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Author has written 14 stories for Grand Theft Auto, and Resident Evil.

OMG! I UPDATED IT 11.23.05

--UPDATED SEPT. 14, 2005
IMPORTANT NOTICE-I have overwhelming amounts of homeworkfrom highschool, basically: I AM VERY BUSY. Therefor, all my projects will be halted until further notice

--If you want me to continue working on a story I have not announced that is finished, email me and I might do it... I probably will do it--

Info about me:

MY OWN STORIE FAVS: Infection: Survival Stories ; We Were Brothers

AGE: 14


HAIR STYLE: Now I have long hair, no smore spiking for me. It's all about the 'shag'


IQ: 114


FAVORITE GAMES: Max Payne 2, GTA series, the Sims, Burnout 3, Resident Evil series


Well, I personally like to write Horror, action adventure, and if I can, add a little Drama into it. I would love to write a mystery, but I think that is too hard for me at this time, considering I have 5 different stories unfinished, and I will finish them first... Hopefully.


Los Santos Cop in finished-done-cancelled.

I am still working on That GTA Show!So don't worry, you will see more after I take care of a few things

Infection: Survival Stories is completed.

Band of Brothers; it will surley continue, slowly though.

Grand theft Auto; San Andreas It will surley continue

Who wants to be a Millionaire? It's done, a one-shot.

Word Confusion What the hell is this? Anyway no more will come of it.

GTAMPILC I expect this will be over in chapter two-five. That's a bit more to write.

Resident Evil: Escape I don't think I will continue on this, it's hard to write, keeping track of what the main character has from each fight, and the pickups and all that good stuff

The search for SasquatchDone, but I MIGHT make the sequal. I have a lot of stuff going on right now.

City Crisis One of my earlier pieces of work. It sux, I know, but it is finished, so... yeah...

GTA: The 5 Cities Only after re-reading this did I notice how crappy it was. Expect a new GAMESCRIPT from me, which I PROMISE will be of an extraordnary QUALITY than this one was.

The High road to Revenge I don't know. It's finished, but it's crap.

My favorite authors are:

Actionmax: Great GTA writer, has very good creativity and imagination in his (funny) stories.

AdoptedThug: Awesome GTA writer, and only at 11 years! His stories are excellent!

CoRpAsItE: Excellent Resident Evil writer

Dark Sploosh: An amazing writer, his Metal Gear story frickin RULEZ! READ IT NOW!

Foggy Brains: Writes great Resident Evil Stories.

Lordmasterkris: An excellent writer overall, great with humor!

Ryando: Great GTA fic writer, has some really good stories.

Zac1: Nice writings, this one has. Read them, you will. (YODA)


My favorite things: TV, Fanfiction, Video games, Gaming companies, writing, friends, The Killers, my camera, guns and ammo, my hair, my computer, PS3 rulez! boo XBOX 360! ATTACK OF THE SHOW BABY! Photography, the sky, skydiving

Least favorite things: Viruses, PEOPLE WHO MAKE VIRUSES, stupid TV shows, piss poor level designers, certain glitches in games, Hill Billies, Country Music, BAD music, pain, GAMES THAT I'M BAD AT, people who dislike me


Sorry about that. I just have to get my point across that I am on the PS3 side. Yup. No offense to XBOX 360 fans, but the PS3 is the better, more worth you saving up money deal. That is all,

Pettis, OUT!

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