneye (a.k.a. Ankha) - Cat demon, of my own invention, called an Orlm. I have a description in the second (or is it the third?) story of that series, but I'll write it here as well.
'Exerpt from 'Total Control' - Her head was much like a lioness's, but smaller and finer boned. Her eyes were large and a brilliant green color. Smart looking black tufted ears capped her head, and short black stripes ran down the spine of her neck. Her body was graceful and slender, obviously built for speed. The dew claws on her legs were tipped in black, and poisonous. Her long, whip-like tail ended in a short, sharp black barb, also poisonous. For all her slender form, she was still strong.
A breeze from a crack in the roof of the cave barely moved her short, silky fur as she stood before (
blanking out for suspense). Torchlight glittered off her golden coat.So, that's Ankha, Level Nine Assassin (or she will be) which is the highest level you can be. In her human form, she has dark skin, very different from usual in Japan (because, perhaps, she's not from Japan?) jet black hair (that changes too) with red tips, sort-of elf ears, but longer, white tipped, and very delicate looking. They turn red when she is embarrassed. Her tail is long enough to wrap around her left arm three times, and is also white tipped. Her eyes are large, but not like really large, typical evil anime chick eye shape, slit pupils, and a molten (glowing, often times, especially when mad) amber with emerald flecks (oops, changed that too, read my stories to find out how) in color. Her Assassin name is 'The Black Lullaby', because her song is death to anyone who hears. A different type of song can bend you to do her will, if you are weaker minded than she. The song is only heard by her and the person it is directed at, just so you know. Her other attacks include: Her claws, but that doesn't really have a special attack. They're metal, and lengthen to any extent she desires. Then there is 'Assassin's Storm', an attack of which she is the only living master of. It is the use of up to fifty tiny daggers (no longer than your pinky nail each) that are extremely poisonous, and will kill the thrower if not thrown correctly.They will lengthen into a thin sword upon command.
As to some facts about her: She purrs in her sleep, and will turn to mush if you scratch her head. Not literally. She frequently has horrible dreams, and so tries to avoid sleeping most nights. She has a huge soft spot for children, and will let them get away with a lot before finally punishing them, though the most extreme punishment would probably be a time out. Because of this and the fact that she is a cat while Inuyasha is a dog (half, whatever) she and he are constantly fighting. This one time, she even... Never mind. You'll have to read it to find out. Unlike the myths about cats, she loves water, or at least loves to listen to a stream. She fears - Sleeping, small places, insanity, and ... that's about it. As you can see, this is a favorite character of mine, and have in fact used her in many stories that will not appear here, under different names, and with different characteristics. You should never throw away a good character.

Ligerrain Melhas (a.k.a. Rain) - a Bounty Hunter, not really normal. I don't know if Bounty Hunters are on the actual show, but me and B.B. might have made them a bit different... He starts out as a Level Four Bounty Hunter, but right now he is a Level Seven. That is considerably better. And while Assassin marks are red slashes on the face, telling you the person's level, a Bounty Hunters marks are Violet, and also on the face. His Bounty Hunter Name is Shadow Blade, and he calls his sword Oblivion. He has three attacks. One is with the sword, and is called the 'Viper's Kiss', because the sword breaks into several short swords all held together by a chain that is sharp in and of itself. If you swing just right while it is 'broken', you can get it to wrap around your enemy's head and can rip it off. I liked that, and so thought the sword deserved a name. Another attack is 'Amnesia', where he takes the memories straight out of his opponent's mind, and transforms it into a blue marble, that he can 'read' at anytime to get the information inside. The memory is lost to the opponent. And his third attack is called 'Barricade', where he can form an invisible box around his opponant or himself and anyone he might be standing with. This box can't be pierced, but by sound, as he finds out to his disadvantage. BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Rain can be very stupid at times, and is quite the open book. This is because, unlike most people on the show and in our story, he had a happy enough childhood. His real parents abandoned him be the roadside one day, and he was found and adopted by a couple of Bounty Hunters, who were on their way to get married. Yahoo. Anyway, they find him, retire from Bounty Hunting, because neither wants to leave a grieving spouse behind if they got killed, and adopt him. He grows up on their farm, and becomes a Bounty Hunter. He fears: enclosed spaces (like caves) and the color pink. Weaknessess (sp?) - can be very gloomy, panics if he can't feel his sword or doesn't know where it is. Dirt. He really can be a neat freak.

Loeyla Sue Essy- (Loeyla) mate of Sesshomaru in our stories, because I had no say in it. This was before I started writing with B.B., so whatever. Anyway, she is the daughter of Talabinya and Kurama. Talabinya is also a character of B.B., actually, it started out for B.B. with Tal as her. B.B. was crazy about Kurama.

