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Why, hello, everyone.

This is the one and only, Simba's Other Daughter.

I joined this site three years ago, when I was a ten-year-old newbie, wanting to be a fantastic author one day, and believing I already was on my way. I am now thirteen... and much, much wiser and much, much better at writing than I once was.

If you wondered what the hell was wrong with me for writing stories people actually "enjoyed", then deleted them without reason, well, this is the answer: I was bored, dejected, and inspired with new ideas that, for some foolish reason, I believed were better than the original.

I've written several stories, under several pennames, and these are the stories I've written that people liked.


The Lion King III: Dawning of a New Era. Now, this was my very first TLK story. I set it some time after TLK II, and people enjoyed it, though they were constantly correcting it. Basically, it was a ten-year-old's version of TLK III, and it was incredibly stupid, in my opinion. Kovu and Kiara's son, Tavani, met Zira's new cub and heiress, Zaka, and fell in love with her; meanwhile, Vitani's vengeful daughter, Talia, plotted revenge and went behind her pride's back because of the prince's disregard of her, encouraging the hyenas to help destroy Tavani. In this story I foolishly killed every single canon character. Can you believe that? Every one. Simba, then Nala, then Kiara, then Zazu, then Vitani, then Rafiki, then Zira, then Kovu. God, how idiotic!

The Lion King IV: Circle of Death. In this sequel to my own TLK III, I killed my own characters left and right. Tavani and Zaka, king and queen of the Pridelands, had a son, Kisani. The hyenas (the good, kind ones, anyways) also had children and joined Tavani's reign. Anyways, Kisani was killed by a reject lion, a rogue outside the Pridelands with a thirst for blood (this lion happened to be Zaka's father) and the lion took over Pride Rock. Tavani and Zaka fled to a nice jungle, where Zaka was raped and had two children: one Tavani's and the other some crazed rapist. Those children found their way home, to their parents' origins, and killed the rogues, realeasing the Pridelands. This story, too, was awful and demented, but hey, a ten-year-old wrote it; remember that!

Vitani's Mate. Ridiculously short two-chapter story about Vitani's short romance with Talia's father, a rogue named Boru who died fighting some hyenas, and therefore a "plausible" explanation in Talia's soul. Prequel to TLK III.

The Darkest Heir. The story of Vitani going insane, haunted frequently by Zira's spirit in her nightmares, and plots to take over Pride Rock. I never finished this one, but it wasn't half-bad. I don't know; perhaps I'll pick it back up, better written, of course.

The Lion King 3: Path of Faith. Another TLK II sequel, (after I'd deleted the other stories, mind you) this one also involving the birth of Kiara and Kovu's child, Kizu, the daughter of Vitani (his mate), Zira, and two newcoming rogues. A lion who chased both rogues kidnapped Kiara and was later killed by Kizu. Pretty stupid, in my opinion, with a lot of impossible odds and ends.

The Lion King 4: Secrets of the Heart. Sequel to TLK 3: Path of Faith. Kitten (dreadful name, I know), the princess of the Pridelands, carries a heavy burden, for she has seen the death of her grandparents and parents. Absolutely horrible. I didn't even finish it, and for good reasons.

Sandstorm's View: This would have been interesting, had I finished it. A Warriors story, seeing the entire book series from Fireheart's cruel tormentor and spouse, Sandstorm. I got a lot of reviews for this, but I didn't finish it because I thought it was stupid. I was eleven when I wrote this, folks.

Warriors: Love Like Fire. Emberheart, a ThunderClan warrior, falls in love with a WindClan warrior named Silverwind. Although her friends warn her against it, she has kits with him, then watches him die on the moor, killed by an ambush by her own Clan. Pretty cliche, but I liked it at the time.

The Lion King III: Jewel of the Heart. Also an atrocious story. The children of Kovu and Kiara face dangers and stuff again. Very stupid. I didn't continue that one, either. I wrote that story when I was.. twelve. So, if you read it, don't judge me by it.


So, enough about my old crap.

I should be writing both a TLK and a Warriors fanfic soon, so if you're still interested in anything by Simba's Other Daughter, well, keep a lookout!

The Lion King III: Forgotten Memory.

Warriors: Faded Stars.

~ Simba's Other Daughter

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