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Well helloo...I have no idea why you're reading this. I mean, I've written,TWO stories, and I comment very little. And yet you care enough to actually read this. Aww, I feel so loved. .:Hugs and kisses all around:. Alright, now that I'm done with that...Down to biznass... That's right... I said it. Take that Ludacris and your copyrights! .:Hears sirens:.Damn, you guys are gettin'fast! .

Well here's a little about myself. As you should know:

Name: Like hell I'd tell you! The nickname's Vaida though

Age: 15, yo

Location:Fayetteville, NC ((Eh...I don't blame you if you don't know it. It's like the city on the edge of the Earth.))

Birthtown: Atlanta, GA ((ATL! Yeah, I dare you to find a place where I wrote Atlanta and didn't write "ATL!" beside it. Go ahead, I dare ya.))

Origin: US, Africa, Germany, Canada, Russia ((I'ma damned communist. J/k ))

Eye Color: Whatever I want. ((I kinda wear contacts. But they're really brown.))

Skin Pigment: Burnt almond, something like that. ((Yep, I'm a nigga...That's right I said it. And if you take offense to it, you should know that I kinda AM one of you. -_-'' Gosh, so easily offended...))

Hair Color: Blackish brown and nappy as hell. ((Damn you Dark and Lovely!))

Height: 5' 7''

Sign: Aquarius

Personality: In one word I've been declared 'chipper' by Christi. So, I guess I am. To say the least, I've never been mad. Seriously, I've NEVER been mad. Not saying that I've always been happy for my entire life, I've been other emotions as well, but I've NEVER been mad. How many people can honestly say that?

Fun Facts: Alright here's a nice little fact I was just told. When I was a baby, i was really late at learning how to walk. I learned to walk when I was about nine or twelve months. I don't know...but, the thing is. I NEVER crawled. If I weren't a God-fearing Christian, I would sware to God this was the truth. And when I just got up and walked, I would ALWAYS walk with my eyes closed, hence me becoming so slow.

Music of Choice: Rap/R&B But mostly soul-oriented rap, I'm not for that whole, slap a bitch, slit her throat, rape a hoe stuff.

Favorite Color(s): In order, Azul, Negro, Plata, and Rojo. (Heh...I don't know the least bit of Spanish, but I'm tryin'. So, if I just like cussed out yo mama or something, please ignore it.)

Favorites Place(s) which I've been:

Germany-They've got the strangest signs I've ever seen. I alsothink one of the natives cussed me out.Hm...

Florida- You guys have very clean gas-station bathrooms. And your food courts are amazing. It's like a melting pot and racial harmony everywhere.

Kansas- Best barbeque...ever...

Georgia- I stand corrected...

Favorite TV Shows: Teen Titans (Woo!); Family Guy; Futurama; Paranoia Agent (I've got no idea why, but I love it!), Attack of the Show, Cheat! ((Though I despise the new host...with a flamey passion...hee...I like that word...flamey...))

Favorite TV Channels: Cartoon Network (Christi and I probably wouldn't even be friends without it.), G4/Tech TV (Though I like G4 by itself -_-' Damn merge!)

Favorite Character(s): Raven;BB; Starfire; Robin; Stewie Griffin; Peter Griffin; Brian; Lois; Maromi

Favorite Video Games: ANYTHING FROM THE SIMS!; Anything Mortal Kombat; Tekken 4; Splinter Cell (Chaos Theory and Pandora Tomorrow; Basically all of them); Halo 2 (Though I am banned from playing it); Spiderman 2(Don't criticize me!); If there was a game that was basically about kicking Hilary Duff, Britney Spears, or Paris Hilton's cherry would be my favorite

Ok, I'm going to make this simple. You can criticize me, flame me, or whatever. But I only have one thing to say. one of the greatest duet-bands...ever. Mostly Andre 3000, but oh well...either way. Their music is wonderful, and uplifting, and I loved them BEFORE all of the hype with 'Hey Ya!' or even before 'Ms. Jackson.' debuted. So, any posers that may feel like they can tell ME about my boys, Andre and Big Boi...check yourself at the door, because if you ain't careful you'll get ya ass kicked. :)

Here are some really cute pairings that I think would seriously work:

Star/Robin: Nuf said

BB/Rae: Once again, nuf' said

Scorpion/Mileena: Two words-

Andre 3000/Me: Yeppers...


Mos Def/Me

If you want some good poetry go to They have some of the greatest poems of all time. Such as this one. Here's a taste:

Poem: "Barbie And Ken 101"
Poet: Rafael Casal ((NOT ME; NOT MY POEM!))
Sometimes I feel like I'm sittin' in the back row of Barbie and Ken 101,
a class we are all in, but never seem to learn from
Some general ed requirement for
Students of American culture
A GE that convinces even the brightest
of young women that sex is survival of the thinnest
and I'm sick of this education that doesn't serve our best interests
my teacher has no face
she is every Revelon model women have ever chased
her lectures come through magazines in beauty shops & add campaigns,
just turn on your tv
this just in, a skewed perspective for todays youth y'al ladies aint thin enough, fellas aint trim
enough, wanna be sexy?
Y'al don't go to the gym enough, cut to commercial, common just come tune
in to our maintenance team, convince you're ugly then tell you how to fix it with maybeline
Perpetually started by these dolls marketed in the late 50's named
Barbie and Ken
hence the
class I'm in
Are you following?...

