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Well anybody who still visits this page for some odd reason (all my stories being taken down and all…) I would like to put this up as a warning….I’m keep this page up as a relic of my past. You can still contact me from this page and everything, I just don’t plan on changing it ever again is all. Read it for a look into a just turned 16 year olds boys mind (who lies about what grade he's in).


P.S. Yes I am aware of the fact that there are a large amount of grammatical errors on this page as it is…it makes me laugh to see how much my writing has improved over the years. After all, I haven’t updated this page since HBP came out and that was just to add that little rant at the end all the rest is how I wrote when I was 16 years old.

Hi, well I guess I’ll start with the basics, my full name is Tobang Alotofwomen...or at least i wish it was. My real firstname is actually Donny (If anyone actually cares?) and I am a senior right now at Chaska Highschool in good ol Minnesota. hmm that’s enough personal information I think so il go on to my tastes.

5 Favorite Characters:

Harry: Favorite character by far, as long as he isn’t a wimp

Lilly: What’s to say about her, strong beautiful charming how can you not love her.

The twins: I always read about them with a smile on my face.

James: Leader of the muraders, fun loving and afraid of nothing….but Lilly

Hermione: The only person Harry hangs out with that has a brain. I see them, as good friends not lovers though, not that I mind reading a good Harry/Hermione.

5 Least Favorite Characters:

Dumbeldore: This man has been in power way to long. But what i relaly hateabout him is the fact that so many people write him as an idiot, Dumbeldore is a VERY smart man, and VERY manipulative. If its a good story were Dumbeldore has a brain then i love him, but iv read so many bad ones that just saying his name leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Ron: This guy is my least favorite charicter of all, he is such a biased, jealous pig. I could write pages on how much of an idiot Ron is and also how much of an idiot Harry is for putting up with him.

Snape: The man’s an asshole no doubt about it, to many people change his charicter so much in non AU stories that he just bothers me. I reallyhate when stories start to focus on him and his feelings. (Servitus challange shuders)

Draco: Once again, the kid’s an asshole. Draco Is not nice, he was brainwashed by his father for years to be made that way and I don’t see him suddenly switching sides in the war. And dont even get me started on D/H slash...grrrr annoying stuff that is.

Voldemort: I only hate Voldemort when he is written to be an idiot, once again, Voldemort is a VERY smart man and VERY manipulative. When someone writes him to be the kind of person who screams "KILL KILL KILL KILL!" I stop reading it, Voldemort did not get were he was by only learning three spells (the unforgivables) and using them over and over again, he is a genius, write him as one.

5 General dislikes:

Ron/Hermione Pairing: Hermione is a genus, Ron is an idiot. She would get bored of him in a week, I mean what would they talk about? What would they do together? They have very little in common, she couldn’t talk with him because she is at a totally different level of intelligence then he is, she couldn’t do much with him since they like such different things, they would not work.

Servitus Challenge: The whole concept of it makes me shudder, Lilly my second favorite character with Snape. There are different degrees of bad in this too, if you have Lilly being raped by Snape then its not as bad (its still bad though), but if you have Lilly sleeping around willingly with Snape b/c she cant choose between Snape and James, I would be tempted to flame you, except I wouldn’t want to give you the review count. I have no problem with Snape liking Lilly, but Lilly is a faithful person and she loved James, they were made for each other, plus i just hate Snape.

Slash: I don’t get it. How the hell is slash so popular? I’m not homophobic or anything, I even like some slash stories as long as they don’t get to detailed or descriptive I’m perfectly ok with it, but how the hell is it that practicly one-forth the stories on FFnet are slash? Do that many gay people read FF? I heard once that girls like to read about it, because they find it "fascinating", but every female I have ever talked to who reads FF viewed slash just as I did. I actually want an answer to this question of mine, leave it in a review or something because I’m honestly curious, is there just a lot of Gay people who read FF or what is up with all the slash?

Update 12/20/05 the slash plague has struck again,three of thefour girls i know who read FanFiction now read slash...a lot, they say they like it because they cant choose which guy character they like best in the story so they just pair there two favorites together and make everything perfect. The thing I find truly ironic is the fact that they hate fem-slash though, they say it degrades women……

People who don’t tell you what’s in their story in their summery: Iv gotten about three chapter into a story then out of the blue Harry says something along the line of "Yeah, I think I’m falling for Snape, that sexy beast." (That is DEFINETLY to descriptive slash for my tastes). Now normally I would of exited and been like ‘that is definitely gunna be a slash storyI won’t like, but the Auhor didn’t even warn about it in his summery, I would of skimmed the story before reading it if Slash was writen in the summery, to see if it was a 'bad' slash. A summery is there to warn people who might take offence to some of the content in you story, use it as such.

