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"Truly, if there is evil in this world, it lies within the heart of mankind." Edward D. Morrison, Okay onto me now.. Hi there my name is Cecilie but just call me Ceci! I know I'm still new to writing but I was always a quick learner when it came down just about anything!

I haven't had time to get around to reading Vampire Knight's manga nor have I seen the Anime in 8 years.. But I know with enough inspiration I can whip up a good story right?

For me I enjoy having a nice conversation with someone isolation isn't in my blood though I do like my space don't be shy about dropping me a PM though I enjoy meeting new people though Ill admit I'm a very shy gal.. My pastimes include but not limited too reading a good book or fanfiction or even just curling up to my beautiful Sims 3.

My favorite authors are Blackened Wing and sciencefictioness my interest in manga varies but for me I enjoy a good Yaoi but also traditional but mysterious romance.. Such as those from Vampire Knight and MeruPuri and of course many more I can't quite think of at the moment.

www . archiveofourown . org/users/AeternumMotus

Just close the spaces you know how FFN is..


At the moment I have a few tales of romance and some sorrow on my mind which will involve Vampire Knight. This might change overtime into other works such as Towards The Terra but that depends on how well I can brainstorm and if life doesn't decide to kill me like it usually does. As time goes on Ill list my works in chronological order.. Be patient with me I try and come up with new things using my garbage Microsoft Words 2013. >.>

Entanglement Series

Loving The Enemy

I'm a huge fan of Final Fantasy and other games, Not such a huge fan of Tales of from where I see its going.. I also love The Sims series my favorite being Sims 3, I don't like the Sims 4 though.. I wish I had that MSI Apache already to play my game to the fullest vs this 9 year old HP!! -_-"

If I'm not too busy being lazy or facing writers block Ill try and upload something good but depending on how I feel about it is how fast it can go I wantsomething that'll knock you guys outta the park so if I end up being a perfectionist about it that's probably why.. I wanna have a captive audience! ;)

And in case anyone was wondering that quote is from an old Tales of game cookie for you if you remember!

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Birthday: 10/31/1997 It took 5 days for me to finally enter the world guys. O_o

Likes: Romance, Bad weather, Chocolate, Video games, 1,000 Ways to Die.. So much to name.. And especially hot guys! :D

Dislikes: Being lied too doesn't sit well with me I've been stabbed in the back so many times in 2016.. SMOKING!! Creepy looking guys who look way older than 19, Peanut Butter. Critics of the new battlesystem that Final Fantasy XV is sporting, Head back to the old FF games already guys.. ASSUMPTIONS!!

Things to know about me as a Scorpio:

Once warmed up to you, they love affection and to cuddle.

They either love you extremely or they hate you extremely, which direction you want to go is your choice.

A Scorpio will never forgive or forget when someone wrongs them and since they have immense patience, they can wait a long, long time before striking in revenge.

-From: https:// writethisdownnow.wordpress.com /2013/04/20/fifty-facts-about-scorpios/

Just close the spaces you know how FFN is..

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