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I shall not be typing stories for who knows how long, so please forgive me if you do not see any updates! Please! My laptop has broke down or something along the lines of that and that is where I keep all my stories. I am typing from somewhere else, just to let you know. I shall type again when my laptop is fixed, and I'll make up for it somehow! Hope you guys can forgive me! BUT if I get a chance to write my fics at another friends house or something like that, I might update fics there.

~Ja ne!~

About My Fics, Updates, etc.:

The Amusement Park: There might be two alternative endings. But I am sure I will finish Alternative ending number one. I'm not sure about number two, but I'll try my best and try to finish it as fast as I can.

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-Atemu(Yami) and Yugi
-Seto and Yugi
-Yami Marik and Ryou
-Yami Marik and Malik
-Bakura and Ryou
-Malik and Ryou
-Bakura and Malik
-Bakura and Yami Marik

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-Yuki and Kyou or Vice Versa
-Haru and Kyou

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-Tomonori and Amou
-Kaname and Itsuki

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-Killua and Gon

Favorite Yu Yu Hakusho Pairings:
-Hiei and Kurama Or Vice Versa

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