People who read a story and don’t review: You are reading a story that someone spent hours writing and the least you can do for them is click that little button at the bottom left corner of the screen and type ‘Good work’ or ‘needs improvement.’ Trust me the author wont care what you type in a review, hell I know in my story I would almost prefer a bad review were someone calls me an idiot for making some mistake, because then I can fix it.

Other Random Things:

It is my opinion that just because a story is extremely unoriginal does not mean its bad, If the story is good, who cares if the story’s plot line has been used before. Don’t get me wrong though, I love reading a new original plot line as much as the next person, I am trying to write a original story and I do get bored of reading the same plots over and over again eventually, but I just think that there is no reason to flame someone who has a less then original story.

Flamers are idiots, nothing more to say about it.

FFN rules are way too strict, and are only getting stricter. Did any artists actually complain about their song lyrics being used in stories? If anything its free advertisement. But hell its not my sight and I have no right to tell them how to run it, I just hope they realize they are loosing some of there best authors, who are protesting the changes.

My thoughts on HBP

I can honestly say that this is my least favorite book out of the six. I don’t even know where to start with what I didn’t like about it. So I will just make a list:

1. The thing I hated the most about it is the fact that in the WHOLE story Harry is pathetic and getting beaten on. They show Snape and Voldemort when the're in school and what are they doing…gettting perfect grades and inventing spells in there free time. Then compare that to what Harry is doing, worrying about quidich and getting mediocre grades. I guess I was just looking forward to seeing and awesome duel between Harry and voldemort and from what I see of the story so far, unless JK pulls some crazy time travel stuff, Harry is going to win by some dumb fluke.

2. The Good luck potion. the whole concept of this potion is so horibly unbalanced. Take a swig of that stuff then apperate to where you ‘feel’ Voldemort will be and shoot an Aveda Kedavra curse at him…the end.

3. The main point of this story was to find a memory from Slughorn to…..what? Dumbeldore already knew what a horexcus was (he had destroyed the ring), and he knew that Voldemort had made at least two (the diary), so what is the point of finding that memory again when simple logic can tell you everything in it?

4. Dumbeldore using his last remaining strength to paralyze Harry. WTF was the point in doing that, I know Harrys a wimp in this story but he should have been able to take on Draco while he was under an invisibility cloak and everything.

5. Harry and Ginnys pathetic relationship. All im going to say about it is thatJK seriously disappointed me with the lack of details in their relationship.

6. The fact that JK is still writing her stories so they are geared toward 14 year olds, This is perhaps what annoys me most about JK’s writing, she writes about adult topics like how you would explain them to children, it just doesn’t work. She also just skips over whole sections of a teenager’s psyche that would greatly improve her story,like sex and drugs, or for an example, how does someonewho has hadthe life Harry has had never have a single dark thought of killing/torturing someone (im not counting the end of book 5 that was Harry making a rash decision without thinking not planning out a torture or a murder) One example of Harry not reacting properly at all was after Dracos little train beat down on Harry, Harry litteraly just lied down and took it, we all know that Harry has a temper in Jk’s stories but yet he didn’t do a damn thing to get revenge on Malfoy. (At least as far as I can remember, I read threw the book once and have been trying to repress the memory ever since...)

And also Jk is writing huge inconsistencies in her story, in a child book is ok but once you get to adult books you cant have glaring inconsistencies in your story. I’ll give some examples of what I mean incase you don’t get what I’m saying.

In the first book three first year students make it through a gauntlet of challenges set up by some of the most powerful witches and wizards in the world, I wont give any shit to that because the first book was definitely a child’s book and thus you are allowed to have inconsistencies in your story.

In book three its becomes apparent that time turners or so common that people are willing to give them to 13 year old girls to help them with their school work, and not only that, two children then use it to significantly change the past, without getting caught or anything bad happening to them (i.e. getting erased from time or stuck in another time). Wouldn’t logic say that Voldemort would then be easily able to get his hands on one of those easy to get time-turners and thus make himself invincible by always correcting the mistakes his plans have? Book 3 is starting to push it, it’s midway between child book and teenager book in my opinion.

Then we hit book 6 and the proverbial shit hits the fan. I can truly say I hated almost everything about book six except for a few things, (Slughorn and his Slugclub was a very cool idea, horexcus's not bad, I don’t love em but iv seen worse and that one werewolf dude who eats people even when he isn’t hairy, finally an original good villain besides Voldemort.) everything else in the story was very bad, especially how wimpy Harry is. Jk better have some serious hardcore training up ahead for Harry (alternate dimension, time travel, memory swap, Gryfindor's reincarnation, I don’t care just make Harry powerful), I do not want Harry to beat Voldemort by some dumbass fluke or too just shoot some concentrated wave of ‘love’ at him that destroys him, I will be mad if that happens.

Ok this has defiantly gotten out of hand lol I’ll stop this little mini rant right here.

My order of the books form favorite to least favorite is 4, 2, 5, 3, 1,6.
Last but definitely not least…..cats are better then dogs.

Good by, good night and good luck:


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