That's only a taste too. The whole poem can be found at Check it out sometime.

And here are some completely random and abstract inside jokes me and my friends (mostly Christi) share. Don't be surprised if you feel you need to put us in the insane asylum after reading this stuff.

((After effects of watching the movie "Troy")) .:Christi takes a random pencil from Vaida's desk:. "Hey, Vaida. IMMORTALITY! TAKE IT! IT YOURS!" .:Vaida gasps and takes the pencil, marveling at it:. ((And that's how we're going to pass utensils from now on))...

"AGAMIIIIMNOOON!" ((Not sure if that's how you spell it))

"SHEET! SHEET! They're taking our sheet!" ((The word 'shit' said in a French accent))

"Alright, Biznatch! Love me, Biznatch! Cuz you my biznatch! Fo sho, biznatch!" ...((Now...imagine that in a Paris Hilton/valley girl accent, coming from the mouth of a black, drunken, five-year old...exactly...))

"Dang...Kelsey is frickin ugly...", Kham after looking at a group photo from a party. "Kelsey...wait...she's in this photo?...All I see is some fifty year old fat ladyin a tube top...oh wait...that's a dress...", Vaida's first time looking at the picture.

"I don't call people ugly...they're just facially challenged..."

"La Tortura?...Why is Shakira talking about torture?...I mean, does the guy in the video have like a bludgeon for a penis or is she just sensitive?...That doesn't look like torture to me. Listening to Jessica Simpson on the VMA' that was friggin' torture."

Vaida is trying to make a poster using bubble letters. Finishing it, she reviews her work...Woah...Since when does the letter M have a crotch...and why is my 'V' humping the 'o'... Takes the poster down and starts over...for the seventh time...

Vaida is messing around with her new computer voice recorder, ((Which is now broken, I wonder why...)). The next day, after completely forgettingEVERYTHING that transpired ((I've gotta bad memory -_-')), she turns her computer on and instead of the usual Windows-on-tune playing, she hears, at full blast, "You've got AIDS" in an enthusiastic, yetdemonic voice. "Darn it Roy! Not again!"

Typical conversation between Christine and Me: Vaida: "I don't want this site to die! I mean, it's fan-fiction..C'mon!"Christine: "Actually...I kinda'd really, like, take a lot of pressure off of me. Y'know?"V: "Yeah, but fanfiction can't die, it'd be like, since Teen Titans is off the air now. You'd be causing another body part to be killed. Let's say...the scrotum." C: "Wait...why does Teen Titans have a penis...?" V: "BECAUSE TEEN TITANS HAS BALLS!" C:"Yes, Teen Titans has some MAJOR SUPER FRIGGIN' BALLS!"

Another Me and Christi moment that ends like this: V: "But Christine, I don't wanna be named after a penis!" C: "Who doesn't wanna be named after a penis!" V: "ME!"

((May the Lord our sweet, oblivious little minds...))

(('s a little bit of a story. This is why I CANNOT have children. Ask ANY of my friends and they will tell you that I would be the worst mother ever. You've been warned...this is mean, wrong, and yet still funny:

I was in the mall the other day, dreading every passing moment, for I hate shopping when it isn't at Circuit City, Best Buy, Game Stop, Rhino Games, Electronic Arts Outlet, Video Central, Blockbuster, Funcoland, or AFI, and was carrying about five big, heavy bags with me. I felt like a friggin' mass murderer who carried severed heads in their Sears shopping bags...yes...and odd metaphor... Anyways, when I finally bothered my mom enough to get her to leave, we went towards the escalator. Now, imagine the cutest little mexican/black little 4-year-oldboy you would ever hope to see. Ok, he was holding his mom's hand coming up the escalator while me and my mom were going down the other. Alright, SOMEHOW, God just allowed my bag to hit the little boy as he was going up the escalator and caused him to fall down it.Eventually, he made it to the bottom, and he wasn't hurt too badly, just a few scratches and a bruised knee. Ok, now...the good thing to do would've been to check and see if he was alright, right? NOPE, I was outta there laughing my head off... I had literally ran, bags and all, out of the store, still laughing, which is kinda odd when you imagine a tall, black girl running out of a store laughing meniacally. Anyways...yep...that's one of numerous reasons why I can't have kids...))

My Interests:

Playing a sickeningly unhealthy amount of video games ((Mostly byAtari, Electronic Artsand that one company I can't remember...but they've been disapointing me

Being geeky every now and then

Being stupid with my friends, but only in moderation...and overdose of stupid can be fatal...or end up with a twig surgically inserted into your ear to see if you could push your brain out of your head...Studies have been conducted and confirmed, you can NOT do that...without dying at least. .

Chillin' at the computer

Updating my profile ((Surprise surprise!))

Stalki-...err...viewing Andre 3000 on a regular basis

Creating ghetto animated gifs

Reading and writing poetry inspired by either me, my slo' friends, or DefPoetry...either way

Insulting people in an intellectual manner, thus confusing them. ((It works alot better than yelling at them. That's the prime reason why I'm never mad. I never allow anyone to make me mad.))

Talking to myself ((NO! I'm not psychotic...well...maybe just a little. But it really does help.))

Proving most magic tricks to befalse ((Especially in front of children I'm so nice))

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