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Hey, whats up?

My name is Kelly, and i am 16. I'm a junior in high school (finally an upper classmen!). I live in a dumpy old city, where the crime rate use to be 100 (as everyone says), but i think it was lowered to like 50. lol

I watch a lot of tv, and read a lot of books, I think thats why I've became so interested in fanfiction. Its basically my way to get away from the real world. I started to read Harry Potter Fanfiction 4 years ago, but I now read a lot more than that.

Obviously, if you've read any of my stories, you've noticed that I'm a die-hard Harry/Hermione shipper. To me, it doesnt really matter who else gets together, as long as they do. I've read and written stories that have Ginny and Draco, Ron and Luna, Ginny and Neville. It just doesn't matter, as long as Harmony is happy.

BAM! BAM's awesome together, aren't they? Recently, I've become really obsessed with the Bianca and Maggie ship on All My Children, which to me is completely crazy. When I first got onto fanfiction, I went over to the AMC section and scanned over a few of the fics there, but I was like no, i can't read these, because they'll be just to weird, since the story changes everyday. But one story that I did come across said BAM in the summary, and at that time, I had no idea what BAM was, so I began to read it. After reading a couple of paragraphs, I stopped, and didn't read it again. But its crazy, because now I eat, sleep, and dream BAM. And BAM's not over!

Heres a little TMI for you all:
The ideas for plots in my stories almost always come from songs that I have been listening to. This is manly why I am so obsessed with music.

Truth of a Toddler- This story actually came to me when I was listening to Carrie Underwood's Jesus Take the Wheel. Originally, instead of Hermione accidentally apparating to a forest, she was supposed to hop inside a car, with Emily in the back, and get into a car accident. But I knew, in reality, or in Harry Potter Universe, Harry would never forgive her. Isn't that interesting?

If u want to contact me about anything, you can either IM me, kmvb82791 or you can come and check me out on myspace, at You dont have to have a reason, you can just come to chat, I'm almost always on!

My stories... In-Progress
Accidentally In Love HP/HG Romance Rating:T
Summary-Dumbledore was always telling Harry that the only way he could defeat Voldemort is by using his weakness, love. In an effort to fool Voldemort, Hermione comes up with a crazy idea for her and Harry to get married. Can these two finally defeat the undefeated during this loveless marriage? And what happens when the two of them actually start to fall for each other?

Title- Truth of An Unborn Child- TOAT 2
Rating T HP/HG Romance/ Drama

Summary- This is just a rough summary, I will probably end up changing it another 500 times before it comes out, to make sure its worded correctly. Harry, Hermione and Emily seem to have the wonderful life, and the perfect family. But a devastating secret from Ginny may just turn their world upside down. Plus, Emily must begin to deal with her future slightly early.

I'm also working on a few BAM stories, but I'm not sure if i'll post them on here.

Until then, I hope you've enjoyed reading my stories, as there's plenty more to come.

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Accidentally In Love reviews
Dumbledore was always telling Harry that the only way he could defeat Voldemort is by using his weakness, love. Hermione comes up with an idea for them to get married, but what happens when they really fall in love? Full Summary Inside
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