Rorrim Ettisoppo- Uh, she was never really intended for our fics, but as I was writing my part one day, the nameless face that had been floating around in my binder suddenly gained a name... and was of course forced to join the gang as yet another little kid for Ankha to obssess over, and try to kill Inuyasha over. Rorrim is a small Wind/Water Demon mix, and she looks almost the same as a normal girl, except she's green. Not a deep, evil green, but a light happy green, with white hair and some white pearl-bead-things imbedded in an 'x' on her face, kind of encircling her eyes. Her mother and father are dead, so for a while she lived with her grandmother, unimaginitively named Wind, because I only needed her for a minute, and I didn't want to waste a name on her. So, they lived in the woods, until she snuck away with Ankha, the cat demon unknowing, in the assassin's cloak. That's really easy to understand, if you knew the secrets of Ankha's cloak. However, if you did, she might have to jump out of the computer and kill you... Anyway, Rorrim is a very happy child, and is good friends with Shippo. She gets another friend soon... A very odd one.

Okay, ya'll, guess what? The first story of our series is up, well, the first chapter is... anyway, it's published under B.B.'s author name, 'Miroku'sTrueLover'. It's called 'Tal'. Yep, that's it. 'Tal.' Now go read it! And if you get confused... The next one will be better. It'll have ME in it! Gosh, ain't I modest? As inoffensive as a bulldozer tearing down your house. (smiles real big, face breaks in half) Damn it! Not again! Where the hell is the ducktape?

Talabinya Karlaya- (Tal) Loeyla's mother. I'm still waiting for the info on these two characters (that I did not make, if I had made them, I would know all about them...) from B.B., so all you can have right now is her name, her love for Kurama, his returning love for her and their daughter, and the fact that she is the Dark Fox, which apparently means something to the part of the universe not under my control. Er... I mean, I have no idea about the Dark Fox's powers! This profile of mine is getting long, ain't it? You have yet to see my series...

Hey, ya'll, I have a new quote for you. I heard it today from my teacher, how weird is that? But the stupid library computers won't let me onto my email... I have no idea what that has to do with my quote... and in other news,'The Newcomer' is up fully, as is 'Tal'. AND, so... on with the quote!

'If you can't dazzle them with brillience, baffle them with bullshit.' Thank you, Mr. Cashen!

Erfm, I wanted to write something, but I forgot what it was. But you know what I'd like to be? I'd like to be a shapeshifter. That'd be nice, don't you think?

Hey, I'm hooked on the test stuff on the internet, and I took this one that was supposed to give you your name in Japanese, but I got three different answers, so I just picked my favorite one. It is Sayoko Nakayama. Ain't it pretty? Anyway, as if anyone is reading this, there is another story up!

Sorry about any confusion. The computer was evil, and I only just realized that I had one of the way later chappies in for the first one on 'The Newcomer', so... yeah. Sorry to anyone who had to read that! I took the story off until I can reload it as it is supposed to be. (Reloaded)

Shit. Do they WANT to confuse me this much! How about a warning! They just switch every thing on here... Confused me, even if it didn't confuse you. Gr...

K, I'm back. A lot of shit has occured, but we don't need to talk about it.-


'Despite that amazing display of cunning, reflex, and physical prowess, your tail still has a death grip on your butt.' -calvin and hobbes

'You're a scary son of a bitch, mister. Cute as hell, but scary.' -Neil gaiman, voice of Ruby, Sandman series

'Death doesn't follow me; I'm the one stalking it, not the other way around'


'Death doesn't follow me; it walks beside me and we have many interesting talks together.' -Me, in moments of extreme bordom/complentation/early morning dumbass syndrome


'Yes, Death is following me, but I'm also stalking him, so we don't go anywhere very much. Just in this really big circle.'- still me

"He isn't in love with your eyes; rather everything below them." -- me again

I just finished reading 'Who's on First' by DragonFlyr, and I hope she doesn't mind me putting this quote on here! I really recommend her as a writer, by the way.

'Hiei: (trying hard to controll his frustration) Today is the day you die if you don't stop confusing me!

Kurama: How am I confusing you?


Hey, everyone, I'm back! I know no one reads this, it's just too damn long, but like I fucking care! I do not write my stories to be known, I do not write in here for you. I write in here for me, and that's good enough.

