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Author has written 2 stories for Teen Titans.

Name: Thats for me to know and for you to never find out

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Eye color: Aquamarine

Hair color: Brown

Nationality: American (irish decendant)

Current State of Residence: Florida

Code names: King Phoenix

Lifelong Aspirition: To live life to the fullest, as much as I can. Sadness doesn't have a place in my world except as something that only holds you back from moving forward. Never give up, never surrender until the coffin is nailed shut and your buried in the earth. There is a fire in each and every one of us, grab a hold of it, clench your teeth, and push forward, even when the ground beneath you gives out and the seas roar against your frame, FIGHT ON!

Hobbies: Roleplay, Writing, honing my mind and body to the best of my abilities

Fav Book: The Lion of Ireland by Morgan Llwelyn

Fav Movies: Boondock Saints

Fav Music: Alternative Rock

Fav. Band: Disturbed

Fav Show: Deadliest Warrior on Spike

Fav Video Game: Resident Evil 5

Fav Mythical Beast: Thunderbird

Ideal Superpowers: The ability to bend, mold, and control metal with the force of my will

Recommended Stories (all of these are a must read!)

Titan's Song (this story has become a shadow of its former glory as the author has taken down most of it since I last put this up, but I stand by what I say.)

These Black Eyes (The author has reposted this story and it is still a MUST READ!)

This list shall be updated in the future as I think its time for me to get back into the saddle with my storymaking

Hello one and all yet again. Its been about 4 years since I really looked at this site and since the creation of the stories which I consider to be nothing short of my failure to provide a riveting storyline for you, my readers. In these past few years away from the site, I have run accross a plethera of things that have shaped me into something more akin to an author than whatever in the hell that I thought I was before.

This might sound a bit harsh in the self criticism, but looking at my two stories with the skill that I have now and I must say that I am completely ASHAMED of my own work. In the near future I plan on tearing down these stories and building anew upon the foundations that I have left behind during my four year absence from There is much work to be done before such is accomplished, old plans to be scrapped and thrown away into the four winds before I will even contemplate the restructering of my idea.

I swear to each and every one of you that may read this profile anytime soon. I will atone for the two ABOMINATIONS that rest as the only stories to my name.


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What time is it? reviews
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