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Name: none of your damn business

Age: 20

Sex: male

Origin: a dork all his life disciple of yorea was seemed predestined to become ingrossed in the Harry Potter universe. spending all his time reading and eventually writing fanfiction was preordained centuries ago.

I mostly read Harry Potter becauseI havent read many books. but that is due to the fact that books are expensive considering i finish them in a matter of hours and never have to re-read them.it took me 8 hours to read OoTP and that was while being distracted for a couple hours (there were strange noises outside. some hispanic couple argueing, a loud bang, and what sounded like a donkey walking down the highway. dont ask i have no idea) my memory has near photographic quality. in all my life i have re-read two books. Ender's game (which is a seriesI highly recommend) and OoTP both were for enjoyment.

my favorite ships:

H/Hr: they just seem to belong together. spend a couple days at Portkey and I dare you not to be a H/Hr shipper. all the lists of little interactions between them,communicating without words, knowing what the other is thiking, finishing each others sentences for gods sake. some say they are like brither and sister but I ask them which is more like siblings: being close, knowing everything about the other and comforting each other with small touches or argueing and bickering over everylittle thing. some say its sexual tention but I've never heard of sexual tention that someone not talk to the other for days.for hermione harry has always come first. ron was playing keeper for the quidditch cup but she went with harry, the only time she ever missed one of harrys games was when she was hospitalized.I'm not going to lie so I will admit that part of my Love H/Hr ships is so that she doesnt end up with Ron. I can barely stand it when they are shipped together, but I will read it if Harry is with one of my other pre-approved ships. I ask you this. has hermione ever rebeled aginst a teacher for ron? how many times has she done it for harry?

H/BZ(fem): yeah i know blaise is a boy but the fact is you have to look it up to know this so i like him as a her, besides this wouldnt be the first gender bending in the fic world. my reason, it gives Harry the opportunity to act out his Slytherin side. I feel his Slyhterin tendencies are to often overlooked. most consider him the definition of a Gryffindor but yet he was almost put in slytherin. the excuse is that his connection to voldemort tampered with the sorting, I feel this is a lame cop out. if he is such a gryffindor how is it a small connection to a man not technically alive override all that he is. I dont think so.

H/LL: the reason I like this fic is because it is just like starting the fic and saying anything can happen. the wildest stuff happens in H/LL fics. i love it. no boundries.

Overall view of ships:

for them this is pretty much highschool, most likely any relationships they have here wont last. not to turn against my H/Hr buddies but wouldnt mind if they dont get together. i want them to be happy, and i will admit that i think they would be happiest together but that is not their only path to happiness. I can see Hermione as the type that would not get married ever, like McGonagall, she is after all often compared to the strict teacher. she wouldnt get obsessed with being married when she realizes she's 30 and single. she would be perfectly content to work for the rest of her life.I am absolutely againstRon and Hermione as a couple.they kinda work as friends but sometimes barely. i dontthink their relationship could be taken up to the next level and survive.they will probably try out the relationship since Ron has this crush andHermione is not used to this sort of attention, as much as i like Hermione i do believe she has many self esteem issues.Ron is just wrong for her,of all the things that are incompatable about them i think the one that will cause the most trouble is the fact that he is very possesive. this is Hermione. the girl that doesnt want houselves tobe bound to their familys. do you really think she will stand to be thought of as a possession? the moment he starts saying she's mine she is going to bitch slap him.Harry needs someone to love him, thats all. so far the only one that has loved him like he needs or at least has that kind of potential is Hermione.he is much like Hermione in that he has never really been shown what love is so he doesnt know what to look for. most of us dont but he has an even harder time than most. Hopefully the relationship with ginny turns out to be more of an exploration offeelings, he will most likely stay in the relationship longer than he should have if he is unhappy because like most people abused as he was hethinks himself unworthy of love or that no one will really love him so he will hold on to whatever he can get. it really is sad. i think hermione is the one for him butif he finds someone else that can love him like that then i have no complaints.

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