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Author has written 7 stories for Lilo & Stitch, Digimon, and Redwall.

EMail Adress: watsonsword@gmail.com

Drawing: I am a rampant drawer and will take any convenient time to sketch just about anything! Though I just end up throwing away most of my drawings. I can draw in the styles of classic anime, Lilo Stitch, and the Simpsons.
Writing: The only thing that takes up more of my time than drawing. I write mainly out of necessity because I fall into depression and lethargy whenever I’m not.
Sushi: I am a sushi eating freak! My favorite is Albacore. Imagine a fish that, as soon as you put it in your mouth, dissolves into a cream. That stuff is the best!

Things I hate, abhor, despise, and otherwise have very little tolerance for, and will therefore never put into my fics, or recommend fics with them in it:
Putting Down Any Form of Minority: Please note that I will easily use derogatory terms, and make characters who are utterly bigoted and hateful. However, what I will not do is write a fic that portrays such hate and bigotry as a good thing.
Religious Endorsement: I am a staunch agnostic and believe that the single greatest ignorance and arrogance any human being can ever commit is to claim to be an ambassador of God. This is why I detest churches and clergy. Like bigotry, I will easily put religious imagery into my stories, but I will never write anything that endorses any form of religion in any but the absolute most generalized and non-specific sense, and even when I do, I will never EVER endorse clergy or churchgoing.

I will add more things to this list as I think them up.

My Sources of Inspiration:
Frank Oz: I feel an almost personal connection with Frank Oz because I see a lot of myself in him. We both seem to love the same kinds of worlds, have the same way of developing characters, and have the same sense of humor! While this is not to say that I can compare with such a great man, after all he has fifty more years of fame and experience than me, but I simply find that we seem to be similar people.
Quentin Tarantino: All I can say about this guy is that... well... he simply knows how to make things cool. Anytime I feel the need to inject a fair dose of cool into what I’m writing, Tarantino is the man I look to.

Resources for other Authors

This is where I present all of you reading my profile with various webites that are invaluable to me in my writing processes, and I believe they will be invaluable to you as well.

This is the single greatest random fantastic name generator on the internet. Why slave away so many hours trying to come up with wonderful fantastic names when this little baby can do it for you!

While Seventh Sanctum is not as great for fantastic names as rinkworks, it has far more generators for everything from places to clothes to backgrounds, etc. And for more mundane names, it has several generators. While I use rinkworks for my fantastic names, over all I used seventhsanctum more often.

Anyone who sees the value of good description must have thesaurus.com open and ready to use while they're writing. It's also got one of the most user friendly GUIs I've ever seen!

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