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I'm an engineering student who likes to draw and write on the side. I've been coming up with stories ever since I started playing Pokemon about seven or eight years ago, but have only started writing anything down over the last year or so, having been inspired by a number of Bionicle fanfic writers. Having been a big Bionicle fan since I was little, I decided to have a crack at writing down a story of my own. Since I've never taken a course on creative writing in any capacity, I tend to write in a conversational, train-of-thought style, rather than taking a more planned and formal approach, but I have learned to plan my stories to some degree and have a proper sequence of events in mind before I really start writing. Still, my imagination tends to run away from me, causing everything that I write to end up being significantly longer than I'd originally planned or intended it to be. Case in point: the first (and so far only) story that I've published here was originally going to be a short story of maybe 5,000 words or so, and it's already grown well beyond 20,000.

For me, the joy in writing, at least as far as "The Folly of the Toa" is concerned, lies in deeper, often more emotionally charged explorations of the characters that I grew up being fascinated by. My penchant for such character exploration predates my actual writing by far; even when I was imagining stories about the Pokemon I trained in Diamond and Platinum, years ago, I spent many hours walking in circles in my room, discussing and explaining to myself exactly why the characters did what they did, and how their strengths and downfalls came about. Nowadays, I do the same with Bionicle. Whether or not I am successful in translating my thoughts into writing, though, is not up to me to judge, but I hope that my stories at least raise a few questions about characters we know and love that the reader may not have asked or considered before.

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Deposited on an unknown world, five-hundred Matoran and one Turaga beat the elements and the odds in building a thriving community. Initial struggles thinned their ranks, but eventually they came to see their new home as a safe haven, as paradise. Now, those that remain and their descendants must fight to keep it, even if they don't realize it yet.
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Spherus Magna, 9,000 years after the Reformation. Time has not been kind to the Toa Nuva; some have died, some are fading away... and one has vanished, until now. A young Toa meets a legend, accompanies him on a journey and meets his former allies, whose actions helped to create a paradise; one that they have no reason to exist in.
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