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Hi everybody, I am Rex the Emerald Dragon but you can just call me Rex. Infact, I prefer you do. Less formal and I usually understand what you mean.

No news is good news... it's always bad...
~~~+THAT IS ALL+~~~

Come one! Come all! Stop by my forum to discuss and ask any questions you might have regarding my Team Zero series (Team Zero: Duelists, Team Zero: Crystals, Team Zero: Orichalcos, Team Zero: Kings, Team Zero: Last Guard, or Last Guard of the Spirits).

Opened for you, the fans of my work, to have a nice, cozy place to talk about what you like, what you hate and whatever else you think about my works.

Any ways, even though my more natural withdrawn nature I guess I could say something of value here. Hmm, well life sucks. Of course, anyone who is anyone knows that. So to that effect, I have a bit more of a withdrawn personality. Strange that I go onto a site that is about putting my ideas out there for others to judge. Eh, but I'd be very pleased if you would review and tell me how I could make my works better. Of course, from my first fic to my most recent I have gotten a lot better but I'm always willing to hear what I can do to be better.

To what extent I take your critisism depends on how you portray it to me. If you are screaming at me, telling me how bad I am I may not respect your opinion as much as someone who explains what my problems might be and maybe something I could do to make it better.

First and foremost. Yes my spelling sucks. I am very aware of this. Even with proofreading and spell checking a story, you'll more than likely catch one or two errors that have gotten through. If it is a commonly made error on my part, please tell me and I can make a mental note on it. Just a one time error that I don't make again if the word is used more than once. You can probably ignore that, but it really depends on the word. But I just ramble, yes my spelling sucks and I know it.

Let see, for the most part my fics will more than likely be of my own original characters. I can't screw up the characters someone else made if I don't bring them into my own fics and torture them as the main characters. Although, some times exceptions will be made, but I will try to keep them as close to the original as posable and not my own personal preference of that said character. Whether I liked them or not, they are all a part of the universe that I am writing in.

Ok, so I've talked about my writing enough. You probably want to know something about me (well, maybe you don't and I'd be perfectly fine not telling any of you anything. No one needs toknow anything about me but...might as well) so let me think if I can possibly come up with something about me that is even remotely interesting. Well, if you talk to anyone who knows me you'll hear that Ican actually a real interesting person. I don't see it myself but, eh...I'll trust most of them. Also, I have a power to memorize random and rather pointless things and remember them at random and rather pointless times. I will do this without my knowledge.

I have my own beliefs about a lot of things in the world. I keep these to myself because, well, none of you would care to hear them any ways. About the only one I express openly is my belief in the so called "bad" words. I'll have respect that not everyone likes these words but the mere fact is that they are words and they can be used properly. If you are one of these people who dislike the usage of these words, you better stay away from my fics. Most of the time the majority of my characters will use "bad" words. The fact that in my speech, I don't use them for a public conversation is for the fact that; it is easier to let fools have it their way rather than fight with them when you know you are right. But if you look around, it gives my characters some depth in realism as most teens of today use said "bad" words.

So there you go, about all I am going to let you people know about me. If you really are bored you could probably drop me a line. I'll get back to you in a timely matter, or as quick as possible.

And have a nice day humans!

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Team Zero Series: (Dueling Fics)
1. Team Zero: Duelists
2. Team Zero: Crystals
3. Team Zero: Orichalcos
4. Last Guard of the Spirit
5. Team Zero: Kings
6. Team Zero: The Last Guard

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