Um. Anyway... I got a new story idea! I have to find time to post it, because the chapters are going stale (I dunno how...) but the story isn't on this computer, and it doesn't have any Word (you know, writing programs) that FanFiction accepts, so even if I got it on here, I couldn't upload it! Huh! How about that! damn ass computer... Not mine, but the office's, because I spend two days a week at my mom's office, on the internet, doing whatever... The rest of the week I'm working at the horse center or hanging with my friends! I need to go do more of the latter. But anyway, look for my story, because I believe I will call it, "Night Walker Meets Dragon Fire" or, just "Night Walker". I have a couple really cool ideas for it, and though it kills me to say it, it... it... IT'S A ROMANCE! ACK! SOMEBODY KILL ME! It's under Yu Yu Hakusho, (Not Inuyasha, for once, though I had this awesome dream last night.The dreamwoke me up at 3:35 am, soI didn't get to find out the ending, but enough for an idea! and it gave me an idea. Well, since I can't post it on here, I might as well write it down so I don't forget!

I did write them down, and on this thing too, but instead I just copied and pasted them in a writing program on this computer so you can't read and steal my ideas! Paranoid? Yes, I am, but besides that, my stories are worth everything to me, whether you like them or not, and I couldn't bare to see one of my ideas abused by someone else (Which is why I don't let Xanne read my stories much anymore :(, because she always steals my plot, my characters, or something of the sort that I thought up and have never seen anywhere else. That's so rare it almost makes me shit myself, to think of something no one's thought before, or at least, no one that you know of, so I don't really trust her with my life-- stories,I mean. I wouldn't consider this a weakness, never mind thatI almost went on a killing rampage when I thought Dan (My mom's boyfriend) might have deleted my stories by way of killing the computer. I would just consider them one of the few things in my life I actually consider important. After all, you can get anything twice, except people and an idea, and sometimes even people. Reincarnation, duh. Sadly, there are few of us old souls left. I mean, uh... LOOK AT THE DUCK! MOO!)

Honestly, who is really reading this to this point? If you are, maybe you would also be interested in reading the instructions on the back of a cereal box... no I don't know if they really exist. I've never looked, possibly because I don't eat cereal. Breakfast makes me ill.

Um. I have been just swarmed with writing ideas, but I'm too lazy to actually write them out. Sorry. Trying to get on it, but I just don't have enough energy when I have the time.

Okay... That was weird. I just read the last few paragraphs of what came before this entry.

As for 'Night Walker Meets Dragon Fire', I'm really sorry it's taking so long to get anything up on it. I'm just really lazy. And, I have a bitch of a computer who won't upload my chapters when I want it to... Anyway. Ch11 is up, if anyone even still feels like reading it. As for 'The Sky Files', well, we've hit the real romantic stage, and I'm at a loss. So that's going to ge going even slower then usual. Yeah. I think that's all of my active stories right now, though if anyone is still reading this, I recently put up a one-shot, shounen ai, Hiei/Kurama, and I think it's good. All the comments I have gotten on it have been very good, at the least, and that's heartening. Um. I think that's it...

I have a new story idea, and I'm so proud of myself! Actually, I've had quite a few within the last few days, but only a couple have any potential to make it past a one shot. One is under Inuyasha, of course, but I don't know where it's going and I have to work on that before I get it up, and then there's this one under Yu Yu Hakusho that I thought of late last night (not really late, because I went to bed early -- midnight or so) that kind of writes itself... But I think I forgot an idea for it already, and that kind of sucks because it was a good little idea, yet I suppose that it won't effect the overall story line that much.

I'm actually getting involved in my school this year, the gods know why. I'm in NHS (National Honors Society) and I have to call my old elementary about Letters to Santa, then I'm in CAMS (Comstock Anime and Manga Society) and now I'm gonna be in book club too, plus I want to get a job, be in pep band, and have to work 10 hours of community service a trimester and maintain top grades to stay in NHS. And then I got my friends, who constantly call, plus my stories, and regular band... Yay! It seems that the year is in full swing already! I know I'll be really busy and probably cursing myself within a few weeks, but that's okay, because going back to school always seems to recharge my brain. Seriously, like with story ideas and stuff.

My mom asked me what I want for Christmas, because she has no idea and she's going shopping with my aunts soon, and I told her to get me a pair of Hot Topic pants. That's all I really want, you know? And she's gonna get me some boxing gloves, so I'll stop ripping up my hands on our punching bag. Hm. I'm in such a talkative mood, I should be at home, writing on Nohbdy. I should.

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A Very Strange World, Indeed reviews
There was once a girl with a perfect life. She never wanted anything to change. Then, one day, a letter came, a very unwelcome letter. "I'M A WHAT!"
Inuyasha - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure - Chapters: 13 - Words: 14,766 - Reviews: 28 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 2/15/2005 - Published: 2/8/2005