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Hm, well, for the moment, let's just say that I'm English, from the United Kingdom (just to clear up any spelling or grammatical queries), and I'm somewhere in my mid-twenties. Otherwise, well, the writing's more important than the author. The writing's probably not very important either, in this case, but it keeps me amused, and if it amuses anyone else, well, that's all to the good.

I try to aim for a balance of drama and a certain amount of humour- partly because I feel drama does rather better with a bit of humour to counterpoint it- and I do, I admit, like to experiment with just how close you can run those together. Besides, life, especially when it's going wrong, is frequently rather farcical, so it feels 'right' for fiction to reflect that.

I will tend to rate most things I write as 'M', not necessarily because I plan for them to end up being particularly explicit, but instead because, although 'writing around the restrictions' may well be a fun part of the game in certain cases,"don't scare the kiddies" has always been a restriction that's irritated me.On the other hand, I usually prefer to keep both horror, language, and sex or nudity implicit rather than explicit, just because it's more effective that way. I make a special exception for Lord Voldemort though- on the 'horror' front, because the 'sex/nudity' issue is not going there- because the character's been a nebulous 'baddie' for so long in canon that I feel he needs to visibly do some very horrible things in order to make the reader notice that he's here, he's back, and it's happening now.

Reviews are always welcome, and I'll always try to answer them.

On my personal 'fanon' universe-

Strictly speaking, the term ought to be 'Divergent Reality', rather than 'Alternate Universe'. The 'on page' events of "The Philosopher's Stone", "The Chamber of Secrets", "The Prisoner of Azkaban", "The Goblet of Fire", and "The Order of the Phoenix" are all part of the in-continuity backstory, however, "The Half-Blood Prince" and "The Deathly Hallows" are not. This is in no way a judgement of quality upon them- actually those two are among my favourite books of the series, notwithstanding that I don't like the way that Ginny, so excellently written in "The Order of the Phoenix" seems to get so little characterisation material in the latter two canon books.

However, my personal universe, which will be used for most of my HP fanfics, diverges after "The Order of the Phoenix". No Horcruxes. No Horace Slughorn. Certain events may parallel the canon books six and seven- largely because some things were obviously being set up many books down the line, and I picked up on the hints! However, others may well follow a radically different path.

"The Sound of Sorcery" is my attempt to carry on the Harry Potter story in my own inimitable writing style- it's long, so those like me that revel in being able to wrap themselves in a long book and tuck themselves away from the real world for a while ought to enjoy it. Hopefully mistakes of spelling and grammar have been kept to a minimum- there are a few that I'm aware of, but with the exception of one continuity error (Harry's glasses are described as being different shapes in two adjacent chapters) which I'm leaving in to teach me humility, there's little that would earn copious quantities of red ink.

Notable differences from canon:

Blaise Zabini is a girl. True, she's a bit of a tomboyish goth who likes baggy jumpers, but she is definitely female. Don't ask her to prove it, because she'll probably do to you what she threatened to do to Draco in Chapter Ten if you ask.

Virginia Weasley doesn't like being called 'Ginevra'. This is simply because JK had only given her full name on a website, not in the books, when I started this fic. Now it's begun, I'm keeping with Virginia to split the difference. If Harry asked Virginia to stay behind and go to school like a good girl while he did his thing, she'd split his difference for him faster than Blaise would.

Things Which J.K. Rowling has said, but which aren't made explicit in books 1-5, are not necessarily valid here. One specific spoiler-free example would be Ginny's birthday.

In Two Cases things which were stated as truth in 'canon' have been re-examined as lies, or mistaken impressions, here.

Harry Potter and The Updates of Doom:

Chapter Fifty-Two: Morsmordre! Named after an incantation nobody actually uses in the chapter.

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