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Jun. 10. 2006

Wow I havent been on in a long time I deleted Dreams or reality because thinking back at it now it seems stupid. (sorry Kyoshi) but on the bright side I am working on a kingdom Hearts fic wich should be pretty long and I'm thinking everyting through so I hope it will turn out all right. I've been babysitting at my aunt so it will take a while to type unless I save all my work on a blank disk to get my work back and forth(I cant use a floppy because my Aunt only has a laptop I can use sigh)

This is the link to my fanart on TheOtaku-http:///artist.php?user_id=290029comment and tell me what you think.

2 come

Title: Untitled: an Avatar fic:the summery is done in Katara's POV: There's only one avatar right? Lately I haven't been so sure. We've just met this strange girl with split personaltie's and so far we have seen her control 3 out of the 4 elements. Who is this girl and where is she from?

Title: None: Code Lyoko: Xana has new human recruits after Alita and they're just as strong as the code lyoko team first season setting

Title: None: Kh: The keyholes have been unsealed the villians are back and who is this mystirous girl that Sora keeps finding?

Title:None: anime crossover: My first and probably last attempt at comedy. It revolves around random anime characters appearing at school and other such happinings.

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