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Author has written 15 stories for Card Captor Sakura, CSI, Labyrinth, Doctor Who, and Torchwood.

UPDATED 11th October.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO MY READERS: I know it's been a long time. I know I've been making you wait forever. I know if it were me I'd probably have given up on me by now. I do not blame you for this. I feel I should tell you any further stories/chapter updates are suspended until further notice. The reason? My computer with all my work on has decided to throw in the towel. I cannot access anything off it, including all the stories I was writing, all the photos I have taken, all my work for university... I'm in a very bad place right now, and I don't know when I'll be able to rewrite things, or indeed if I'll be able to rewrite them. They'll never be as good, a shadow of what was once written, and if any of you love writing as much as I do, you'll know just how much this hurts.

My sincerest apologies to everyone who has to wait. I can only hope my work can be recovered.

Okay, so I'm from England, and I am now twenty-two years old. I've been at university now for three years, and right now it's looking like there's going to be a third. Yay (she says sarcastically). I'm a bit of a failure, in the literal sense of the word, having failed a few modules. I now have to redo one, whereupon its completion I will be awarded a non-honours degree. I must redo it - a prospect that makes me want to put a gun to my head and put myself out of my misery. Well, not really, but you get the picture. Not. Looking. Forward. To. It.

I managed to pass my first year at uni, barely, and surprisingly my best mark was in Japanese, a module I just took for the fun of it. I just barely passed my second year (argh, what happened?) and my best mark this time was in Children's Literature. Seriously, what is wrong with me? I'm supposed to be best at Art and Design, since that's what I'm actually doing...

My favourite tv programmes are Stargate SG1, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Heroes, LOST, Buffy (even though it's gone now), Angel (ditto), Alias (another ditto, sigh), Firefly (you get the idea here) and various sci fi programmes that have been on throughout the years. Sci fi and fantasy are a nice escape from reality, I think.

I'm really into anime as well, with things like Card Captor Sakura, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi and Tsubasa Chronicles. On the manga side I like yaoi a lot, like FAKE and Only the Ring Finger Knows, but I also like lots of CLAMP works and 'magical girl' ones. I really like Immortal Rain too, and it kills me having to wait so long between volumes, it really does.

I like to write fanfics about the Labyrinth, Card Captor Sakura and Doctor Who, and I'm thinking of delving into Torchwood. Not that I write many very often. See the procrastination thing above. Generally I tend to do one shots, since I only have to write one chapter and it's done, and I don't have to worry about making people wait and have them moan at me for not writing anything for ages...



Back to School: I never liked the title of this, but I couldn't think of anything better. Someday I'll finish it, but right now, well, there's too much else going on for me to get my mind back into it.

The Troubles of Marriage: It's been a long time since I looked at this one. I don't know whether I'll ever be able to finish it, since I wrote it when I was younger and had a very different frame of mind. I'm not even sure what I was going to do with it, though I think I wrote down somewhere a basic outline...

Spring: I know how this one is going to end, I'm just unclear on how I'm going to get there. Again, it's been a long time since I started writing it. There was supposed to be four parts to this, with similar story lines set up in Summer, Autumn and Winter, probably using Rika and Terada as one of the couples and Toya and Yukito as another...

Coffee Bad: Ah, this was supposed to be a funny and insane diversion from the norm. I think I had half of the next chapter written, but I'm not entirely sure what is going to happen with it...


Letting Go: This was really me letting my mind wander with what would happen after the Doctor was gone from Rose's life. I guess it was meant to be a kind of closure.

Revenge: Best Served Cold: I wrote this for my friend, who hated Sophia in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. To be honest, I hadn't watched that far in the series, so I didn't really know much about the characters and where they were at this point. It was just supposed to be a silly chapter. Unfortunately, I got my first ever negative reviews for this, who, strangely enough, decided not to leave a way to reply to them. Funny that. Anyway, overall, this is not some of my best work, but a strange little deviation for me.

Another New Year: At the moment, I have no plans to continue this one-shot. I was going to, but then every idea I came up with wasn't good enough, so I thought, what's the point of putting something up that doesn't do the first chapter justice? Unless I come up with a brilliant idea, this is complete. A sequel has been written, however, by KiKi and Co, entitled Start the New Year Right and can be found at www. fanfiction. net/s/ 4074926/ 1/ (delete the spaces - you know the drill...). I can't say as that's where was thinking of taking it, but since I haven't been able to write another chapter good enough, that's probably not a bad thing. Check it out, let her know what you think, all that jazz.

Pieces of a Broken Ballroom: I personally think this is one of the better things I have written, despite the fact that it doesn't have as many reviews as some of my other stories. There are stories that this could be considered a prequel to, but I don't have anything in mind.

Nobody Said it Was Easy: Not too popular. I know why; it consisted of me venting my problems through Sarah and having her ultimately be offered a way out by Jareth. That's fine, to be honest I was just glad to get it out there. There is possibly a story that could come from this, but more on that later.

