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For those of you checking this in hopes of a hint to when I will be updating I will say this much: my goal is to finish WNLCR (changed from summer 08) eventually. It will be finished. At some point in time... hopefully I'll get something up before the year changes.

"If there's one thing I say about myself as an actor, it's that I'm not scared to try and not be sexy - and I'm not scared to try and be lost and be unable to cope. But I know that I can go the other way, as well, and play it powerful. With The Phantom you have all those things going on. You have this exceptional accomplished person who has this power and charisma that's almost magical, but at the same time there's this side that's like a lost little boy." Gerard Butler on Phantom

Occupation: full time student at one of the best public universities in the country studying rocks. (yes, rocks)

I am currently working on an origional story (don't worry WNLCR is still going strong) but am not gonna post it anywhere until I'm finished. I also started to write a Criminal Minds Fic, but I doubt I will ever post it, its more for my own pleasure. And as of 10/08 I must add that I have started yet another fic, a LotR fic, but also, will not be posting it unless I can convince my self to actually finish it.

I'm a big Phantom phan, along with Harry Potter. I'm working on my first phanfic, Where No Light Can Reach. I'm working as fast as I can on it, I have so many ideas, and have to get it all on paper.

I love rock and jazz music.

Most recently fav. song (or perminatly favorite...): Carolina in my mind :-)

Most recently fav. movie: Once

Most recently Album: Fortune's Favor- Great Big Sea

Also I'm from the SOUTH and PROUD OF IT! and I am pretty Liberal for living in the south... mainly when it comes to... ah I admit it, I am a Treehugger.

If your looking for a good Phantom story, most all of the ones under my Favorites are excellent, several are finished, if you are new and are looking for good older stories. Their all EOC.

Daylight waits to shine until the moment you awaken
So you never miss the dawn
No question, now, you know which road you‘re taking
Lights all green, the radio plays just the perfect song ~ Great Big Sea

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