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Oi. That's all I have to say about my previous entries. Oi. I have decided to attempt this once more, and try to write fanfiction again.

Quite frankly, I realized that a lot of my previous fanfics sucked. Badly. Alright, fine, they all sucked. I'm removing the whole list of fanfics, save for DPA. I'm not sure why I will not remove it, even if it's in script format. Maybe I'm just fond of it. Anyway, I will try to redo it, so it's a little better than a vague script.
Please don't expect me to be the best writer, fanfic-wise. While I will try harder with fanfics, and will make it the best I can, I will not treat a little OOC-ness as being the end of the world, nor will I go nuts over how convoluted a AU is. Really, I will not put all of my effort in any fanfic, with the exception of BI. If anything, I need to worry more about my original writing than my fanfiction. I just write fanfiction because it makes for good writing practice. That, and it's a bit easier to use a pre-existing setting, at times.
Now... With that all said, I must apologize first-off. I don't write anything normal. M romances have impossible couplings (Not Kouzumi impossible; Ryoichi impossible), my settings tend to be AUs. However, if anyone is interested in action, comedy, or just something off-kilter, then please feel free to read my work.
And please visit the link in my profile! It's not my board... Rather, it's the board of a friend of mine. He's a pretty good guy, goes by the name of CBPirate (or CB, for short). In fact, everyone's good people there. And a lot of them even do BETA work for me. Arigato Neo, Ter, CB, and Jime! (Blows kissy)

Future Fanfics-
Broken Innocence: (Digimon 02/Tamers/V-Tamer/Frontier/Adventure General) You ever read Sailor Mac? No... It's not a lemon. But it is in the same sort of vein as what she intended with her Sailormoon SS rewrite; I want to leave the fandom, eventually. But first, I wish to write one really good fanfic, before I go. (Four to Five Arcs, each consisting of eighteen to twenty chapters)

Ko-Neko: (Digimon Frontier Romance) It's a fanfic challenge. I konw I said I don't write Romances, usualy... But isn't Junichi good enough? And yes, I'm doing a buttload of work for this! ~_~ It's IC, don't worry... And no one get's bashed. (Three Parts)

Project- DEUS:(Angelic Layer AU) It's only a working idea... It's a pretty big twist of thew original universe too. Can't say much without spoiling it, but I can tell you this much; in the year 2012, the Guilded Hand runs the Angelic Projects, a experimentation with the rarest group of people. Psychics.

Well, that's all I can offer! TTFN, until I can give any more info! ^_~

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