The Overground: While some of you found this funny, for the most part there was confusion. I had not realised that most of you have no idea what the Wombles are. This is because most of you appear to be American, and therefore you never had Wombles. To explain; The Wombles was a British children's television series about a group of creatures, who to me looked a bit like hedgehogs, who lived under Wimbledon Common in London. They collected the rubbish left behind by humans and recycled it, which I guess was pretty forward thinking for the mid seventies. The Wombles were popular enough to have a band (some of the members were dressed as Wombles; be afraid) and have a couple of hits. There was recently an attempt to relaunch the series, but I have no idea how that went, since I'm not a kid anymore and therefore no longer care.

Yearning: This was a sick little snippet my mind came up with. I'm not entirely sure what was going on here, but I think it works well enough on it's own.

Without You: Continuing with my optimistic streak, it seems. I thought this was quite good, but apparently you don't agree. Ah well. One reviewer could not quite believe that that was the end, prompting me to think about possible sequels... Hmm. Maybe. Anyway, this one was an alternative look at how things could have gone after Sarah's trip through the Labyrinth. Since it's not exactly a happy ending, I guess that could explain the lack of popularity.

Buried Alive: Jack was buried alive, but we didn't really get to see it, did we? Does pretty much what it says on the tin. I wasn't sure whether this would creep people out or not. I guess it depends on whether you have ever been afraid of being buried alive...

Five Ways Sarah Did Not Return to the Labyrinth: ...and one way she did. Pretty self-explanatory. Choose your favourite, and hey, that's the one way she did. Mostly done to try and get myself writing again. There's a mixture of good ways and bad ways - just messing around with the idea, really.

Ongoing work:

Married Life: This series is proving to be quite popular. I'm not worrying about how Jareth and Sarah got together in this, merely about how they cope with being together. Mostly the chapters are intended to be humorous, though there are a couple of more serious one planned. Currently I'm working on a second part to the last chapter, as I'm not happy with it, and I think this will be a three chapter deal. So far I have a few arcs planned, we're currently on the first one, where Sarah and Jareth are dealing with their marriage. The next arc will be about Sarah getting magic and how they cope with that. After that... I'm keeping that to myself. It's currently been favourited by nearly forty people, which makes me smile a lot. I'm glad that people like it that much!

Future Works:

Currently all it's labelled as on my computer is 'Amunet Erika.' This story starts with Jareth and Sarah having an argument and vowing never to talk to one another again. A few weeks later, Sarah discovers she's pregnant but when she finally swallows her pride and calls him, he's ignoring her. Basically, they're both stubborn. But then we knew that anyway, didn't we? The story then picks up fifteen years later, with Sarah's misfit daughter starting yet another new school, after having to leave the last one. Erika is shy and awkward, partly due to the fact that she can do things no human can do, thanks to her father. Eventually Jareth finds out about Erika and takes her to the Labyrinth, furious at her mother. Erika, while happy to finally know her father, misses her mother. Sarah fights to get Erika back, and well... I know what happens, and eventually I will post this, but I want to have it closer to finished by then.

Another at the moment is labelled as 'Snow White.' Sarah is lonely and wants to spend time with her friends in the Labyrinth. She makes a deal with Jareth to work as a servant for him in exchange for staying in the Underground for a few weeks. She happens upon an old goblin witch and gets a potion meant to help one find their true love. She drinks it and promptly falls asleep, or into a coma, whichever you prefer. Jareth is very unhappy with this turn of events, and is informed that it's probably one of those spells that can only be broken by true love's kiss. He's all for chucking her back into her realm, or even better, the bog, but is advised to keep her around a while in case a prince comes looking for her, as princes are prone to do. About twenty years later she's still there asleep, not having aged at all thanks to the spell, and taking up room in Jareth's castle. He wants rid of her, and thinks that a wish away who was not won back might be the answer. He gets the guy to kiss her, but sadly, she does not wake. Jareth moans that he's tried everyone, and the boy sympathises with him, saying it's a pity Jareth couldn't wake her. Jareth says he's never kissed her because there is no way he could ever be her true love, and the boy points out that he can't say that for sure until he's kissed her. Jareth does and well, you can guess what happens... Eventually I'll finish this, as I think it'll be funny, but for now it will have to wait.

Known for the moment as 'The Goblin Queen,' this is a spin on the original story. Jareth has to watch his baby half sister one night and reads her a story, called the Labyrinth. The baby won't stop crying and he says the words, causing the goblins to take his sister and the Goblin Queen to appear. Jareth has to run the Labyrinth to get his sister back... The characters, for the most part, are pretty much the same, they just have different roles. And the ending will be different.

A story of two parts, it does not have a title particularly at the moment. The first part begins with Sarah finding out she's pregnant with no idea how, since she's never been with anyone. As the pregnancy progresses it starts to become clear that the child is not normal, and this attracts the attention of a section of the government. Sarah calls for help from her friends in the Labyrinth, who immediately fetch Jareth. He sees that she's pregnant and takes her to the Labyrinth where he shares his memories with her. At this point, the prequel intersects, going back to the start of the story only taking a different path and told from Jareth's point of view. This is the tale of how they fell in love and what happened to make him turn back time and take away her memories, leaving her in her own realm. After the prequel is told the first story continues... I'm hoping it will not be too complex how these stories fit together. I'm writing the prequel currently, and the first story needs a bit of rewriting. Not sure when it'll be finished, but I do write a bit more every now and again.

I have a really dark Labyrinth story in the works too, but really I only have one scene actually written, and it's... well, not happy. Not sure how that will go...

Brought Me Back Down (provisional title): Based on the song, You Picked Me by A Fine Frenzy, I have more of a feeling with this story then anything else. Small bit written, but I'm not really certain how much effort I'll try to put into this one...

A what if...? fic based on Ianto Jones. What if Lisa had died in the battle of Canary Wharf? Would Ianto still have tried to join Torchwood Cardiff? Or would he have avoided them as much as possible? This one is turning out rather well, although I've gotten a bit stuck part way through the third chapter.

Only ask me to publish new chapters if you can give me a really really REALLY good reason. I have so much work to do right now so it would have to be a very good reason (that means if you say 'bcos i rly rly wnt u 2!1' then not only will I hunt you down for your assault on the English language but you won't get a new chapter either).


Dr. Svetlana Markov: If you're implying that everything Russian made is of poor quality, actually, the sub is swiss.

Dr. Daniel Jackson: So they occasionally catch on fire but they keep perfect time?

~ 'Watergate,' Stargate SG1


Dr. Svetlana Markov: The Gauge must be broken.

Dr. Daniel Jackson: But it's Swiss!

~ 'Watergate,' Stargate SG1


"You're Mr Thick Thick Thickity, Thickface from Thicktown, Thickania. And so's your dad!"

~The Doctor, 'Girl in the Fireplace', Doctor Who


People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint - it's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly... time-y wimey... stuff."

~ The Doctor, 'Blink', Doctor Who


"Look at you! The hat, the coat, the crickety cricket stuff, the... stick of celery... Brave choice, celery, but fair play to you, not a lot of men can carry off a decorative vegetable."

~ Tenth Doctor, speaking to fifth Doctor, 'Time Crash', Doctor Who


Gwen Cooper: Have you ever eaten alien meat?

Captain Jack Harkness: Yeah.

Gwen Cooper: What was it like?

Captain Jack Harkness: He seemed to enjoy it.

~ 'Meat,' Torchwood


Toshiko Sato: If we understood how it worked, we could feed the world!

Ianto Jones: We could release a single.

~ 'Meat,' Torchwood


Ianto Jones: Remember what happened last time you used it?

Captain Jack Harkness: That was different. That species has extremely high blood pressure.

Ianto Jones: Oh right. Their heads must explode all the time.

~ 'Sleeper,' Torchwood


Ianto Jones: 'Just us, in this room, for as long as it takes.' Terrifying.

Captain Jack Harkness: Yeah?

Ianto Jones: Absolutely. Shivers down my spine.

Captain Jack Harkness: You don't look scared.

Ianto Jones: It... passed.

(Jack growls)

~ 'Sleeper,' Torchwood


"I have searched for the phrase "I shall walk the Earth and my hunger shall know no bounds," but I keep getting redirected to Weight Watchers."

~ Ianto Jones, 'Dead Man Walking', Torchwood


"Cut to present-day Tosh screaming under the rubble. Gwen is trying to move the slab off her, and Tosh screams, “You’re making it worse!” a line less about this specific circumstance, I think, and more a general commentary about Gwen’s overall impact on her life."

~ Taken from a review of 'Fragments', Torchwood, by Steven Frank on After Elton.


Doctor: I just want a mate.

Donna Noble: You just want to mate?!

Doctor: I just want a mate!

Donna Noble: You're not mating with me sunshine!

Doctor: A mate, I just want a mate!

~ 'Partners In Crime,' Doctor Who


Oh my god, I don’t believe it! You’ve even got the same suit! Don’t you ever change?

Donna Noble, 'Partners In Crime,' Doctor Who


Male Groupie: So they say he saved her life.

Girl Groupie One: They say she works with the homeless, and doesn't eat meat. We have

All: A problem with her.

Girl Groupie Two: This is his hair!

~ Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Act III


Captain Hammer: This is so nice, I might just sleep with the same girl twice. They say it's better the second time, they say you get to do the weird stuff...

Groupie's: We do the weird stuff!

~ Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Act III


Billy: I want to be an achiever, like Bad Horse.

Penny: The thoroughbred of sin??

Billy: ...I meant Ghandi...

~ Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Act II


"The hammer is my penis."

~ Captain Hammer, Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Act II


King: You're about to be married!

Prince: But the talking mice say she's the wrong girl!

~ Cinderella; A Twist in Time


"Son, I do trust you. It's the talking mice I'm worried about."

~ King, Cinderella; A Twist in Time

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